Maze of tribute to Leonard Nimoy VULCAN SALUTE

maze of the vulcan salute

Vulcan Salute Maze | SOLUTION HERE

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3.14159 MAZE

yanito freminoshi maze of pi

Pi Maze | Yanito Freminoshi 2015 | GET SOLVED HERE

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Maze of Inflatable Tube Monkey

incredible monkey tube maze

Maze of incredible inflatable monkey tube | Get SOLVED | By Yanito Freminoshi | smpl811qw

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Monkey Punk Maze

maze art of a punk monkey

Punk monkey maze by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLVED – smpl817tt

online slots bannerA recent title in a scientific paper stated “Monkeys swayed by hot hand bias”. Many scientists had to read these twice before perusing the whole article and understanding the point of it. The article was based on a number of different experiments that were carried out on monkeys under controlled conditions. One of the most read about experiments carried out by Tom Blanchard at the Duke University charted the reactions of monkeys when watching two different screens with different symbols on them. To begin with monkeys were rewarded with a treat for choosing the correct lighted symbol on a screen. The monkeys established a pattern and always went back to the same screen to get their treat. In the second stage of the experiment the correct light that rewarded the treat was changed, buy the monkeys immediately were able to determine this and always indicated the new correct light position. But when the light symbols were displayed totally at random the monkeys did not start making random choices but rather stuck to a pattern proving that they like the idea without realizing it of a winning streak also known as the hot hand bias from the online casino gambling terms. The instincts of the monkey proved that the subconscious chooses a pattern just like in nature when an animal finds a piece of food and then goes back to the same place to look for more food with the logic that if there was one portion or piece there then there will definitely be more of the same in the same location or close by. The idea of the hot hand bias in online gambling is the same, if there has been a win from choosing a certain number or configuration of cards then it is more than likely that by choosing the same number or similar number, the winning streak will continue. All of the primates whether considering chimpanzees, capuchins or gorillas all have the similar characteristics to humans and hence they are used for observation in many areas of life and the findings are used to help management of companies and institutions understand how humans behave and to help the management predict how they will behave under certain conditions. There is no definitive answer for why the monkeys choose the patterns just like the humans; it seems to be an inbuilt instinct.

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Planet Monkey

Yanito Freminoshi monkey planet maze

Maze of Monkey Planet by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLUTION smpl811K

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Twisting Tornado Maze

tornado maze op art smpl81445

Maze of a Tornado Ripping Thru Stuff | By Yanito Freminoshif | SOLUTION HERE

Sometimes the best things come to those who play casino games online rather than at land-based casinos. Take online casino bonus codes as an example. Virtually every major online casino offers casino bonus codes to its players with the hope that the players have a better playing experience overall. And it’s true, online casino bonus codes do sweeten the desert monkey crossing | smpl81445experience in a way that leaves a good impression on the player. In fact, free online bonus codes make the playing smoother and even more fun. And that’s just one reason why the online casino is gaining ground on the land-based casino as the primary place to play quality casino games. You won’t get casino bonus codes in Vegas, and you won’t be able to bring your pet cat with you to play either. You won’t be able to roll out of bed and play with your cat in your lap, take a break for breakfast and to solve a crossword puzzle, and pick up right where you left off. And you won’t be able to play on the go either. And that means that if you’re feeling particularly lucky when you’re on the beach or at the pool, or while riding the train home from work, you won’t be able to put that luck to the test with a real money casino game. That’s why more and more people see the online casino as the best place for all types of casino action, from slots games to card games to an assortment of casino classics. There are already more than 400 slots games available to choose from, and more are added every month, often with new and dynamic features you won’t want to miss. So visit the online casino at least once a month to see what’s new and exciting.

