In the span of one day, Antonio Brown has gone from a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers to a man who is being hunted by every law enforcement agency in America and Canada. The NFL player was fired on Saturday after he stormed off during an interview and left without any warning because his daughter’s school closed unexpectedly. Now, Brown is trying to avoid possible arrest while still providing some kind of peace-of-mind that comes with knowing where your children are at all times.

Antonio Brown, who was traded to the Oakland Raiders in March, left the team after a bizarre walkoff. The wide receiver was seen walking off the field and into the locker room before his teammates even realized what had happened.

Antonio Brown's Driver Details His Wild Day Tracking Down the Volatile Wideout Following His Bizarre Walkoff

In Week 17, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers completed a remarkable comeback win over the New York Jets with a last-minute touchdown drive. But, given what had happened on that same field only a few hours before, it was difficult for anybody to concentrate on the comeback victory.

Antonio Brown had a breakdown on the sidelines in the third quarter and left the game early in one of the strangest situations we’ve ever seen on a football field. Brown was afterwards seen in the rear of a vehicle with an unknown guy smiling as if nothing had occurred. Danny Boy Hustle Hard is the mystery guy, and he talked to the Pardon My Take podcast on Sunday about his crazy day chasing down AB.

Antonio Brown is released by the Buccaneers after his weird walkoff.

Here’s a look at what transpired with Antonio Brown from the sidelines. Mike Evans seemed to be attempting to calm him down, but nothing seemed to work. AB stripped down to his underwear and walked away.

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January 2, 2022 — Ari Meirov (@MySportsUpdate)

The Jets’ dominance against the Buccaneers for the first two and a half quarters stunned the entire Tampa Bay fan base, but it was nothing compared to what was about to happen on the sidelines.

Brown was seen having a furious confrontation with Mike Evans near the bench in the third quarter, with the Buccaneers behind the Jets 24-10. Brown took off his jersey and shoulder pads and tossed them to the side as Evans walked away. He then tossed his shirt and gloves into the crowd after ripping them off.

Brown then jogged around the end zone while waving to the audience before exiting the field via the tunnel, as if that wasn’t odd enough. He didn’t show up.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians declared after the game that Brown is “no longer a Buc.” That was the end of it. Brown’s time with the Buccaneers is gone, and he may never play in the NFL again.

Antonio Brown’s pick-up driver describes his crazy day.

Shortly after the game, footage showed Brown sitting in the back of what seemed to be an Uber surfaced on the internet. Brown, however, did not arrange a lift from MetLife Stadium after abandoning his team during a game. Daniel Chalet, better known by his stage as Danny Boy Hustle Hard, was the driver.

Chalet is a professional driver in the New York region, you see. He reportedly drives for elite sportsmen such as Saquon Barkley, Odell Beckham Jr., and Brooks Koepka, according to his Instagram account.

He added Brown to the list on Sunday afternoon.

Later in the day, Chalet talked with Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take podcast about his strange day.

“AB and I are good friends,” Chalet stated. “A lot of people aren’t aware of this since he doesn’t come to town very often.” However, I received a call from someone close to him, one of my close pals.”

After seeing Brown depart through the tunnel, Chalet contacted a mutual acquaintance, and the buddy hurried to locate the wide receiver.

“He phones me back and says, ‘Danny, I need you to go to MetLife and get AB right now,’” says Danny. Chalet remarked.

That’s exactly what he did. In a way, yes.

“But wait, there’s a catch. So it was taking me a while to get there from my residence. He went on to say, “People were snapping photographs.” “So this f***ing crazy gets in a f***ing state police vehicle, and the officer takes him to Newark Airport to catch a trip to Tampa.”

Brown was unable to locate a flight that afternoon, so he requested that Chalet pick him up from the airport.

“Come pick me up, yo.” “We’re going to show up!” According to Chalet, Brown said.

Brown, on the other hand, didn’t seem bothered by the knowledge that his NFL career was possibly ended.

“This f***ing dude is laughing like he just f***ed scored nine touchdowns,” Chalet remarked. “He was in such a cheerful mood, yet you could see he was disappointed, but he was trying not to let it bother him.”

So Chalet took Brown on a two-hour tour of New York.

He said, “We simply tried to remove that s*** off his mind and put him in a better place.”

A fitting conclusion to AB’s illustrious career.

Antonio Brown's driver tells the story of his bizarre Sunday afternoon.

Antonio Brown's driver tells the story of his bizarre Sunday afternoon. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Antonio Brown watches a game against the New York Jets | Elsa/Getty Images

Nothing about Brown’s NFL career has gone according to plan. This is the same man who, among other things, mistakenly froze his feet in a cryotherapy machine and droppedkicked an unsuspecting punter in the facemask on a return.

When Brown chose to retire from the NFL, we knew he wouldn’t do it quietly. However, no one could have foreseen this.

The sight of a shirtless Brown waving to the fans as he exited MetLife Stadium on Sunday will most likely be his last on a football field. And, if we’re being honest, the abruptness with which he left the NFL is a poetic way to remember such an unexpected, unapologetic talent.

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