Trent Williams was recently diagnosed with cancer and is fighting to beat the disease.
He shared his experience on Twitter, saying: “Just found out 2 yrs ago I had a tumor in my chest which led them to find out it’s skin melanoma.” He said he couldn’t understand why doctors didn’t catch this earlier considering how large they are.

The 49ers Star Trent Williams Shares Scary Story of His Cancer Diagnosis.

49ers Star Trent Williams Shares Scary Story of His Cancer Diagnosis

Since being picked with the No. 4 overall choice in the 2010 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins, Trent Williams has consistently been one of the greatest offensive lineman in the league. He’s earned a living getting his hands filthy in the trenches. He did, however, have a life-changing event that was much more severe than anything he could have faced on the football field.

The San Francisco 49ers All-Pro left tackle was diagnosed with Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans, a rare type of cancer. Williams’ NFL career was in risk, and he didn’t know how much longer he had to live. He has talked out about the terrifying experience and how it changed him forever now that he is perhaps the greatest in the field at his profession.

Trent Williams talks about the moment he found out he had cancer.

49ers’ Pro-Bowl OT Trent Williams is opening up to “⁦@IAMATHLETEpod⁩ ” about the biggest fight of his life — when he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and was told death was a very real outcome.

Full episode drops Monday 3/14 on the I Am Athlete YouTube channel.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 13, 2022

Trent Williams has spent the most of his career at the peak of his game. The Oklahoma product has 11 NFL seasons under his belt, but he was forced to sit out the whole 2019 season after receiving a startling cancer diagnosis.

In a recent interview on the I Am Athlete podcast, the San Francisco 49ers player spoke about how he found out he had cancer and the years leading up to it.

Williams said, “I didn’t tell a lot of people.” “I purposefully didn’t tell a lot of people about the news.” I was bored in a meeting and was simply messing with my hair when I felt a slight bump. It seems like a hair bump to me. I developed a headache as a result of it. I phoned the trainer and made a doctor’s appointment for the following day.”

Back in 2014, the team doctor mistook the bulge for a cyst. Williams continued to perform, but the size of the crowd became greater with time. Years later, the team scheduled a visit with an oncologist, and the Pro Bowl tackle realized the situation was more worse than it seemed.

“The primary physician hadn’t arrived yet,” Williams said. “However, the nurse had tears in her eyes.” ‘It’s done with,’ I say. My career, I believe, is coming to an end. I had the impression that I had a lot more to prove. Right now, I’m not ready to walk away. When the main physician arrived, he seemed to be keeping it together at first. But his eyes begin to tear up.”

‘Football is the last thing on your mind right now,’ he says. Get to know the crucial people in your life. It’s time for you to get your affairs in order. I was stunned and flabbergasted when he stated that.”

The ‘I Am Athlete’ crew criticizes the NFL and its team physicians.

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Trent Williams initially noticed the lump near his hairline in his fifth year in the NFL, in 2014. Even though he informed him the tumor was growing larger, he claims the team doctor didn’t feel it was a life-or-death scenario at the time.

“It’s in camp, and you don’t want to miss any camp,” Williams said, “so they put it out another year.” “I go back, and coach gives me a little time to relax since I’m having knee problems.” This occurred in the year 2017. ‘We don’t have anybody accessible at this moment, it ain’t actually that essential,’ they said.

Williams said he underwent knee and thumb surgery in 2018, but the doctors didn’t think the problem was serious. The Longview, Texas native eventually grew bored of waiting.

“I lock them in the training room and tell them to arrange an appointment right now,” she says.

Clearly, it was much more than a cyst, as the Washington team doctor had speculated. The I Am Athlete crew was perplexed as to how the league and team physicians could allow such a thing to happen.

Former linebacker D.J. Williams remarked, “I always felt like we had the greatest physicians.” “And we perform these physicals on a yearly basis.” “How is this possible?”

“How could the NFL miss this?” Pacman Jones continued. “I’m sure they can put your knee back together if it fractures.” They’ll tell you everything in your urine if it’s nasty. We’ve got all these physicians, but we can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with anything else.”

The All-Pro for the San Francisco 49ers defied the odds.

49ers offensive tackle Trent Williams looks on during a game

49ers offensive tackle Trent Williams looks on during a game The San Francisco 49ers’ Trent Williams on the field during a game against the Philadelphia Eagles | Getty Images/Mitchell Leff

Trent Williams was terrified when he received the cancer news from his physician. Fortunately, the tumor had not yet spread across his head. Doctors were able to successfully remove it.

Williams returned to the NFL in 2020, this time with the San Francisco 49ers. He continued to play at an outstanding level despite missing a year of football, earning the Pro Bowl in back-to-back seasons. In 2021, Williams was named to the First Team All-Pro.

Despite the fact that football has returned to his life, the offensive lineman will never forget what he went through and how it permanently affected him.

According to, Williams remarked, “I believe that phase of my life is when I learnt the most about myself.” “When tragedy hits, everyone considers the effect and whether or not they will survive. You seldom consider how it feels to start from the beginning.”

Trent Williams is grateful to be alive and to be able to do what he enjoys.

“I surely give appreciation for each and every day that I am here since I am well aware of how fleeting life is.” It might all change in the blink of an eye, regardless of your age. But, for the most part, I feel like I’ve reached my limit. Knowing that I was generously given with an aptitude and a physical set of features, and I didn’t take use of it, I believe it would be difficult for me to sleep at night.”

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49ers Star Trent Williams Shares Scary Story of His Cancer Diagnosis. The story is about how Trent was diagnosed with cancer and how he fought it. Reference: trent williams documentary.

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