It’s a good thing Draymond Green has a thick skin because he probably wouldn’t have been able to take the NBA’s response to him if he didn’t. After Green went on a profanity-laced tirade against the NBA and its teams on Twitter, the NBA held a press conference to complain about how Green was not being fair to players and fans. When asked how the league can discipline Green, NBA executive vice president of communications, Mike Bass, said that it was the responsibility of the players union to deal with Green.

The Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green is back on the court, and he’s not pleased. The NBA’s MVP candidate accused the league of being hypocritical on Wednesday and explained why in a lengthy interview with Sporting News.

San Antonio Spurs forward/center/everything Draymond Green has never been one to keep his mouth shut. Green is firmly a part of the NBA’s anti-establishment faction, and when he chimes in, his opinions tend to be frank, sometimes to the point of being unkind. On July 11, 2017, Green was discussing the NBA’s decision to fine players for making direct and sometimes disparaging remarks about referees and the league in general.. Read more about draymond green twitter and let us know what you think.Draymond Green is not afraid to put people in their place when he sees something he disagrees with. During the 2021 NBA Playoffs, Green will have more time to do so, as his Golden State Warriors were eliminated in the play-in tournament. Green’s latest target is the NBA league office, which he says is hypocritical in punishing on-court behavior but doesn’t do enough to protect players after a series of incidents between NBA players and fans.

The 2021 NBA playoffs have been marred by several incidents between players and fans

KD and Kyrie discuss the recent incident with an unacceptable fan. Your mom wouldn’t be proud if you threw water bottles at basketball players, spit on players or threw popcorn. So grow up and enjoy the game. It’s bigger than – (@Ballislife) 31 May 2021 For more than a year, there were no fans at NBA games because the COVID-19 pandemic made large gatherings like sporting events unsafe. The league, the players, the media and the fans agreed: The game is not the same without the cheers of the crowd. All parties wanted the fans to return as soon as possible. For the 2021 NBA Playoffs, fans have returned, at least in a way, to all participating NBA arenas. While the return to normalcy has been quite positive, there have been some unsavoury incidents between NBA players and fans. A Philadelphia fan threw popcorn at quarterback Russell Westbrook of the Washington Wizards, and a New York fan spit on Tre Young, star of the Atlanta Hawks. In Boston, a fan threw a water bottle that almost hit Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving. The teams involved in the game were ejected from the stadium by the fans who committed the attacks and were not allowed to leave their stadium. However, the Boston fan was the only one arrested and charged with a crime.

Draymond Green spoke out against the NBA on Shaquille O’Neal’s The Big Podcast

Draymond Green | Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images word-image-5821 Green is a player who knows all about discipline in the NBA. Over the years, referees have called dozens of technical fouls against the demonstrative attacker, and the NBA office has fined and suspended him multiple times. Green can’t resign himself to the league’s harsh treatment of him and his fellow players in the NBA, but he finds it easy to let naughty fans have their way. In an interview with NBA legend and TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal on hispodcast The Big Podcast, Green said: The NBA has moved so far to the left that if someone says “fuck you” and you say “fuck you” back, you get a ticket. Green further asked where the equal protection of NBA players from fan attacks was: Now, when you see all those instances where you get spit on, where a water bottle is thrown so close to Kyrie’s face, where popcorn is thrown at [Russell Westbrook], you think: Oh man, maybe we should really protect the players. No, you were supposed to protect the players. He also said the NBA’s fan sanctions are a small price to pay to help their favorite team get into the opponent’s head or to give fans their five, ten, fifteen seconds of fame. Green continued in disbelief: The only penalty is that they can’t get back into the game? What difference does it make?

Draymond Green has gone from being a second-round player in the 2012 NBA Draft to an absolute star.

. The fact that Green has a platform to criticize the NBA is pretty remarkable. As a four-year player at Michigan State, with averages of 10.5 points and 7.6 rebounds, he was not the most promising player in the NBA. In the 2012 NBA Draft, with future stars like Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal and Damian Lillard, Green was picked 35th overall in the second round. That decision has more than served the Warriors well. Green has rewarded the Bay Area franchise with nine career seasons, three All-Star appearances, the 2016/17 Defensive Player of the Year and winning the NBA Championship three times. At 31 years old, Green still has a few years ahead of him, but he has already shown his NBA analyst muscles by appearing in TNT’sInside the NBAduring this year’s playoffs. Green seems as restless and fearless in the studio as he does on set. This is great news for (affluent) NBA fans, but it may make the league a little nervous, knowing that it will have to deal with Green’s justified criticism in the coming years. All stats courtesy of Basketball ReferenceandSports Reference EPILOGUE: Draymond Green goes after teammate James Wiseman on TNT

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