What are the All Skyshards Locations in Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood? All Skyshards are item gathering locations which can be found throughout the world of Elder Scrolls Online. As an alliance, you can mark the locations of All Skyshards on your map to help you locate them. The locations of all All Skyshards can be found on our website. However, these locations are not “visible” to the player, but only marked on the map.

There are several unmarked skyshards scattered throughout Cyrodiil, and the best way to find them is to dig them up. The best skyshards (marked skyshard) to find are located in the Blackwood region, which is northeast of the Imperial City and near Bravil. The skyshards are marked on the map.

Collecting skill points and unlocking new ones is essential for effective play in Elder Scrolls Online. In the Blackwood update, players can find 18 skishards that give them new skill points. In this guide you will find the exact location of all the skyscrapers in ESO:. Blackwood. Skyshards are literally scattered across the map Blackwood . Half can be found outside, the other half only in the dungeons, usually at the end of them. Find all these skyscrapers and unlock the best skills for your character.

ESO: Blackwood All the skyscrapers in the world

word-image-9694 There are a total of 10 skyscrapers in the upper world of Blackwood:

  1. Northeast of Blackwood, east of Wither
  2. Northwest of Blackwood, north of Fort Redman
  3. East of Blackwood, East of Old Suicide Pond
  4. On the west side of Blackwood, west of the White Stallion Inn.
  5. In the center of Blackwood, north of Gideon Wayshrine.
  6. In the center of Blackwood, west of Gideon Washerin
  7. Southwest of Blackwood, north of Tidewater Cave
  8. South of Blackwood, in Stonewastes Lane.
  9. South of Blackwood, North of Ximhoek Lagoon
  10. South of Blackwood, west of Roxgrove

ESO: Blackwood All dungeon sites Scashards

word-image-9695 Eight other skyscrapers can be found in the Blackwood dungeons at the following locations:

  1. Northeast of Blackwood, north of Bloodrun Road, in cave Bloodrun.
  2. Northeast of Blackwood, just east of Fort Redmane, in Arpenia.
  3. North of Blackwood, south of Pentrick Run, in Zenithar Abbey.
  4. West of Blackwood, north of Leyawiin, in Undertow Cave.
  5. East of Blackwood, east of Gideon Wayshrine, in Porcixide Doomvault.
  6. In the centre of Blackwood, west of Glenbridge, in the Halls of Silence.
  7. Southwest of Blackwood, west of Stonewastes Wayshrine, in Xi-Tsei.
  8. Southeast of Blackwood, just north of Xymhock Lagoon, in Vunalk.

This is the location of all the skyscrapers in Elder Scrolls Online:. Blackwood. Also don’t forget to check out other Elder Scrolls Online guides on our central page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Skyshards in Elder Scrolls Online?

This time, I’d like to show you where to find Skyshards all around Cyrodiil. There are quite a few Skyshards to be found in Elder Scrolls Online, but there are a good number that you may not have found yet. So, here are a few of the best places… ESO is a game of find-the-hidden, and comes with a map that shows Skyshards (or Zones) in the game and with a guide that tells you where each one is located. The guide does not take all zones into account, and is a must for players who want to find these rare items, but even for players who the guide has found all the Skyshards in the game, it is a bit hard to find all the locations of the hard-to-find items.

How many Skyshards are there in eso?

This is a list of all the skyshards in ESO: Blackwood. I will try my best to update it, since skyshards are very hard to find, and when they are found, it may not be near the exact location they are in the game. While visiting some of the Skyshards in Blackwood, one of the NPCs you can find there will say something along the lines of: “I’ve heard that there are some hidden stars in the sky, but I’ve never actually seen one.” If you ask him where they are, he’ll say: “Hmm, I don’t know. I’ve never been to them.”

How many Skyshards are in each zone?

So far for the ESO-BZ, there is only one map designed for the zones from the game, but there are many maps that can be used for all the zones. In the map below you can see all the Skyshards locations for the zone of Blackwood: The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the Elder Scrolls universe of the Tamriel-universe. As the name suggests, the game features an open-world environment where players can explore the game’s world and interact with other players and non-player characters (NPCs).

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