Baker Mayfield’s injury scare reminded the Cleveland Browns how close they are to forever suffering in the factory of sadness. The rookie quarterback will be out for the season but that doesn’t mean he can’t still help them win games, and maybe even win a Super Bowl.

Baker Mayfield’s frightening injury scare reminded the Cleveland Browns how close they are to forever suffering in the factory of sadness. Read more in detail here: tua tagovailoa injury.

It’s not hyperbole to say that the Cleveland Browns are in the midst of their most optimistic stretch in franchise history. Baker Mayfield, the No. 1 overall pick in 2018, has progressed into a capable and dependable starting quarterback.

One attempted tackle, on the other hand, nearly ruined the Browns’ season in 2021, sending them back to the familiar territory of pain, suffering, and paper bags.

Following a frightening injury scare, Baker Mayfield missed snaps in Week 2.

Baker Mayfield’s interception and subsequent injury are shown below.

Anthony Schwartz appears to have given up on his route, so it ends up being an overthrown INT.

Reid, Justin drove hard right through Mayfield’s left shoulder as Baker gets in on the tackle.

September 19, 2021 — Billy Heyen (@BillyHeyen)

Say whatever you want about Mayfield’s personality or the media’s overestimation of him. You may even despise him as a result of his ads. We can all agree, however, that the fourth-year quarterback has always been played with a physicality that some might not expect from a quarterback who stands 6-foot-1 and weighs 215 pounds.

Take a look at what occurred in a Week 2 win against the Houston Texans. Early in the second quarter, Mayfield threw an interception and dove to tackle safety Justin Reid, who intercepted the quarterback’s pass. Not only did the Oklahoma product fail to bring Reid down, but he also sustained a shoulder injury while on the field.

Mayfield dashed to the locker room with trainers, perhaps frightening the raucous crowd at FirstEnergy Stadium. He returned in time for the next series, however, and showed no signs of the injury.

Mayfield described the play and its aftermath as “not an ideal situation,” according to

“I believe [Reid] realized it was me standing right there, so he lowered his head and chased me down. It came in and out for a while, but I’m OK now. “Don’t take anything too seriously.”

Justin Reid

In the Browns’ 31-21 victory, Mayfield went 19-of-21 for 213 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. Late in the first half, he also ran for a 5-yard touchdown.

The Browns were on the verge of returning to the familiar terrain of agony and misery after Mayfield’s injury scare.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield in 2021.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield in 2021. When star quarterback Baker Mayfield went down with an injury in a Week 2 win against the Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns fans collectively gasped | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Every team, particularly those that contend for a Super Bowl championship on a regular basis, has players who they can’t live without. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have had several seasons in which they led injury-plagued offenses to the playoffs and made deep runs. Throughout the 2000s and early 2010s, the Baltimore Ravens’ defensive tandem of Ed Reed and Ray Lewis accomplished the same.

Ask anyone who played for the Indianapolis Colts in 2011 what happens when those superstars get hurt. Because Peyton Manning missed the entire season due to neck surgery, a team with Super Bowl aspirations finished 2-14.

When their great quarterback walked to the locker room, the Browns’ season almost came to an end. With the exception of Nick Chubb and Myles Garrett, this squad is Mayfield’s. He’s a great game manager who demands respect and can motivate his side to victory. There’s a reason why the Browns, a team renowned for its quarterback woes, are suddenly looking like a respectable NFL team.

If Mayfield was unable to return, Case Keenum, a seasoned backup who has shined as a starter, would have entered the game. If you had to choose a quarterback to lead the Browns in an AFC where Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes are still playing at a high level, we think you’d go with Mayfield.

Simply stated, without Mayfield, there will be no winning. The Browns essentially exchange their ticket to the dance for a night of watching movies and munching Doritos if he isn’t out there.

Without a healthy Mayfield as quarterback, the Browns won’t go very far.

Fortunately for the Browns, Mayfield returned and played well in the team’s Week 2 win. Through the first two games of the season, no quarterback had a greater completion percentage than his 81.6 percent.

The Browns squad we’ve been watching for the last ten months has the look and feel of a team on the rise. The days of supporters putting paper bags over their heads in humiliation and carrying placards demanding a new quarterback and a new head coach seem to be numbered.

Mayfield is unlikely to put up the same kind of statistics as Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady for the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, respectively. Although he is mobile at times, he is hardly Jackson, the league’s most athletic quarterback.

All Mayfield has to do for the Browns is help the offense avoid turnovers and win games. Since the start of 2020, he’s been 12-6 with 27 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in the regular season, transforming the Factory of Sadness into the Plant of Optimism.

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Baker Mayfield’s frightening injury scare reminded the Cleveland Browns how close they are to forever suffering in the Factory of Sadness. Reference: baker mayfield stats.

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