President Barack Obama has done a lot of things in office, but until today, beating Jordan Spieth in a golf match was not one of them. Spieth was recently named the PGA Player of the Year, and he’s the youngest golfer to ever win the award by a landslide, but apparently he wasn’t good enough to beat Obama in a match. The 44-year-old president played 18 holes with Spieth at Joint Base Andrews today, and he posted a score of 154. Meanwhile, the 22-year-old golf star shot 158.

While most golf fans were watching Jordan Spieth and a few other PGA Tour stars compete at the Valspar Championship, President Barack Obama was busy playing a round with former President Bill Clinton. When the two got to the 18th hole, Obama used a mind game that he had been preparing for months, and beat Clinton with a putt. The golf game was a friendly contest for charity, but Obama was quoted as saying “I’m glad I got to beat Bill. As you know, Bill’s a big golfer. He loves to play. He’s a lot of fun to be around. I, on the other hand, do not have a lot of time to play golf. I’

There aren’t many golfers outside of the PGA Tour who can beat Jordan Spieth in a match. There aren’t even many pros who can beat a three-time major winner on this course, but former US President Barack Obama can say that. In a friendly match in 2017, Obama used every trick in the book – including aliens – to get inside Spieth’s head and secure the victory.

Jordan Spieth played golf with star Barack Obama in 2017

Jordan Spieth and President Barack Obama at the 2017 Presidents Cup | Chris Condon/PGA TOUR/Getty Images word-image-8300 COMPARED TO: Jordan Spieth has revealed the shocking secret he kept to himself for 3 years that led to his recent fall in President Obama is known as a great sports fan. He has filled out the NCAA Tournament roster every year during his tenure, and he has a fluid jumpshot for a 59-year-old. If Obama isn’t perfecting his jumps on the course, you can probably find him on the golf course. He has a great stroke on the left side of the links and is able to hit crucial shots on the 18th hole. Hole that needs to be made. In 2017, Obama met with Spieth, Stephen Curry, Seth Curry and Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank for a round of golf and a friendly match in Dallas, Texas. The match went even to the last hole.

1 A8 Obama used brain games and aliens to get into Spit’s head.

COMPARED TO: Patrick Reed sends a harsh message to anyone who thinks he’s a traitor. It’s so far from the truth After the round of golf, Spieth appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden to talk about playing with the former US president. He said Obama was acting like a normal guy, but he had a few tricks up his sleeve. He was incredibly cool. We had a great time, Spieth said on the show. If you were a former president, one of the main points would be that you get to laugh at everyone after the presidency is over, right? I asked him a question: President Obama, what would you say to the president-elect for whom you were unprepared in two terms, whom you had to learn at random? Spieth said Obama spoke at length about the day-to-day duties of the commander-in-chief and the advice he would give about them to new presidents. Then he started playing psychological games with the PGA Tour star. And he started this serious conversation, Spieth continued. And then, just before he gets up to take the picture, he says: And you won’t believe what the aliens look like. He said: They look completely crazy. And then he walks up, makes his putt, turns around, walks off the green, stands there and winks at me. And I’m sitting here: I won’t sleep for a week!

President Obama took a hit by defeating Spieth

. COMPARED TO: Phil Mickelson put his $400 million fortune to work for a disgruntled country star, adding $9 million to his bank account On the show, Spieth was asked if he was taking the former president too lightly, but he said that was not an option. No, just the opposite, he said. You can’t lose to him, or he’ll tell: I beat Jordan when we played. In the end, the game ended at 18. Hole out, and Obama had to make the hardest putt to win. So we had a two-on-two game. It was the final hole and the president made a double-break putt from 10 feet, Spieth said. This is my playground and I’ve never seen anyone make a patch like this before. As you might expect, a small crowd gathered, and he said: When the crowd gathers at the last hole, I never miss. He steps forward and throws a double jab. High speed, right in the middle of the hole. Then I had a shot that could have decided the game, but it didn’t count. He won the match with that putt and said: I told you. Spieth was shocked that Obama had that much game and enough to back him, but it’s a trick he’ll never forget. What a great experience that was, he said. He couldn’t have been kinder.

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