With Tom Brady already out for the season, the New England Patriots are in the midst of a quarterback carousel. The team announced it has signed former Cleveland Browns backup Johnny Manziel to the practice squad, but head coach Bill Belichick didn’t hold back when asked about the Patriots’ future at the position.

Finally, after an impressive first half of the season, the New England Patriots have their Week 8 game against the New York Jets on the docket. If they hope to go back-to-back-to-back and make it to the Super Bowl, they’ll need to win. Things haven’t gone so well recently for the Patriots, as they’ve dropped back-to-back games to the Miami Dolphins (kind of) and the Buffalo Bills (not really). But with a win, the Pats would be right back in the thick of the AFC East race.

Cam Newton will start the regular season for the Carolina Panthers. His coach, Greg Schiano, says he will be his starting quarterback to start the season. There is a lot of buzz about the possibility that Newton will be traded before the start of the season. Bill Belichick, the coach of the New England Patriots, says that if the Panthers trade him, it will be because they don’t want him to start, and that the trade will be a difficult one.. Read more about bill belichick contract and let us know what you think.

You may receive a strange response if you ask New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick about the quarterback battle between Cam Newton and Mac Jones.

On the one hand, Belichick claims Newton is his starting quarterback. He hasn’t ruled out Jones, on the other hand.

It sounds as though Belichick is undecided about who should start the season. For the time being, Newton is the starter, but Jones is gaining ground.

Picking a quarterback, according to Belichick, will be a difficult choice.

When it comes to selecting his starting quarterback, Bill Belichick seems to be sticking to his guns. When asked who would start again, he said that Cam Newton will be the starter.

“We’ll take a look at the entire situation,” he stated, according to Patriots Pulpit. I don’t believe you should judge players at any position based on one or two plays, or even days. Consistency, as well as output, are always essential considerations. Hopefully, those things will go well, and I’m sure it will be a difficult choice to make, but we’ll see how things turn out. Just let them play, and depending on their performance, we’ll attempt to do what we think is best for the team.”

Despite these remarks, Belichick went on to say, “Cam’s our starting quarterback.” “I believe I stated that.”

Belichick’s statements seem to be at odds with his emotions about the issue. He says Newton remains the starter, but he doesn’t rule out the idea of Jones taking over at some time.

Jones and Newton are both attractive.

I wouldn’t compare Mac Jones to Cam Newton in terms of his ability to carry the ball, but he can move when necessary. He’s a lot faster and more athletic than he seems. He has excellent pocket awareness and can go out and create plays when necessary. #Patriots

30 July 2021 — Ryan Spagnoli (@Ryan Spags)

Both quarterbacks have looked excellent in practice, which may explain why there isn’t a clear frontrunner. According to ESPN, even Newton was pleased with Jones.

“You never know when he’s having a bad day. You don’t always know when he’ll wake up, either,” he said. “He’s a very nice dude.”

Jones was the most accurate qualifying passer in the NCAA as a first-year starter at Alabama last year, completing 77.4 percent of his passes for 41 touchdowns and 4,500 yards.

Newton, on the other hand, suffered in his debut season with the Patriots, owing to injuries, a battle with COVID-19, and a restricted roster. Due to the continuing epidemic, several other Patriots players have chosen out as well.

The bond between Jones and Newton seems to be strong.


Cam-and-Mac-1024x681 During training camp, Mac Jones observes New England Patriots teammate Cam Newton. Getty Images/Kathryn Riley

Despite the fact that they are competing, they seem to have a lot of respect for one other.

Newton seems to be coaching Jones, but he understands that this is still a competition.

“Hopefully, I can pick up some tips from him and attempt to emulate him in some respects while having fun,” the youngster added. “We’re going to develop together, and ideally, we’ll be able to assist each other win games.”

“There’s been a quarterback battle since I’ve been here,” Newton said. “I believe it is, in essence, the fundamental ‘Patriot Way.’ There is rivalry at every position, and the quarterback position is no exception.”

A senior quarterback mentoring a youngster or simply being friendly to a man who might steal his position is unusual. All you have to do is look at what’s going on with Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love in Green Bay.

One of the reasons Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay before reporting to camp was his dissatisfaction with the Packers’ choice to select Love without first speaking with him.

The relationship between Newton and Jones, on the other hand, seems to be on firm footing – at least for the time being. 

Ahead of Patriots Training Camp, Bill Belichick is already in midseason form as he dodges questions about Stephon Gilmore and N’Keal Harry.

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