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The VIP Casino program at the All Slots Casino is a unique program for the elite high rollers at the casino who are able to sustain high betting and gaming levels.

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The Unique VIP Casino Program

cat gif of shivering kittyThe VIP Casino program at the All Slots Casino is a very unique program built specially for the high flying players at the casino. This is not a club that everyone can join. Players are invited to join the VIP Casino only when they have proven their loyalty to the casino and continued high betting status. Players who have earned at least 2000 loyalty club points are eligible to receive an invite to the very special VIP Casino club at All Slots Casino. There are three different levels to the VIP Casino program starting with the gold level that invites players who have earned at least 2000 loyalty points. Players that have earned at least 8000 loyalty points are elevated to the platinum middle level and players who are really dedicated and loyal to the All Slots Casino and have earned at least 50000 loyalty points win the right to be invited to the top diamond level of the VIP Casino program.

Three Different Levels to the VIP Casino

humin cat high fiveEach level of the VIP Casino program offers unique and special attention to the invited player in the form of a personal account manager. The personal account manager is available around the clock day and night for the player and is able to answer any question that he may have whether referring to the standard customer service and support or finding out the answer himself. Further to this the personal account manager tracks all of the games played by the VIP Casino members and can provide statistics on the games and the results of each game. Members of the VIP Casino receive exclusive promotional events that the personal casino mangers can update players on or the player receives direct information from the promotional pages. These promotions are in addition to the standard bonuses and promotions that are detailed in the main body of the All Slots Casino that are open to all players. Each week members of the VIP Casino program receive a number of free spins to use on selected games at the casino. These free spins are a separate promotion from the special events and are awarded on a weekly basis to the exclusive club members. The VIP Casino members are really spoilt and made to feel different with the addition of special luxury gifts that are awarded to the members at random. These special gifts vary from week to week and season to season, they can be luxury personal items, electrical goods, vouchers for well-known retailers and all sorts of creative gifts. The gifts are a way of thanking these loyal players that make up the elite team of the All Slots Casino. The casino management believes that these players deserve a little bit of fuss and spoiling and like to surprise the VIP Casino members with special gifts.

Platinum and Diamond Extra Bonuses

cat ready for cutnessThe platinum and diamond levels receive even more bonuses and attention with their elevated status. Members who have achieved platinum and diamond levels receive higher deposit and higher withdrawal limits giving them more opportunities to spend and win more money at the VIP Casino. These members do not have to limit their spending at the casino thanks to these higher limits and this enables them to enjoy the games offered more and definitely get more out of them. The diamond level that requires players to have earned at least 50000 loyalty club points in order to be invited can change their loyalty points for cash at any time. This cash can be used at the casino on more casino games or it can be kept in the players casino account for use at a later stage or the player can withdraw this cash to his own personal account. These are options available exclusively for the diamond members of the VIP Casino. The diamond members are considered the crème de la crème and for this they also receive specially designed exclusive vacation packages from the VIP Casino. These vacation packages vary from diamond member to diamond member and are created according to the personality of each diamond member and what his likes and dislikes are. The vacation package could be an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas or it could be a luxury cruise with spending money and special treatments included or it could even be a trip to Disney. Each and every vacation package is exclusively designed and personalized.

Something to Strive For

The VIP Casino program at All Slots Casino is not open for all players. Even players that meme of cat wrappedhave achieved the large amount of loyalty points may not be eligible because they do not have the consistency or for some other reason at the discretion of the VIP Casino club management. The members of this exclusive club are handpicked and only receive an invitation if they have a proven track record at the casino and are able to sustain long term real money betting at the casino with no hitches and on a high level. For any player that is devoted to the All Slots Casino and is able to sustain the high levels required to receive an invitation to this club, it is really a good deal and worth working towards. Playing at the All Slots Casino is riveting and rewarding and with the extra benefits of the special VIP Casino Club that each player can strive towards. Members of the VIP Casino program also benefit from all of the regular promotions and bonus offers advertised at the All Slots Casino in addition to the additional exclusive promotional events, free spins and other special treatments offered for being elite players.

Maze Solution for the Magic Potion Puzzlillusion

magic potion maze solution

About Yanito Freminoshi

Yanito Freminoshi is a Maze Artist and futurist who currently creates artworks for All Slots Casino to use in their marketing materials.
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