Psychedelic Cat Leap Maze and Coloring Page for Adults

Leaping Cat Maze

Leaping Cat Maze by Mazeratti – Psychedelic Maze Art – SOLUTION TO MAZE HERE

Online Gaming Requires a Large Measure of Self-control

Many online casino gamers play only at home when they get back from their busy day at work and can relax with some gaming.  These gamers may play at a mobile casino at home.  The interface on modern mobile devices makes mobile casino gaming extremely pleasurable for a growing number of gamers.

Leaping Cat Maze Coloring Page For AdultsBy exercising self-control throughout the day in not accessing the online casino “in their pocket” these gamers are already well-prepared for the challenge of playing online casino games.  To them and to everyone as well, we offer two adult activities that can put all online casino gamers in a sound, calm, and relaxed frame of mind, thus making their casino games decisions better, reducing tension, stress, frustration, and all the emotions that detract from what should be the pleasant diversion that playing online casino games is for most people.

These adult activities are coloring for adults and working out complex mazes.  Don’t laugh!  Both of these activities have been shown to reduce all the elements mentioned above that cause us to have less fun at online or mobile casino gaming.  Coloring for adults requires close attention to detail in a constricted space.  The effort and dedication needed to finish a single adult coloring page can be translated into the effort and dedication necessary for making good decisions at casino games.  If we can do a good job while performing a kid’s activity, coloring, we can do a good job at a recognized adult activity: online casino gaming.

Mazes also require close attention in a restricted area but with mazes we often don’t “start” the maze until we’ve “finished” it.  That means that we have to follow the paths from start to finish without committing ourselves to a single path.  In coloring, we fill in a small section and section by section the picture comes to colorful life.  In maze work, we don’t go from corner to corner in small increments; we follow the correct path in our mind’s eye and then complete the maze in one fell swoop.  Maze work helps us realize that every online casino gaming session is a work in progress.  We may go from up to down to even and back and forth endlessly.  If we insist on always being up, we’ll have too much tension to fully enjoy ourselves.  Mazes help us see gaming as a process even as we cannot be sure that our present condition will be reflected in the end result.

So, we suggest that coloring for adults and working on mazes can get us mentally and emotionally ready for a fun time without stress at the online casino or mobile casino of our choice.

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leaping cat maze solution

About Yanito Freminoshi

Yanito Freminoshi is a Maze Artist and futurist who currently creates artworks for All Slots Casino to use in their marketing materials.
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