Bill Belichick is likely to bring Leonard Armstead, a three-time Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots on his staff as defensive line coach. In addition to that, he’s also rumored to be bringing in close friend and former student of Nick Saban – Steve Scarnecchia.

The “bill belichick age” is a topic that has been making headlines. Bill Belichick, who is the head coach of the New England Patriots, might be poised to add a 3-time Super Bowl champion to his staff.

Bill Belichick Might Be Poised to Add a 3-Time Super Bowl Champion to His Staff

Even though the New England Patriots formally welcomed the Mac Jones era, head coach Bill Belichick never completely dismissed those who were a part of the Tom Brady dynasty. Former Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo is now a successful assistant coach, while Brady’s former backup quarterback Brian Hoyer is expected to return for the 2022 season.

Another familiar figure from Brady’s last years with the Patriots might be returning to New England in the near future, but this time he’ll be on the sidelines rather than on the field.

Nate Ebner might join Bill Belichick’s coaching staff, according to New York Giants source Dan Duggan.

New England Patriots safety Nate Ebner in 2019.

New England Patriots safety Nate Ebner in 2019. From 2012 through 2019, Nate Ebner earned three Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots | Getty Images/Kevin C. Cox

During his eight seasons in Foxborough, Nate Ebner exemplified The Patriot Way to a tee. The 6-foot-215-pound defensive back was a sixth-round selection in 2012, and he spent virtually all of his time on special teams, where he became a powerful force. Under the watchful eye of then-special teams coordinator Joe Judge, he often played over 70% of the Patriots’ special teams plays.

Ebner’s playing days look to be gone after spending the previous two years alongside Judge on the New York Giants. On Friday, March 11, The Athletic’s Dan Duggan reported that the 10-year veteran is set to retire due to severe knee ailments.

“Expect Ebner to enter coaching in the near future,” Duggan said, “perhaps in New England, where he spent the first eight seasons of his career.”

The Patriots have not stated that Ebner, who won three Super Bowls with the team, had been employed in any position as of publishing. In addition, the Ohio State alumnus had not declared his retirement.

Nonetheless, it’s worth remembering that Judge, who was sacked by the Giants in January, rejoined the Patriots as an offensive coach in February. 

During their time in New England, Ebner and Belichick seemed to get along swimmingly.

The Patriots haven’t said if they want to bring Ebner back as a coach, but such a reunion would make sense. Several ex-players, like Mayo and former safety Raymond Ventrone, have rejoined Belichick as coaches. Ventrone, who played for the New England Patriots from 2007 to 2008, worked as an assistant special teams coach from 2015 to 2017 before becoming the special teams coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts.

Ebner also has a long history with Belichick, having been taken late in the 2012 draft by him. During their time together, the gruff and irritated head coach often praised Ebner. Belichick even authorized the experienced special teamer to represent the United States in rugby sevens at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Belichick donned a shirt recognizing Ebner during a Patriots practice when he was competing in Rio de Janeiro. Ebner and his colleagues came in ninth place, two points shy of qualifying for the medal round.

Ebner had one of his best seasons after returning to the Patriots, earning second-team All-Pro accolades. Despite not winning a gold in Rio, he did earn his second Super Bowl ring a few months later.

Don’t be shocked if numerous of Belichick’s former players return in the post-Belichick era.

Let’s pretend Ebner joins the Patriots’ coaching staff in some capacity before the 2021 season for the sake of discussion. He’d be reunited with Mayo, a former teammate and the current inside linebackers coach for the Patriots.

Belichick, who will be 70 in April, has not given a firm date for his retirement as of publishing. Mayo should be regarded a favorite to succeed him, particularly since offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was hired as the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders earlier this year.

Fans of the Patriots shouldn’t be shocked if special teams ace Slater, Matthew decides to retire with the club. The 36-year-old told reporters in June 2021, according to NBC Sports, that he’d be open to working for the Patriots in the future.

“I’m a huge fan of this organization. It’s the only time I’ve ever had a genuine job. I feel like I owe this group something. They’ve given my family and myself a fantastic chance. I will always be a supporter of this charity. If they ask me to do anything, I will strive to fill that job as best I can.”

Slater, Matthew

Slater, who has been a team captain since 2011, said he is keeping a “open mind” when it comes to coaching. If Ebner and Slater, two key players on several Super Bowl teams, end up teaching the next generation of special teams players, Patriots fans should be happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Super Bowl rings does Bill Belichick have?

A: Bill Belichick has six Super Bowl rings, and is the most successful coach in NFL history.

Does Bill Belichick have 8 Super Bowl rings?

A: Yes, Bill Belichick has 8 Super Bowl rings.

Which coach has the most Super Bowl rings?

A: John Fox.

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