The game Battlefield 2042 is set in a futuristic version of Los Angeles where players fight using jetpacks, hoverboards and all manner of high-tech weaponry. The latest weapon available to the player is an attachment for their assault rifle called “The Facefinder” – which can be used on enemies or allies alike.

The “battlefield 2042 attachments” is a game released in 2042. The game allows players to change the attachments of their weapons, which can be done by accessing the inventory menu.

In Battlefield 2042, changing attachments isn’t the most straightforward thing to do, whether in-game or in the main menu. This article is all about describing the extremely difficult procedure since we only have one option till DICE takes action: cope with it.

In Battlefield 2042, how can you change your attachments?

You may update your attachments in one of two methods, one of which is more user-friendly than the other. The first is to do so while in a match, and the second is to do so through the spawn screen or the Collection tab in the main menu.

How to Modify Attachments While Playing


The quickest method to obtain the kit you want is to do it in the middle of a match. At the spawn screen, choose the weapon you wish to use and hit T on the keyboard or Left Bumper on the gamepad. You’ll be taken to a menu where you may cycle through your attachments.

In the menu, how can I change the attachments?

To go to the Weapons sub-tab in Collections, go to the Collections tab at the top right of the screen, then to the Weapons sub-tab in Collections. This will bring up your arsenal of weaponry.

In a match, you may access the same option from the spawn screen.


Pick the weapons button (the one that displays your presently equipped gun), then press left mouse or A/X on Xbox/PlayStation to bring up the weapon list, then select the attachment type using left mouse or A/X. Then, on Xbox/PlayStation, press X/Square to cycle among your attachments.


This is when things become a little complicated. Attachments may now be changed in two ways.

To change the location of the attachments in the lit-up green bar, hit X/Square (essentially a weapon hot bar). To confirm the position, press A/X, and keep in mind that the presently equipped attachment should go in the slot closest to the UI’s center hole.

You may also switch attachments by pressing A/X to pick among the attachments that aren’t presently shown on the green bar. The hot bar attachments, however, will not appear in the selectable menu that appears when you hit A/X on the hotbar.

Hopefully, this has assisted you in resolving this little quality-of-life problem. More Battlefield 2042 instructions may be found on GameSkinny.

Battlefield 2042 is a game that has many different weapon attachments. The “battlefield 2042 weapon attachments not unlocking” is an issue that may occur in the game. Here are some solutions to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change attachments in Battlefield 2042 PC?

A: The attachments in Battlefield 2042 are customizable, but the order they are put on your weapons is not. You can swap them around however you want.

How to change attachments in Battlefield 2042 portal?


How do you use attachments in Battlefield 2042?

A: Attachments are an additional weapon attachment that you can use in your loadout. They allow players to modify their weapons with new attachments that provide different effects, such as increased damage or decreased recoil.

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