As you can already tell in the title, the purpose of this post will be to provide you with a list of some of the best deals that were out there on Day 1 of NBA Free Agency. I want to be clear about this. The deals that will be listed here will not be the type of deals that will blow your mind. Most of the deals that will be listed here will be the type of deals that will make you say “whew” when you see them. With that being said, let’s get started.

The NBA free agency period officially kicked off on July 1, and many of the league’s top stars signed massive free-agent deals that will change the landscape of the league for years to come. LeBron James, Paul George, and Jimmy Butler are all making history with their moves, but that doesn’t mean that all of the signings are winners in the eyes of the community.

The NBA signing period officially begins at 12:01am EST every July 1, but it begins earlier in the Eastern time zone on the 1st and 12th of the month. Plus, many teams don’t offer a complete list of their free agents until the hours before the start of the period. That’s why it’s important to know how to decipher the fine print, and these five teams made life difficult for every other team by signing big name players at bargain prices.. Read more about nba free agents 2021 and let us know what you think.

The first day of NBA free agency ushered in a flurry of activity, with more than 60 agreements leaked to the media. Some of the biggest stars from this year’s free agency class have found new and old homes, but there are still a few major dominoes to fall.

Teams and players have many days to negotiate during NBA free agency, but agreements aren’t completed until the transaction ban is removed. This year’s date is August 6th. Then a rush of not-quite-news articles about already agreed-upon transactions will emerge. That package includes a rush of free agency signings.

All of the emphasis is focused on the high-profile transfers. However, championships are often won and lost in the shadows of such maneuvers. Five free agents that are surprisingly excellent acquisitions or retentions for their clubs are listed below.

In NBA free agency, the Golden State Warriors take a chance on a bargain.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes, Otto Porter rejected down midlevel exception offers from other clubs in NBA free agency and instead signed a veteran’s minimum deal with the Golden State Warriors. Golden State can now spend $2.39 million on a veteran combo forward with shooting ability.

Porter is a bit of a gamble. He’s been out for the most of the past two seasons due to foot and back issues. Porter’s proposals were a huge drop down from his last free agency experience. He re-signed with the Washington Wizards in 2017 for a four-year, $106.5 million deal. Porter’s offer sheet from the Brooklyn Nets was matched by the Wizards.

Porter’s annual compensation will drop from $28.5 million to little under $2.4 million. It’s a one-year, prove-it contract for a veteran who can play the stretch 4 position in small-ball lineups and shoots 40.2 percent from 3-point range. The Warriors will be huge winners if it succeeds. It won’t be a big financial loss for Golden State if Porter continues to be damaged goods.

The Phoenix Suns benefit from JaVale McGee’s size.

JaVale McGee (yeah, those are words you never thought you’d hear) has signed a one-year, $5 million contract with the Western Conference champion Phoenix Suns. McGee is in Tokyo with Team USA, and Haynes tweeted the deal for him.

McGee, who stands 7 feet tall and weighs 270 pounds, offers something to the Suns in NBA free agency that was an issue in the team’s defeat to the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals. When Deandre Ayton was out, Phoenix had no one who could be more than a speed bump in the way of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s rim runs. McGee isn’t going to be a star or even a starter, but he’s a seasoned NBA big man with size and strength.

McGee also brings three NBA titles to the Suns, which should not be overlooked. In 2017 and 2018, he was mainly a backup for the Warriors, but he started for the 2020 champion Los Angeles Lakers.

The NBA’s free agency has resulted in a reunion celebration for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Critics pointed to the absence of shooting as the Achilles’ heel of the Westbrook-LeBron James-Anthony Davis combo when the Lakers acquired (or will add) Russell Westbrook. Trevor Ariza and Wayne Ellington were signed as free agents by the NBA to help solve the issue.

They’re both former Lakers, so they’re acquainted with the city. Ellington has spent his entire NBA career as a shooter, averaging 38.2 percent from long range. Last season, he made 42.2 percent of his shots for the Detroit Pistons, which was barely shy of his career best. Haynes announced his deal through Twitter.