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Monkey Maze GENIE

monkey maze genie

Genie Monkey Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLUTION HERE

If you’ve ever spent time at the iPad casino or the online casino and experienced a proper winning streak, you know that the feeling you have when you’re playing in top form is monkey dogcompletely different than the feeling you have when you’re doubtful or on a losing streak that feels like it will never end. That inner feeling is a guide that you can learn to harness, and it’s one of the first steps of mastery of astrology and the zodiac, both of which track the stars and the movement of heavenly bodies though different configurations throughout the year and how those movements affect our lives. Essentially, both astrology and the zodiac are about the impact of luck on our lives. Being able to follow your feelings is a good start towards moving in synch with the higher energies. That can be particularly helpful at the online casino, where your instincts are all you have to predict what kind of luck you’re going to have. If you can learn to trust your instincts, you can make better and faster decisions with more confidence. At the very least, that will make the games themselves more fun. It can also help you choose which games are right for which times, and which games are the best for the sort of luck you’re having.

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The Sleeping Monkey Maze

monkey sleeping maze art

A Creation of Yanito Freminoshi | Maze of the Sleeping Monkey | SOLVED HERE

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Isometric Monkey Maze

Maze of an isometric monkey head

Isometric Monkey Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLVED HERE

Online Pokies on an iPad or Android Tablet:

cat GIF of kitty almost yawningAll of the advantages of playing online pokies at the online casino are true when playing ipad pokies as well. At an online casino the player has the distinct advantage of being able to try out many of the pokies games for fun before playing for real money. This gives the player the opportunity to feel comfortable with the game as well as figure out the optimal number of coins to bet and how the bonus features work. The ipad casino game can also be enjoyed in the fun mode. The convenience and comfort that playing online pokies provides is even more pronounced when playing from a mobile device. As well as the fact that the player is able to dictate the time and place he wishes to play, he can also choose the location where his mobile pokies playing will take place. The player is able to play for as long as he wishes and he is able to flip between different pokies games moving from video pokies, to a classic three Pistol Monkeys Artreel pokies game and then on to a progressive pokies games with 243 ways to win, all in one sitting. The player is also able to leave his game on pause and then come back and start up right where he had left off. The banking options at both the online casino and the ipad casino are both plentiful and secure. The casino offers the player a wide variety of payment options including using a bank transfer, a credit or debit card as well as one of increasingly popular e-wallet options. When it comes to devices for playing online pokies, the ipad is definitely taking over the market. The device is lightweight and portable and the larger screen means that the graphics are far better than those on the standard mobile. It is easy to find a great quality ipad casino game to play, although it may be slightly harder to find a game that can be played just for fun, with no need to deposit any money before playing that dvide by zero monkey artworkstill provides excellent graphics and sound effects. If you are new to online pokies then you have a lot of exciting games to discover. The best online pokies to begin playing are the simple three reel slots variety. Once you have mastered the basic game play you are ready to move on to the more exciting video pokies. Here you will notice that you can have greater control over the paylines that you wish to play on and there are exciting extras such as additional bonus games and ways to win. Many players enjoy taking part in pokies tournaments as a way of spicing up their gaming experience and also as a way of virtually meeting other pokies players. You will find that logging into and playing ipad pokies from an ipad casino is just as simple as logging into and playing pokies at the online casino.

Isometric Monkey Maze SOLVED

isometric monkeys maze SOLVED

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Twisted Bullseye Maze

Excellent monkey art communist propaganda as well as the TWISTED BULLSEYE MAZE and also some free casino bonus codes info.

QR Code Twisted Bullseye maze

Twisted Bullseye maze with awesome use of QR Code | Created by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLUTION

Casino Bonus Codes?

communist propaganda blimp monkeysConvenience is one of the first words that come to mind when thinking about the online casino but there is actually much more than convenience at an online casino. Firstly it must be admitted that convenience is an important part of the attraction to the online casino. The online casino player is able to enjoy casino games at his leisure while still drinking his morning coffee and finishing his crossword. His cat can be curled up on his lap and in fact he can play his favorite slots or blackjack version while still in his pajamas with no need to get dressed or even put shoes on. Aside from the convenient side of playing online casino games, players at the online casino benefit from the online casino bonus codes. Each promotion offered at the online casino is accompanied with free casino monkey art of red buttonbonus codes. These online casino bonus codes are the key to the promotion that the player has chosen to enjoy at the casino and the casino bonus codes that are entered confirm the online casino bonus to the player. New players to the online casino receive a sign up bonus offer and in some cases a special no deposit bonus payout that is rewarded to the player as soon as he has registered at the casino. Following the sign up bonus offer there are many other promotions and special offers that include weekly offers and seasonal promotions, these are realized with the casino bonus codes that are unique to each offer. The online casino bonus offers are a gift from the casino. Although they come in cash form that is deposited directly at the casino the player must use this cash on his casino games. Once the player has completed the required play through he has the opportunity to withdraw the money as he wishes or use it for further casino games. The online casino bonus adds to the fun and time that the player enjoys the online casino games.

