Concept for Cat Live-Dealer Online Casino

I’m starting the first Cat Dealers’ Fan Club in this area and I would like you to join.  The cat cat ready to earn some fight bucksdealers are the amazingly fun and entertaining new idea from  The cats actually deal blackjack at the casino’s live casino!  It doesn’t cost any money to join the Fan Club.  I want to have one or two events in which we have an entertainment program for the cats, since they entertain us all the time with their cute antics.

They deal the cards by pushing a button, they deal again when you say hit me and stop when you say stick.  I never knew cats could be so smart.  These aren’t cats yet, just kittens, but soon they’ll be cats.

I spoke to one of the managers of the online casino.  She was all, like, wow, you want to start a Fan Club for our scrumptious little kittenkoos?  I was all, like, wow, why are you so surprised.  Then she told me what happened when the Cat Casino business plan landed on her boss’s desk.  I should say her former boss’s desk.  What a loser!  He said, “Is this a joke?  Are you kidding me?”  He said a few other things I would rather not repeat!  Ha, Ha!

cat bonus livesThen another top exec from the online casino got wind of the idea and he said, “Whoa baby, do they really think it can work?”   The woman from the casino explained it all to me.  She said, “So we got the people who made the business plan to come to a meeting.  I think the execs who were invited to come to the meeting were a little embarrassed by the whole idea.  The business plan is kind of long so they went through it with us, point by point.  Get the right breeds; get them as kittens; get the right trainers; train everyone who was going to handle them in any way; teach them one trick at a time; do everything right and the idea will go viral, viral I tell you.  And they were right!”

Then the nice woman from the casino said that she thought a Fan Club would be a great idea.  She asked what we thought we would do at the events.  I said I wasn’t 100% sure but cat sleeping GIF FUNNYwe might give out awards, like Miss Congeniality.  I said that every kitten should get an award, so we would need to brainstorm award categories.  She suggested we enlist the help of the people who put the business plan together.  They’re really good at out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving.

We’ve already made contact with the business plan geniuses.  Even in our first contact they were very helpful.  They said we need to have more members in the Fan Club so we’ve decided to hit the streets trying to get people to join.  There’s no cost.  It’ll be a lot of fun.  The cats are really cute and sweet.  What do you say?

About Yanito Freminoshi

Yanito Freminoshi is a Maze Artist and futurist who currently creates artworks for All Slots Casino to use in their marketing materials.
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