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cat art ontop of the world

Cat is on top of the world

If you want to test your luck and playing skills you can open your online casino account and enter the blackjack room where you’ll enjoy a few rounds of online blackjack for fun, excitement and real money prizes. Gamblers can play blackjack at any time of the day or night on the casino platform of their choice. The Flash Casino enables travelers to play securely on any public computer’s Internet browser while the Mobile Casino offers online blackjack fun to mobile users who can play on their WAP featurephone, smartphone or tablet device. For an especially relaxing blackjack experience players can download the casino software into their personal PC and play directly on their laptop or desktop screen while their cat purrs in their lap. Researchers have isolated the endorphins that are released by such calming activities and note that when dopamine and serotonin levels stabilize in the brain, which a calming round of gaming can facilitate, the player experiences better sleep patterns and lower blood pressure for an overall increase in quality of life. Playing blackjack at the Internet casino challenges the gambler who must maximize his gaming skills to ensure that he makes the correct decisions that will allow hi to beat the dealer’s hand. Casino advisors provide tips to blackjack players which include the suggestion to take hits until the hand reaches 17 or more but stand on 17 or more. An addition tip involves splitting pairs of Aces and eights but refraining from splitting face cards or tens.

About Yanito Freminoshi

Yanito Freminoshi is a Maze Artist and futurist who currently creates artworks for All Slots Casino to use in their marketing materials.
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