Polka Dot Maze and Gambling Monkeys

Maze of a polka dot pattern and research about monkeys gambling as well as some useful and funny cat oriented content. Feel free to use any of this content on the web.

maze of Polka dot pattern
Polka Dot Pattern Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLVED HERE

The Polka Dots Maze is part of Yanito Freminoshi’s FREE MAZES PROJECT. Anyone may use this maze for any and all purposes. You can get a PDF of Polka Dots Maze if you need as such for your publishing needs.

Monkey Gambling Research:

red button monkey artHow will monkeys react when they are put in a situation where they can have a guaranteed juice reward every time they play a game, or they can have a random amount every time that they play? Most of us would assume that the monkeys, or people for that matter, would enjoy having something safer and more straightforward. But Duke University Medical Center neurobiologists Michael Platt Ph.D. and Allison McCoy examined found that this is not the case. They had two male rhesus macaque monkeys to whom they gave two tasks. In one, they could do an activity that would reward them with the same amount of juice every time. In the other, they would do an activity that would reward them with a different amount each time, but that would ultimately come to the same amount as the first activity. The monkeys overwhelmingly chose the second activity that included more of a gamble.

Apple on a monkeys head keeps no doctors awaySurprised with this, Platt and his colleague decided to see if there was something in the risky target that was making them pick it. As he explained, “We wondered whether the monkeys preferred the risky target because the experiment was dull and boring, and they wanted the variability. But when we made the task more interesting by changing the color of the lights on each trial, the monkeys didn’t care anything about it.”

And even when they made the juice amount achieved less in the risk target, the monkeys still picked this one. As Platt said, “Basically these monkeys really liked to gamble. There was something intrinsically rewarding about choosing a target that offered a variable juice reward, as if the variability in rewards that they experienced was in itself rewarding.”

Online Casino BannerCertainly, their findings help us to look at how we approach risk. This can be true for gambling disorders, for overeating and for risky behaviour like driving and promiscuity. The risk in itself seemed to be the reward more than the reward itself. The anticipation and excitement couched in the risk seemed to be the thing that the monkeys were after. This could help counselors who deal with gambling addiction, doctors who look at food addiction and many other behaviours. It would be interesting to see, as well, if all people react in this way or if there is a certain type of personality that is more interested in risk taking than others.

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Polka Dot Maze SOLVED


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Yanito Freminoshi is a Maze Artist and futurist who currently creates artworks for All Slots Casino to use in their marketing materials.
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