Flat Tire Fix It Maze and Cat Memes

maze of fixing flat tire

Fix Flat Tire Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | MAZE’S SOLUTION HERE

exhausted catYanito Freminoshi has set a precedent with his incredible talent having created thousands of mazes and online puzzles. His special free mazes project offers free mazes to everyone that can be printed or downloaded with no charge thanks to the no rights reserved clause that he incorporated in all the work that has been produced. Each maze is a work of art and unique, not only is it fun to solve but it is also a great picture to look at with many different subjects covered in the wide choice of mazes available.

cat with beef memeOne interesting thing that some people have decided to do with their cats is to use them to calm their nerves as they wager real money at some kind of mobile casino. Cuddled up in a chair with their little purr motor going, they are able to make it so that you reduce the “emotional swings” that are caused when someone is engaged in such activity. By doing so, it helps minimize the risks taken, which helps prevent big losses, although they might also prevent some large winnings in the long run. As anyone who enjoys a good slots or blackjack session will tell you, it is best (READ: MORE FUN) to take the safer route rather than risk it all for a big payout. And nothing like a furry cat to help you do that. I say mobile casino because it is typically easier to curl up with a cat with such a device (ipad, tablet, iphone, smartphone, etc etc) but there is no reason you can’t do it with an online casino using a laptop. I would not recommend it with any desktop computer though, that is just too much.

cat not raccoon

Aside from helping you gamble away on your sofa, cats also have other values. One cat owner in the Northwest Canada once wrote to us about how his cat sneaked into their air-conditioning vent and when she walked across the intake holder, the whole thing came crashing down. The man of the house quickly came to fix the damage the cat had done, and upon closer inspection, he noticed a defect in the mounting of the air filter. He called up his local HVAC repairman and quickly learned that it is good he had caught that and how to fix it. Looks like the cat saved one of our readers a huge problem a few months down the line.

Flat Fix Maze Solution

solution to the flat fix maze

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