A trade report about the Eagles offering a second round pick for Russell Wilson has some fans in frenzy and others scratching their head. Let’s take a look at what could be happening with this offseason saga of possible trades.

The “russell wilson eagles draft” is a topic that has Eagles fans in a frenzy. The Philadelphia Eagles traded for Russell Wilson, which has caused some controversy among the team’s fan base.

A Hat-Signing Incident and a New Report Has Eagles Fans in a Frenzy Over Offseason Trade Target Russell Wilson

The Philadelphia Eagles are anticipated to be interested in the quarterback market this summer, whether you like Jalen Hurts or not. This does not imply that they are completely abandoning Hurts in favor of someone else. When you have three first-round selections on your hands, though, you must do your homework on upgrading the most important position on the field.

To make it even more intriguing for Philly, many big-name quarterbacks are anticipated to change teams this summer. Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, and Jimmy Garoppolo are among the quarterbacks that might be dealt.

Russell Wilson is anticipated to pique the Eagles’ attention.

Eagles trade target Russell Wilson.

Eagles trade target Russell Wilson. Ethan Miller/Getty Images/Russell Wilson

During the 2021 NFL season, there were many rumours that Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman was interested in current Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. He’s the one Philadelphia is likely to show the greatest interest in out of the four names listed above.

Roseman first expressed interest in Wilson in 2021 and hasn’t let up since. The Eagles are in a strong position to pursue and get Wilson, as they have three first-round selections and a strong offensive line (a major focus for Wilson).

We haven’t heard anything from Wilson’s camp about his interest in joining the Eagles up to this time. However, a recent hat-signing incident at the Pro Bowl was enough to pique the interest of Philadelphia supporters.

Russell Wilson adds fuel to the flames in Philadelphia.

This is far from conclusive evidence that Wilson is interested in being moved to Philadelphia this summer. During the Pro Bowl, though, the current Seahawks quarterback took some time to autograph a specific midnight green-colored cap.

This video alone was enough to throw Eagles supporters into a frenzy about the prospect of getting Wilson this spring. Wilson, as much as Jalen Hurts is a fan favorite in Philadelphia, would be a significant improvement at quarterback.

According to NFL insider Albert Breer, the Eagles will land the talented quarterback.

Russell Wilson to the Eagles is a rumor that I’d want to see come true. Russ, in my opinion, offers them a bigger window for the playoffs.

Seattle wins by recouping a number of first-round picks as well as Jalen Hurts. In my opinion, this is a win-win situation for all parties.

— Damian Parson 🏈 (@DP_NFL) February 10, 2022

The hat-signing is just a humorous occurrence that has gone viral on social media. The Wilson-to-Philly rumors, on the other hand, are true. Wilson is expected to sign with the Eagles this offseason, according to famous NFL writer Albert Breer’s recent mailbag for Sports Illustrated.

If I had to guess, I’d assume he’ll be relocated eventually. And a month ago, I would have predicted the Saints as the final destination. Let’s place Sean Payton in the NFC East now that he’s gone… to the Eagles. In some ways, it would be a redemption move for Howie Roseman, who was part of a front staff that expected to choose Wilson in the third round in 2012, only for Seattle to snag him earlier in the round.

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer

Breer’s forecast is just that: a prediction. He is, however, connecting the dots just like the rest of us. Wilson has piqued Roseman’s attention for a long time, and the Eagles have a history of being aggressive at the quarterback position. It isn’t in their habit for them to wait for an upgrade when one is available.

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Jordan Mailata of the Philadelphia Eagles has been dubbed the “Best Contract Extension” in the NFL by a former NFL agent.

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