A Biopic Look at Ben Franklin and Isaac Newton And Their Luck With Fame & Fortune

Comparing Scientific Gamblers

A Biographic View Of Benjamin Franklin and Sir Isaac Newton And Their Chances With Fame & Fortune

Franklin & Newton compared visually

Benjamin Franklin was a very social person, and his love of discovery, liberty and publishing led him to become so famous that his is the face on the $100 bill – the world’s most popular bill for all kinds of purchases. In fact, he was known for his love of entertainment, food, discourse, and other social activities. He would be vastly entertained by people around him and throw lavish dinners for guests. As he was a social person of upstanding quality in the day, he also played games. Like everyone in his era, he played cards. Naturally, there were dice games available, but most people in the upper classes preferred cards after dinner.

That’s why they retired after dinner to the “Salon”, where we get the word “Saloon” from in later years. There, they would play cards. And Benjamin Franklin was no exception. He would have been amazed and excited about online games such as baccarat and blackjack. It would have presented him with an opportunity for entertainment as well as to observe practical applications for his discovery of electricity. After all, we have him to thank for it in many ways.

Were it not for Benjamin Franklin, we would have had to wait many more years for somebody to come along and harness the power of electricity. He was, after all, not only a great founder of the United States of America, but an amazing scientist as well. It was the sort of thing which he would have loved to explore, write about, and talk about – as well as to entertain and amuse his guests and friends.

Everyone has heard of Sir Isaac Newton, yet his face does not adorn the world’s most popular bill of the world’s most popular currency. That’s because he was one of the greatest geniuses to have ever lived who devoted his life to science, not a hybrid of science and politics.

To simply solve the problem of elliptical orbits of the planets, he singlehandedly came up with Calculus in two months of his summer vacation, at the age of 23 years old, and solved the problem of gravity. Talk about talented.

There haven’t been many others like him in history, and he was well known for his work even during his time. In fact, his work was just as revolutionary as Einstein’s back in the day.

He was regarded as some sort of saintly figure for a very long time, which is why he’s buried in Westminster Cathedral, along with other royalty. Naturally, he loved dissecting things on paper, such as numbers and random events. He also loved gambling and games, and would have loved to play online games such as online poker and sic bo. He truly was a genius in his own right, and nobody could ever say any different, which is why he became head of the Royal Society of Science.

His calculations later led us not only to fly in the air but also to the moon and keep our satellites up in the sky which we use every day. That’s the power of science which he knew so much about, and he is still remembered for it fondly today. In fact, you can’t even pass a science degree in university without reading about him and without using his calculus.

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