The new ARK 2 trailer confirms a release date and location for the sequel to one of the most popular games in the world. The game will be released into early access on June 21st, with full launch expected December 2023.,

“ARK 2 release date” is the title of a new trailer for the game, ARK: Survival Evolved. The trailer confirms that the game will be released in 2023.



We haven’t seen much of ARK 2, the anticipated sequel to ARK: Survival Evolved, in approximately a year. At Summer Game Fest 2021, the game was originally teased. A new in-engine teaser for Summer Games Fest 2022 teases the debut of ARK 2 in 2023 for PC in Steam Early Access, Xbox Series X|S, and PC with Game Pass Game Preview. 

Even while this fresh look is somewhat less in-depth than the initial teaser Studio Wildcard gave, it nevertheless provides fans a bit more background on the ARK 2 world. The game is set on the planet Arat, where mankind have left after a devastating war in order to “start afresh.” They may or may not have taken dinosaurs from a “extinct Earth” with them.

According to a blog post on the sequel, Studio Wildcard initially planned to release ARK 2 in 2022 but opted to delay the game until 2023 in order to properly achieve its vision.

We are now putting all of our effort towards our sweeping sequel! However, we have pushed back the launch date to 2023 in order to craft a memorable journey for everyone, show respect for the wellbeing of our team, realize the benefits of moving to Unreal 5, and include ground-breaking complete mod support for console gamers. We are committed to investing the resources necessary to make ARK 2 the pinnacle of the primitive survival experience. 

The two game trailers most prominently show Vin Diesel as Santiago riding a pretty enormous T-Rex with his daughter Meeka, who is voiced by Auli’i Cravalho (Moana). However, ARK 2 will undergo more modifications than just the addition of a cast of heroes. Some of the important aspects are as follows, while the official blog article mentioned above goes into much more depth and asserts that the game will revolutionize the survival genre: 

  • new parkour, sliding, swinging, and free climbing techniques. 
  • cross-platform modding for a range of objects, including goods and monsters. 
  • melee combat featuring target-locking, dodging, blocking, combos, staggers, and other features, similar to those of Souls. 

Additionally, there will be the indigenous Aratai, “an opposing PvE army” that will “hunt and assault” gamers (but do the indigenous people really have to be the bad guys?). In addition, there will be “sensory-based monster AI” that can “now track and hunt by sight, hearing, and smell,” modular, component-based crafting, dynamic world events, a vast area to explore, player growth through XP and knowledge points, and more.

ARK 2 is currently available for wishlisting on Steam, and everyone who downloads ARK: Survival Evolved by June 19, 2022 may play it for free. All of this coincides with the news that ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition will premiere on the Nintendo Switch in September 2022 and that 14 30-minute episodes of ARK: The Animated Series are now in post-production. 

The “ARK 2 release date xbox one” is the second installment of the ARK series, which will be released on Xbox One in 2023. Reference: ark 2 release date xbox one.

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