Kitten Memes | Maze of Fright Cat

maze of frightened cat

Maze of Frightened Cat | Maze Solution Here

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Street Cred Cat – Similar to Morpheus Cat

Street Cred Cat is a web meme of a cartoon drawing of a cat wearing a hoodie and thick brimmed goggle like sunglasses, with an overall blue hue in the image to give that back-alley feel. The meme is very similar in format to the Morpheus Cat meme, but because of the cartoon style it offers a little different and a bit more goofy angle on the cat’s take of the world. Want to make you own? Get the Street Cred Cat MEME Template and have fun with it. Notice that the background is transparent, so make it whatever pattern you want while maintaining the authentic meme design.

MEME of street cred cat

We all know how cats are not fans of going to the veterinarian, so this one is funny because if assures the cat that they won’t eat him/her | As that seems to be the prevalent concern of the cat when visiting the vet.

street cred cat meme - dead birds gifts

Most cat owners are familiar with the cat that loves them so much, that he (sometimes she) will bring home dead birds or other animals as a gift to their owner. The cat figures, I like dead birds, why would they not also like dead birds?

If you’d like to make your own Street Cred Cat Meme, use this for template:

street cred cat template

Some more fun cat memes:

cat meme of yogurt culture

MEME of a Cat that Likes CULTURE – Yoghurt Culture that is…

The above meme makes some pun and fun off the fact that this cat is dressed like a French culture snob, but at the same time, yoghurt has culture and cats sure seem to like it.

morpheus cat

Morpheus Cat – Web Meme – Curiosity SAVED the Cat

The Morpheus Cat Meme is a true classic, with hundreds of variations. The one you see here plays off the old adage, “Curiosity Killed the Cat”.

meme of cat layed out like Kate Winslow

Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack – Cat Meme

Some cats are just more flirtatious than others 🙂

meme of cat like a thug - Thud Life - MEME

MEME of Cat trying be all THUG yo.

Pimpin’ aint easy, even for a smooth cat like this one.

MEOW bureaucracy

And Now – The Maze Solution of Fright Cat Maze

maze solution for Fright Cat Maze

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