Biomutant is a new game, but it’s also one that’s targeted at the casual gamer. This means it has a complex interface and is hard to pick up and play. So, to get you started in Biomutant, we’re going to provide you with tips and tricks to get you started.

Biomutant is a new ARPG and is going to be one of the best games to come out in the near future. Just like games like Overwatch and Fortnite, Biomutant will have a leveling system, and you will be able to earn experience points to level up and unlock new abilities and skills. There are a lot of different things to unlock in the game, but there are a few things that you should know for the newbie players.

Hey guys! This is _____, a newcomer to the Biomutant community. If you’re new to the game, then this guide is for you. If you’re a more experienced player, then this guide is still for you, but you may have seen and experimented with different things I haven’t mentioned in the guide.

Biomutant is a story of survival in a post-apocalyptic world teeming with monsters. It is also a revenge film with a plot that revolves around the consequences of one person’s actions. There are also cute anthropomorphic characters. Tribal wars. A little third person shooting. Kung fu. So Biomutant is about more than one thing at a time. It’s complicated, so you need the tips and tricks from Biomutant . Still, players shouldn’t be afraid to dive into the open-world role-playing game Experiment 101. Although Biomutant contains a lot of explanations, interesting (but somewhat confusing) game mechanics, and a fair number of skills and abilities to sift through, the first few moments won’t be overwhelming. Our Biomutant Beginner’s Guide is proof of this, offering some solid advice in hopes of alleviating some of the difficulties encountered at the start.

Biomutant Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Council 1: Strain concentration

word-image-3677 site of Biomutant is segmented. The death of parents, giant monsters called world eaters, the tree of life – follow each of their threads and you’ll eventually find something interesting. Forget about it. The only thing you need to focus on in the beginning of the game are the warring tribes. In the beginning you can choose between two tribes with which you can form a team. Either they are the noble peace seekers Myriad , or they are the oppressors that only the strong will survive Jagni. Whichever tribe you choose, the next step is to conquer all enemy outposts.

Why take outposts?

There are several reasons why capturing outposts is more beneficial than other basic Biomutant tasks. First, they a good source of early XP. None of them are hard to fathom at this point in the game. A few fights, some weak puzzles and a few scenes and you get a few extra experience points. Another reason to go in their direction is that every outpost has a yellow flag that opens a fast travel. They also illuminate dark places (the fog of war) and eventually fill the map with important details. A captured outpost unlocks traders, upgrade stations, and special tribal equipment. These allow you to buy and sell various items, as well as collect powerful (and otherwise inaccessible) weapons. Although you can craft items at any time, you can only upgrade your equipment at the crafting stations in the camp. Basically, helping the tribe of your choice will earn you more XP, loot, and places to move quickly than other main quests in the first few hours of Biomutant.

Tip #2: Stay on the beaten track

Biomutant does a good job of balancing encounters with enemies. You should not encounter very powerful enemies on your way to or from the location associated with the introductory quest. On the contrary, most of them will be repulsive. But as soon as you go off the beaten track, the pendulum swings in exactly the opposite direction. Enemies of various sizes will quickly take you down in the most dangerous biomes. Unfortunately, they don’t do well with damage either. See the monster with the skull in the title? Forget it. They can kill you with one blow. It is best to stay near the areas where the first quests take place. Unless you’re feeling brave….

Tip #3: Off the beaten track

word-image-3678 I know. I just told you not to do it. What I meant was that you shouldn’t randomly go exploring (at least not in the beginning of the game). Once you’ve conquered a few outposts and collected a decent amount of loot, you can venture into the more dangerous parts of the map. To be more precise, search Biomutants Environmental combinations. The five environmental combinations and their locations :

  • Oxygen suit – dead zone
  • Biohazard Suit – Biohazard Area
  • cold zone suit
  • Thermal Combination – Heating zone
  • Radioactive combination – radioactive region

Each suit makes it easier to get through a particular biome – the thermal suit won’t let you die in the sun-scorched areas of the desert, for example. To find them, you must visit these dangerous locations and unlock the corresponding mission; the game sends you to Pingdish (think radio tower) to find the combination. Avoid high-level enemies as you make your way through each suit. These environmental suits are not 100% necessary to complete most -biomutant- quests, but they do make life easier in the long run. This was especially true for me when it came to communicating with the world’s first eater. To fight the monster, I had to complete a quest that rewarded me with a Mekton assault vehicle (mech). Unfortunately, the search failed and Gizmo couldn’t open the door which would have allowed me to drive a vehicle into the dead zone. The only way around this interference was to call a mekton to my position. However, it only appears in the dead zone. Fortunately, my oxygen suit saved me from death from lack of oxygen long enough to call a vehicle.

Tip #4: Raids on every city

word-image-3679 An interesting feature of Biomutant is that it informs players of the available loot. As soon as you enter an empty town or village, a tracer will appear, indicating how many items are hidden in that area. Searching for stuff in all the bins, drawers of dressers and sofas can be quite tiring. I’d still recommend it, given the difficulty of getting early loot, despite the recent patch improving drop rates. And with a tracker that tells you how many rare items there are in a given location, there’s nothing stopping you from filling your pockets with goodies or awesome loot.

Tip #5: Develop your Wong Fu

word-image-3680 The ability to unlock new psi skills and mutations is always nice. Who doesn’t want to throw fireballs or spew mind-blowing toxic waste? It would also be nice to unlock bonuses based on resistance. Still, everyone should consider developing their Wong Fu. Each time you level up, you must unlock a new Wong Fu combo for the weapons in your arsenal. Not only are these combos useful for destroying enemies, but they also activate -Super Wong Fu Mode , a state where you can inflict massive damage in a matter of seconds. Biomutant’s combo system is based on weapon classes. For example, bladed weapons use the same combinations. This makes it easy to switch to a different weapon class and lose access to previously unlocked combos and Super Wong Fu mode. Therefore, it’s best to unlock new combos for each weapon in your inventory as soon as possible. So whatever weapon or blade you switch, you can still use Super Wong Fu.

Tip #6: Enjoy your stay

World Biomutantcould be an interesting place to visit. There is much to do and see here. Create your own path to the tree of life or use one of our practical guides. Whatever you do, make sure you take advantage of it. Here are our tips and advice for Biomutant beginners to get you through the first few hours. To learn more about Experiment 101 RPG, check out our other game guides Biomutant .Biomutant is a game that was released in 2017 in the year of 2017, developed by Experiment 101. The game is a loot-and-kill RPG, and you are a new creature in a world of survivors. You start with a measly few skills, but as you level up you get to unlock new weapons, gear, and abilities. I can tell you this now, the game is fun, and for a game that is all about loot-a-holic it has some really interesting mechanics.. Read more about biomutant tips and tricks reddit and let us know what you think.

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