After an unproductive trade deadline for the Lakers, ESPN’s Bill Simmons noted that it is time for them to consider moving on from Anthony Davis. The following day, news broke out that the Lakers had traded Tyler Ennis and Ivica Zubac to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Corey Brewer and a 2020 second-round pick.

In a recent article, Bill Simmons wrote about Anthony Davis’ return to the New Orleans Pelicans. In his article, he states that “Anthony Davis should force the Lakers to reconsider their future.”. Read more in detail here: anthony davis return.

Bill Simmons' Valid Comments on Anthony Davis Should Force the Lakers to Reconsider Their Future

Anthony Davis is missing a significant amount of playing time for the Los Angeles Lakers for the second consecutive season. The 28-year-old is now dealing with a mid-foot sprain, which he sustained only weeks after recovering from a damaged MCL that forced him to miss a month of activity.

The Lakers, who are 28-36, are in trouble without Davis. Even when Davis is healthy, though, the Purple and Gold have struggled. In reality, with the exception of LA’s 2019-20 championship season, AD’s dominance has seldom translated into victories.

Bill Simmons, a longtime journalist, used his podcast to make some harsh but truthful remarks about Davis. These are remarks that should pique the Lakers’ interest and cause them to reconsider their intentions for the superstar center.

According to Bill Simmons, Anthony Davis has fallen short of expectations.

Longtime media personality Bill Simmons doubts whether Anthony Davis can be the top option for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Longtime media personality Bill Simmons doubts whether Anthony Davis can be the top option for the Los Angeles Lakers. Bill Simmons (L) made some disturbing remarks regarding the Los Angeles Lakers’ Anthony Davis (R). | Getty Images/Leon Bennett | Getty Images/Steph Chambers

Davis entered the league as the New Orleans Pelicans’ first-round choice in 2012. In ten seasons, the former Kentucky Wildcat has been named to eight All-Star teams and four All-NBA teams. He’s even been named to the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team, putting him among the top 75 players in the league’s history.

Despite his tremendous numbers and honors, AD only reached the playoffs twice in seven years with New Orleans. In Los Angeles, he’s a perfect 2-for-2, with one year ending in an early first-round departure. And, with LA in the bottom half of the play-in round, he’s in risk of missing the playoffs for the second consecutive year.

On Monday’s edition of The Bill Simmons Podcast, Simmons and Ryen Russillo attempted to make sense of the Lakers’ perplexing situation before turning their attention to Davis.

“I felt AD was a lock, much as we think of Giannis [Antetokounmpo], [Joel] Embiid, or [Nikola] Jokic right now,” Simmons said. “We all thought he was one of the league’s top five or seven players on the verge of peaking….” “I believe the man they thought they’d receive isn’t the one they really got.”

After that, Simmons spoke about how Davis’ career has essentially failed in one area: winning.

“Isn’t he in year ten?” “He’s only made the playoffs four times in his first nine years, and he may not make the playoffs again this year,” Simmons stated. “So you’re talking about a guy who, in the first ten years of his career, I ranked among the best 75 players in the NBA, and who may miss the playoffs 60 percent of the time.” If you compare Giannis to other players in the NBA who are consistently terrific year after year, he will never miss the playoffs if he stays healthy. It makes no difference to me who is on his team.”

The Lakers must carefully consider how to construct a team around Davis.

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LA has become LeBron James’ club since the summer of 2018. Even when Davis was hired a year later, he was promptly promoted to second in command after the King. However, after the 37-year-old departs warm Southern California, AD is set to become the new face of Los Angeles.

Given his track record, the Lakers may want to think twice about signing him.

Injuries have kept Davis from becoming one of the all-time greats during the course of his decade-long career. They harmed him in New Orleans, costing him a total of 63 regular-season games in the previous two seasons.

However, Davis’ endurance isn’t the only issue the Lakers may have with him. AD was already averaging 28.0 points and 11.8 rebounds in his sixth season. While he was never a three-point shooter, the big man could still make an open shot when he needed to, hitting 34.0 percent of his three-point tries with New Orleans.

Now? Davis has averaged 8.8 rebounds per game over the previous two seasons while scoring 21.8 and 23.1 points per game. His long-range shooting has also plummeted, with an 18.2 percent clip this season. In addition, his defensive rating of 107.0 in 2021-22 is a career best.

Davis, who turns 29 on March 11, is one of two Lakers who has a deal that extends beyond next season. Before the 2020-21 season, the 6-foot-10 forward signed a five-year, $189.9 million agreement that will keep him under contract until 2024-25. The only other Laker contracted beyond next season is Talen Horton-Tucker, who has a $11 million player option for 2023-24.

So, what exactly does this imply? The Lakers are likely to be forced to build around a fading AD over the next few years as they go ahead with a new team and limited draft selections. Even though he seems to be a celebrity at times, he is not the actor LA had hoped to see.

Is it time for the Lakers to part ways with Anthony Davis?

The Lakers aren’t on a good track right now. Even with a 37-year-old LeBron James playing at an elite level, the Lakers are barely afloat. Not to add, this summer will undoubtedly bring a slew of changes to a shaky roster.

Should an Anthony Davis move be one of those major adjustments, though?

Unfortunately, injuries have made it difficult for the Lakers to determine if Davis is still the ideal sidekick for James. But, in a way, that’s the goal. What makes them believe AD, who has had various health concerns during his 20s, can suddenly become an iron man in his 30s?

There’s also his contract to consider. While his most costly single season ($43.2 million in 2024-25) is less than Russell Westbrook’s current salary ($44.2 million), it’s still a significant sum. Especially if the 31-year-health old’s and productivity had deteriorated much worse.

The Lakers’ answer is convoluted. Davis should be on the roster as long as James does. That isn’t to say they shouldn’t consider bids from interested parties. And if a team is prepared to offer LA an excellent package of players and/or draft selections, it must pay attention. However, after James is gone and AD is on his own, the wisest course of action may be to start again. A deal involving the eight-time All-Star should be the first step.

Davis’ status as a legitimate number one option for any competing club, including the Lakers, is becoming more unlikely.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics, while Spotrac provided contract data.

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