The Patriots’ locker room has been a different place this season, and not in a good way. With Tom Brady’s backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, starting the first seven games of the season, the Patriots have won five of those games. Those losses, against the Chiefs, Texans, Dolphins, Panthers, and Broncos, came after a Week 1 loss to the Steelers and a Week 3 loss to the Buccaneers.

Last week at the NFL Scouting Combine, I asked Bill Belichick about the changes he’ll be making to the Patriots in 2018. He said “We’re going to continue to do things that make us better,” and that he expects more to change this offseason. “Everyone’s in a different place,” Belichick said. “I think we’re going to be in a different place than we were last year.”

In a recent interview with ESPN, Bill Belichick offered a lot of insight into the upcoming season. He said the Patriots will be working on more changes this season and that he hopes to further refine the team’s offense and defense.. Read more about patriots schedule and let us know what you think.The New England Patriots have become a team of change. A team previously known for its stability has suddenly undergone a major change. The departure of seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is the main reason for the change. The team underwent a major offensive rebuild in the offseason, and head coach Bill Belichick recently said more changes are on the way.

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots get a makeover in 2021

word-image-3338-scaled word-image-3339-scaled New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick watches the game against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium on third down. January 2021 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo: Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) To put it bluntly: The Patriots passing attack was terrible in 2020. New England had its first negative season since 2000, when the Pats finished 7-9 and missed the playoffs. Brady, the man who led the team to a dynasty for 20 years, is gone. Cam Newton, a former MVP who struggles in the passing game, came into the game. Blaming Newton alone for his passing problems is a bit of an exaggeration. He joined the team late and didn’t have time to train and build relationships with his new teammates because of COVID-19. After a flashy start, Newton was tested for a coronavirus and never looked the same after that. He finished the season with eight touchdowns in 15 games. Besides Newton’s health and lack of preparation with his teammates, he had a very weak group of receivers. Last year, senior catcher Julian Edelman was limited to six games and 21 catches. The sticking points had nothing to do with the admissions department. During the free contract, the Patriots made the passing game a priority. New England has contracted two good tight ends in Hunter Henry and Jonna Smith. The Pats also brought in veterans Kendrick Bourne and Nelson Agolor to back up Newton. If Newton is not there, they can call on Mac Jones, the quarterback from Alabama who was drafted first.

Bill Belichick says more changes coming to the New England Patriots

. The Patriots have improved their offense significantly from last year, at least on paper. They will also make personnel changes. One of the team’s biggest losses was Nick Caserio, who left to become general manager of the Houston Texans. Although the Pats are as good as new on the field, Belichick said the loss of Caserio will not go unnoticed. Changes to the front office and team structure have already been outlined. I would say we’re set up a little differently than when Nick was here, Belichick said, according to WEEI. We could talk about this for hours, but we won’t. There are a lot of different elements and things that are interwoven here and so on. We have the opportunity to reorganize something, and we will.

Belichick said there will likely be changes during theseason.

. Caserio was the kind of man who did everything. He supervised drafting, was involved in trade and contract negotiations. Matt Patricia returned to the team after a disappointing stint as head coach of the Detroit Lions. Patricia was defensive coordinator for New England before taking over the Lions. Patricia in particular might wear several hats this year. Belichick said it’s too early to know the full details of some of the changes. Matt (Patricia) was not here last year. It is now, Belichick said. He’s an important part of it. Dave (Ziegler), Eliot (Wolf), Matt Groh, Steve (Cargill) and so on. So there are some things that we’re going to change for one reason or another, and if we need to adjust them later or in the future, we will. You start with what you already have, you start doing things a certain way and see how it goes. After last year’s 7-9 season, the Patriots were in need of a major overhaul. This is just the beginning of a new look for New England. COMPARED TO: Adam Vinatieri didn’t have a name early in his career with the New England Patriots

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