The Green Bay Packers ruined the undefeated season of the Arizona Cardinals by beating them for their second straight year in overtime. The Pack’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers paid his respects to Kyler Murray and told him congratulations on a great career so far.

Aaron Rodgers is a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He has been in the NFL since 2005. On April 26th, 2019, he sent out a message to Kyler Murray after the Cardinals beat the Packers in their final game of the season. Read more in detail here: kyler murray or aaron rodgers draft.

Everyone got a decent one after weeks and weeks of lackluster Thursday Night Football games. With Kyler Murray’s squad threatening to score and win the game, the Green Bay Packers escaped with a victory over the Arizona Cardinals on a last-second interception.

Despite the COVID-19 concerns in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers once again shown why he is one of the finest quarterbacks in history by guiding the Packers to victory and ending the Cardinals’ unbeaten season. But make no mistake: both clubs are outstanding and might face off again in the playoffs in the future.

At the very least, it is everyone’s hope.

Kyler Murray and the Cardinals’ unbeaten run comes to an end.

The Cardinals seemed to be the greatest team in the NFL after seven weeks. Murray’s MVP-caliber performance, the rise of the Arizona defense, the excellent receiving corps of DeAndre Hopkins, Christian Kirk, and the resurgence of AJ Green have all contributed to the team’s success. Oh, and don’t forget about James Conner, who scored two additional touchdowns to bring his season total to eight, two behind Derrick Henry for the NFL lead.

Despite the setback to the Packers, this club should be able to make the playoffs with ease. The Cardinals, Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, and Los Angeles Rams are all undefeated in the NFC, forming a tight group at the top of the league.

Murray will revert to MVP form, and clubs are prone to strange performances during the short weeks. However, the loss of J.J. Watt, who was revealed to be facing season-ending shoulder surgery, would be difficult for this defense to overcome.

This squad isn’t going anywhere, and Rodgers’ postgame remark to Murray indicates that they may meet again.

After the game, Aaron Rodgers sent Murray a heartfelt note.

Aaron Rodgers and Kyler Murry after the Packers beat the Cardinals.

Aaron Rodgers and Kyler Murry after the Packers beat the Cardinals. Aaron Rodgers and Kyler Murray | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Players and coaches congregate in the middle of the field after the game, as is customary, and exchange remarks. Rodgers and Murray were surrounded by cameras. One quarterback is the reigning NFL MVP, while the other is a contender for the honor this year.

Rodgers, as usual, expressed his admiration for Murray and hinted at a future rematch while applauding his abilities (h/t Fox News’ Ryan Gaydos).

“I said that I like his style of play. He’s had a great start to his career, putting together some spectacular years. He’s really gifted, especially with his arms. He clearly runs all over the place. ‘We’ll see you in the playoffs,’ I replied.

After the game, Aaron Rodgers sent Kyler Murray a note.

If these two clubs met in the playoffs, it would be an exciting game. It’s also feasible that Murray and Rodgers may face each other on their way to the Super Bowl.

These two teams should remain at the top of the NFC standings in what is shaping up to be a complete disaster, with the Cowboys, Buccaneers, and Rams all playing fantastic football to begin the season.

The game on Thursday night was amazing, and a rematch between Murray and Rodgers in the playoffs would be even more exciting.

The Packers beat the odds and rely on Aaron Rodgers’ arm once again.

Davante Adams was unable to participate in the game. Joe Barry, the defensive coordinator, and Allen Lazard both missed the game. It’s bad enough that the Packers are missing Adams, their best pass-catcher. Add in the fact that veteran Randall Cobb and recent call-up Juwann Winfree were Rodgers’ primary options.

It didn’t make a difference. To no one’s surprise, Rodgers led the charge and put forth another outstanding effort, passing for just 184 yards but two touchdowns to Cobb.

On Thursday, the defense stepped up its game and vexed Murray throughout the game, interrupting his rhythm and capping the victory with an interception in the endzone.

Green Bay will stay competitive and try for a repeat trip to the NFC final game with a travel to LA on their thoughts as long as #12 is on the field.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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Aaron Rodgers paid respect to Kyler Murray with a parting message after the Packers ruined the Cardinals undefeated season. The Green Bay Packers destroyed the Arizona Cardinals and ended their chance at an undefeated season. Reference: how tall is kyler murray.

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