The seasoned traveler Ariza, who is in his 17th season, last played for the Lakers in 2009, so he has a ring from his time there. He’s a lifetime 35.2 percent 3-point shooter who made 35 percent with the Miami Heat last season. He’s still a capable wing defender at 36, and as a small-ball 4 he can buy a team a few minutes. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski broke the story.

The Lakers addressed the shooting issue with Ariza and Ellington. They still have work to do with their roster, but with acquiring Westbrook, they have at least added what they needed.

It was a simple decision for Bobby Portis to take less money to remain with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Bobby Portis had bigger NBA free agency offers but opted to remain with the Milwaukee Bucks

Bobby Portis had bigger NBA free agency offers but opted to remain with the Milwaukee Bucks On July 20, 2021, Milwaukee Bucks’ Bobby Portis celebrates with supporters during the second half of Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Phoenix Suns at Fiserv Forum. | Getty Images/Justin Casterline

Last season, Bobby Portis was a crucial reserve for the Milwaukee Bucks, who won the NBA championship. Many thought Portis was departing the Bucks after he rejected his $3.8 million option. Portis, according to tweets from The Athletic’s Shams Charania, rejected away bigger NBA free agency offers in favor of a two-year, $9 million contract with a player option for 2022–23.

In Milwaukee, Portis was a huge hit. During the NBA Finals, he conveyed his gratitude in a Players Tribune article. Portis tweeted in a manner that was distinctively his after agreeing to terms to stay with the Bucks.

Portis had a career year as a stretch big in 2020–21, despite having seasons with higher statistics. In only 20.8 minutes per game, he averaged 11.4 points and 7.1 rebounds. Portis also finished third in the NBA in 3-point shooting (47.1%). His previous career high from deep was 39.3 percent, so that figure will most likely fall to the mean next season.

P.J. Tucker fills a huge void in the Miami Heat’s rotation.

P.J. Tucker recently made a new Instagram post.

“Wow. To be honest, I’m still at a loss for words. I’m still reeling at the news, but it is what it is. My automobile career took a rough turn today, but as my grandmother used to say, “all you can control is what you can control.” Full message:

August 3, 2021 — Eric Nehm (@eric nehm)

P.J. Tucker was clearly taken aback by the Milwaukee Bucks’ failure to make a greater effort to retain him. Tucker was acquired from the Houston Rockets just before the March trade deadline. He did precisely what he was told by the Bucks. Tucker guarded and made a few three-pointers.

Tucker hit 39.4 percent of his deep tries after the deal. He didn’t shoot well in the playoffs. However, his defense was crucial to the Bucks’ championship run. He defends 1 through 5 as effectively as anybody in the NBA, and it’s worth looking into why he’s never made an All-Defense squad. (The disadvantage of playing for some of the Suns’ worst teams before moving to Houston, which isn’t known for its defense.)

Milwaukee was reportedly frightened off by the luxury-tax implications of retaining Tucker, according to Sam Amick of The Athletic. The tax ramifications of NBA free agency are often a major element of the puzzle.

“An offer starting at, say, $7 million would have cost the Bucks around $23 million in taxes, which would have resulted in a $30 million payment. That is, above all things, why he will not return to the Bucks.”

The Athletic’s Sam Amick

There were concerns about the massive void at the 4 after the Heat agreed to sign Kyle Lowry and are close to extending Jimmy Butler’s contract. Tucker not only answers those inquiries, but he also avoids having to run a play for him.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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It was reported earlier that the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors were in “active talks” to acquire the services of Houston Rockets’ star guard, James Harden. This news was first confirmed by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. However, new reports by Wojnarowski and ESPN’s Brian Windhorst have revealed that the Golden State Warriors are, in fact, the frontrunners to sign James Harden.. Read more about free agent centers 2021 and let us know what you think.

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