Ben Simmons may be the future of basketball, but he is already under fire for some of his offseason antics.

As the NBA offseason moves into full swing, Ben Simmons is at the center of a growing controversy. While the Philadelphia 76er’s unconventional offseason is starting to come under fire, NBA fans are still divided on who is using the wrong tactics.

Speaking with ESPN , LSU star Ben Simmons said that his absence from Team USA’s Olympic training camp was an “unfortunate” situation that he did not want to put himself through. Then, in a recent video interview with Colin Cowherd, Simmons said that he was not worried about getting picked for the team because he’s always “joking” in the locker room.. Read more about where is ben simmons from and let us know what you think.

Following the Philadelphia 76ers’ early playoff exit, the likelihood of Ben Simmons being dealt before the start of the next season is growing by the day.

The Sixers are looking for a new superstar-caliber player to partner with Joel Embiid, and Simmons is looking for a fresh start. The two parties are on the verge of a divorce; all that remains is for an interested club to match the Sixers’ high asking price.

The bulk of the criticism has so far been focused towards Simmons. Many Sixers supporters (and NBA fans in general) have chastised him for his reluctance to shoot the ball, particularly in the final minutes of a playoff game.

Colin Cowherd jumped in to call Simmons out on his conduct as fresh rumors surfaced that Simmons is ready to miss training camp to seek a trade out of Philadelphia (presumably out of sheer disgust with the organization).

Ben Simmons’ recent offseason conduct has been severely questioned by Colin Cowherd.

“Is Ben Simmons enraged at the Philadelphia 76ers? He’s been spoiled, pampered, promoted, and shielded.” — The Sixers are defended by @ColinCowherd:

August 11, 2021 — Herd with Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd)

Cowherd points out that although many NBA teams have “failed” their great players in the past, the Sixers aren’t to blame in this case. Cowherd, on the other hand, believes Simmons should bear the brunt of the blame for the shattered partnership.

“Ben Simmons is insane,” Cowherd remarked. “Is he enraged about Philadelphia? Take a break. Okay, he’s the one that can’t even make a free throw.”

Since his arrival in the NBA, Cowherd claims that the Sixers have done an outstanding job surrounding Simmons with above-average players and good coaches/executives. At one point or another, Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris, Seth Curry, and president of basketball operations Daryl Morey were all considered excellent buys.

Simmons was also given a maximum contract extension by the Sixers. Don’t overlook this aspect of the equation.

Where does Simmons’ annoyance really come from?

Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images/Ben Simmons

Later in the episode, Cowherd digs into Simmons’ annoyance, which seems to come from an unknown source. It’s difficult to identify a particular occasion in which Simmons was really mistreated by the Sixers organization, apart from a few isolated incidents.

Simmons and Butler allegedly didn’t get along, and Philadelphia parted ways with Butler after just a half-season.

Simmons’ problems in Philly are compared to Aaron Rodgers’ predicament in Green Bay by Cowherd. Sure, things aren’t ideal, but there’s no evidence that Green Bay has stabbed Rodgers in the back. They selected a rookie quarterback in 2020, which is fairly unusual when a team’s current starter approaches retirement age (Jimmy Garoppolo in New England, for example).

It’s a situation that’s comparable to Simmons’ in Philadelphia. There hasn’t been a clear example of the Sixers severely messing him up in either direction.

Following the Game 7 defeat to Atlanta, Joel Embiid and Doc Rivers took shots at Simmons, presumably infuriating Simmons. Is this reason adequate to miss training camp and ignore phone calls? Most likely not.

Both parties need a new start at this time.

Ben Simmons has shut off contact with almost everyone in the Sixers organization, according to a source. Rich Paul, his agent, is in charge of everything. Ben is willing to attend the GSWs, despite the fact that he has little power in the issue.

5 August 2021 — Jason Dumas (@JDumasReports)

While Morey and the Sixers maintain that they are open to bringing Simmons back for the start of the regular season, it is obvious that both parties need a new start.

Simmons has psychologically checked out of his Philadelphia career for reasons that are yet unknown to the public, and has already started scouting prospective clubs in California (Sports Illustrated).

The Sixers are still keeping an eye on Damian Lillard’s situation in Portland, and finding a way to trade Simmons for Lillard at this point in the summer would be ideal (for the Sixers).

Dwight Howard Fires a Subtle Parting Shot at Ben Simmons on His Way Out the Door With the Sixers RELATED: Dwight Howard Fires a Subtle Parting Shot at Ben Simmons on His Way Out the Door With the Sixers

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