Aaron Rodgers started dating the actress Olivia Munn in the spring of 2013, and while he didn’t publicly acknowledge it at the time, he was clearly smitten. There were plenty of rumors about the two, including that Munn had been asking for a ring. Rodgers, however, always denied it and made no mention of Munn in the interview, leaving us to wonder if the two were just good friends.

Aaron Rodgers’ mother-in-law is an interesting person. Her introduction to Rodgers was not exactly smooth, and it hasn’t gotten much better. The two apparently have not spoken since the Packers quarterback allegedly refused to sign at her house in July.

In one simple text message, Lisa Rodgers seemingly confirmed the issues that Aaron Rodgers has with the Green Bay Packers.

Isn’t it true that mom always knows best?

Despite having the title of “potential mother-in-law,” Lori Woodley seems to have a good grasp of what’s going on with her daughter’s unhappy fiancé. In fact, Shailene Woodley’s mother seemed to corroborate what most people think are the reasons that led Aaron Rodgers to side with the Green Bay Packers.

And if her two-word letter properly represents how the great quarterback feels, Rodgers’ return to the Packers seems to be less probable than it has ever been.

The reigning NFL MVP seems to be uninterested in returning to Green Bay.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRixG USzGg

Has Rodgers’ time with the Packers come to an end? That fear is looking more and more like a reality, based on how the past several months have gone.

After all, the reigning MVP has done all he can to make Packers supporters worry whether he’ll ever play for the team again. Rodgers has taken deliberate actions that have raised worries about his future with the club, from striking a gloomy tone following his team’s last playoff loss to missing OTAs and minicamp to turning down a record-setting contract extension. With training camp just around the corner, it’s not encouraging for the Packers’ Super Bowl aspirations that their most important player doesn’t seem to be interested in coming to work anytime soon.

Given some of the dubious choices made by members of the front staff over the years, it’s not entirely surprising that Rodgers has finally reached a breaking point this summer.

Meanwhile, GM Brian Gutekunst hasn’t changed his mind about selling one of the franchise’s greatest players despite Rodgers’ prolonged absence. Gutekunst may have little option but to set up a bidding battle for Rodgers, as much as he would want to keep the future Hall of Famer. Why not attempt to acquire draft choices and a proven player or two to assist 2020 first-round pick Jordan Love thrive if the great quarterback refuses to suit up for the Packers again?

Lori Woodley sends a two-word message that seems to corroborate her prospective son-in-Packers law’s problems.

Lori Woodley speaks at an event as Packers QB Aaron Rodgers walks across the field.

Lori Woodley speaks at an event as Packers QB Aaron Rodgers walks across the field. Green Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers goes across the field during a game while Lori Woodley speaks at an event. | Getty Images/Vivien Killilea for All It Takes | Getty Images/Dylan Buell

It’s clear that no one can know what Rodgers is thinking. After all, he’s wary of saying anything in front of the cameras. However, it’s fair to assume he’s dissatisfied with his present position based on his behaviors, which include failing to show up for offseason workouts.

The extent of Rodgers’ issues with the Packers has been the subject of conjecture for the last several months. His prospective mother-in-law seemed to corroborate his problems with the squad by posting a simple remark on Twitter.

Woodley posted a video of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith discussing the Rodgers issue on Wednesday.

“It has nothing to do with football. It’s not all about the cash. This is about the Green Bay Packers’ treatment of their top quarterback. They have turned their backs on him. They’ve kicked him out. They’ve downplayed him. They have treated him with contempt. And he said, ‘Bump y’all,’ as Smith put it.

Woodley’s retweet (which has since been removed) contained the two-word remark, “Spoken truth.”

Given that she’ll be attending Rodgers and her daughter’s wedding one day, it’s fair to believe that Woodley has some insight into his thinking. After all, in the months since he chose not to return to work, the NFL star has spent a lot of time with his fiancée. In the end, Rodgers’ prospective mother-in-letter law’s supports the notion that his problems come from how he’s been handled rather than money or the team’s structure.

If Woodley’s comments truly reflect Rodgers’ emotions, it doesn’t bode well for the Packers’ prospects of earning a Super Bowl championship anytime soon.

Then then, it all depends on whatever route their agitated star chooses.

What is the best course of action for Aaron Rodgers?

Should Aaron Rodgers sit out the rest of the season? Should he make a trade demand? Should he return to the Packers as a player?

Rodgers’ greatest option right now isn’t to play for another NFL club in 2021. Instead, he should hammer out a deal with the Packers that guarantees him his freedom in some form or another next spring. Green Bay has a championship-caliber squad, so returning to the Packers for the 2021 season is Rodgers’ best bet for a second Super Bowl ring.

He should, however, be able to persuade Gutekunst to trade or release him next offseason. This would enable Rodgers to pursue other opportunities while allowing the Packers to move to Love.

Isn’t this a win-win situation for everyone?

However, if the issue has really reached a point of no return, the Packers will certainly lose more games in 2020 than they did in 2019. Because they will struggle to get to.500, much alone the playoffs, without Aaron Rodgers in the lineup.

Pro Football Reference provided all statistics. Spotrac provided all contract information.

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