Twisted Bullseye Maze SOLUTION

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Key Maze

maze of a key

Key maze Op Art by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLUTION HERE

couch diving slinky catAnyone who has ever tried his or her hand at casino games at the iPad casino can tell you with full confidence that there is a force in the universe called luck, and it determines whether you win big at the online casino or not. That force has been the subject of study for centuries by people with an interest in astrology and the zodiac. According to the ancient teachings that form the basis of those fields of study, luck is not a random force of nature but rather the result of energy created by the movement of the stars and the planets, and how they align. The resulting energy has a direct impact on our lives. The flow of energy from the stars is too great to control, but it can be harnessed for our purposes if you’re sensitive enough to put yourself in harmony with it. Getting to that point where we intuitively feel the flow of these astral bodies on our lives takes a great deal of practice. But the rewards are worth the effort. It helps us at the online casino, and every other part of our lives as well. We can learn to make better decisions quicker and find the best times of day for various casino games, all of which is in synch with the higher flow of energy in the universe.

cat gif of cat slurping pasta

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Communist Propaganda Art by Monkeyangleo

the creation of monkey

An original Monkeyangelo “The Creation of Monkey”

funny cat gif smelling something

GIF of a cat smelling something

Monkeyangelo THE DAVID

Parody of the David by Michael Angelo as to be by Monkey Angelo

Many of the latest online pokies are pokies games that were designed with the iPad in mind as the platform most people will choose. That means that the top casino game websites are all beefing up their offerings of iPad pokies. While for some time, you have been able to play the classic fruit machine type pokies on an iPad, now you have a full range of modern, sophisticated games you can play. These games have all the latest features and are optimized for iPad play. It’s not just that some of the games have wilds and scatter signs that can be used to win free spins and advance to special bonus rounds. The games are a visual (and in many cases audio) feast. There has never been a device as advanced as the iPad that is offered at such an affordable price. So more and more times in the world that people are playing online casino games, it turns out that they are playing these iPad pokies games. And every day, more iPad games are being designed and released for play so that players will never get bored. No matter what kind of iPad game that you like, you can now find it online and start playing within a few seconds. And switching between games can be done with just a few simple finger taps. That’s how easy it is.

yanito freminoshi maze crossword puzzle of mythical creatures

Yanito Freminoshi crossword puzzle maze of various mythical creatures | SOLUTION

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Cat GIFs

Enjoy some funny cat gifs!
lazy cat funny gif

funny cat gif of cat that is all like "Say What Bruh?"

Funny Cat Gif of a cat that is all like “Say What, Bruh?”

funny cat gif of scamper cat

Maze of Crossword Puzzle Maze of Birds

(which cats love to chase!)

bird crossword puzzle maze

Maze and Crossword Puzzle Solution Here | Created by Yanito Freiminoshi. Birds are not the property of the author.

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Safari Maze Crossword

safari crossword puzzle maze

Maze and crossword puzzle of safari animals, Do you see the monkey? Get the Maze Solution HERE

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Hilarious Cat GIFs

Some very funny cat GIFs to help you appreciate how much these creatures mean to us, and some information about how you can play VIP Casino along side your kitten. Which is not to be taken lightly.

VIP Casino Players Do Much More than Just Play Casino Games

falling failing cat bumble beeThe VIP Casino players do much more than play casino games and spend lots of money. These players are high rollers that have the resources to place high value bets and in turn reap the rewards of placing high value bets. One of the best rewards that these players receive is belonging to the VIP Casino club. The VIP Casino player receives many benefits over and above what the regular player receives at the online casino. The VIP Casino player is given his own personal account manager who takes care of his every need at the casino. This is cat fail GIFbacked up with a dedicated support team and free spins that are given out on a regular basis together with many other special promotional events that the VIP players benefit from. The Platinum and Diamond level VIP players also receive higher deposit limits together with higher withdrawal limits and custom made vacation packages to Las Vegas. It has been known that a number of the VIP players who are eligible for these special vacation packages actually turn them down, the reason being is that these players just don’t want to leave the comfort of GIF of cat diving for laser and taking out a curtain targettheir own home and especially their cat. These players are very unique they can play the casino games and place huge bets with one hand while keeping the other hand and definitely half of their heart devoted to their cat. The cat is the focus of many of these players’ lives, offering comfort and love together with warmth and a general good feeling. For many the cat is the their number one priority and despite the enticing vacation package with the magical experience that it offers, the VIP Casino player does not want to leave his cat for so long and refuses the offer. This does not make the player a bad person, in fact the opposite is true, it shows his strength of character and ability to enjoy the incredible experience of the online casino with all that it has to offer while still remembering and valuing his cat, something that is very dear to him. The cat is a warm loving creature that offers unconditional love and lots of fun too while keeping the player focused on the casino games he is players. Playing as a VIP Casino while enjoying the company of a cat is not an unknown phenomenon and it is one that works wonderfully and successfully for many of the VIP Casino players.

GIF of cat walking endlessly to food on a tredmill

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Animal Crosswords Puzzle Maze

animal maze and crosswords

Animal Crosswords Maze, By Yanito Freminoshi | GET SOLUTION

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Word Association Crosswords Maze

word association crossword puzzle maze

Word Association Crossword Puzzle Maze by Yanito Freminoshif | GET The SOLUTION here

Winter Blackjack for Online Casino Gamers in Canada

cat art meowBlackjack is one of the most fun-filled, interactive games at any casino but throughout the winter, online gamers enjoy an even more satisfying gaming experience as they come in from the winter storms and interact with the casino for a rewarding gambling event of blackjack fun and excitement. Winter is always a frigid time in Canada but this year, weather forecasters are expecting a repeat of last year’s arctic vortex. The driving snow, the below-zero temperatures and the record-setting wind chill factors combine to push you indoors. Even if you’re accustomed to engaging in casino entertainment at your local brick-and-mortar Canadian casino venue, the weather conditions suggest that you’ll enjoy a better experience when you play from the comfort of your own home on your PC or mobile device. As an added benefit, sleeping cat watercolour on paperyou can experience the benefits of online gaming where the lack of overhead costs allow players to earn more money on the same games that they enjoy at the land-based casinos. Playing at the online casino is a convenient gaming adventure that you can enjoy from the comfort of your living room armchair with your cat curled up next to you. You don’t have to worry about stocking up on books or finding good TV shows to keep you entertained while the winds howl outside – when you gamble online you have high-quality, Las Vegas entertainment right on your laptop, desktop or mobile screen. To sign up for a online casino account, simply submit your artwork of cat pettingname, a username, your email and a unique password to the casino’s sign-up page. Click on the link that arrives in your inbox and enter the games lobby to start selecting your preferred games. If you’re a mobile gamer you’ll need an additional link which you can request via email, QR code or SMS. Once you click on that code you’ll be invited into the mobile games lobby where you’ll find dozens of the top casino games. You can play any of your preferred games at the online casino including table games such as roulette, craps or baccarat, card games of poker and blackjack, online lotteries which include scratch card, keno, bingo and sic go or any of the three-reel classic slot machines or five-reel video slots. Casino advisors have noticed that, in the winter months, a significant percentage of the casino’s players prefer to compete at Online Blackjack. Perhaps this is because the traditional game reminds gamers of the Wild West or maybe it’s because players enjoy the combination of luck and skill that the game demands. If you want to add a little more excitement to your blackjack game you can choose one of the blackjack variations which include Pontoon Blackjack, Blackjack Redeal, Spanish Blackjack, Bonus Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack, Super Fun 21 Blackjack, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, High Streak Blackjack, Hi Lo 13 Blackjack or Triple 7s Blackjack. Blackjack is a real money casino game but you can always play any of the variations in the Free Mode to practice for free.

Word Association Crosswords SOLUTION

Crossword puzzle maze of word association SOLUTION

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