Biomutant is a 2.5D action platformer where you play as a genetically engineered creature called BOM. The goal is to make your way through a series of procedurally-generated levels, but you have to do so with the help of other microbial lifeforms known as the Overmind.

In a world where we are all forever connected, there is nothing more important than finding the best possible location to live. Biomutant is a great game where you can explore adorable creatures, discover the secrets of the wasteland and meet all kinds of strange characters.

Biomutant is a video game that is currently in Steam Early Access. The game is a side-scrolling RPG, where you play as a mutated human who must uncover the secrets of the world, while defending themselves from the dangers of the apocalypse.

BiomutantGooglide is one of 19 Maunts available in the game, and has a variety of cosmetics that can enhance his appearance. These cosmetics can be found in nine wrecked crates scattered around the New World. You can find one of these nine Wreckbox biomutants as part of the story, but if you want to collect all eight, follow this guide to finding the Googlade Wreckbox biomutants and you’ll have them all in no time.

All Googlide Wrekbox Biomutant locations


Googlide Drawer Box 1/9

The first wrekbox is located north of Subnautica Station and should not be missed, as it is part of the story. It can be found during mission to save Skronk from the main missionto save Goop . Enter the sewer and follow the signs until you reach the puzzle. The solution is below, so don’t look if you want to try it yourself:

  • Turn the right valve so that the white lever points to the left.
  • Turn the center valve so that the white lever points to the right.
  • Turn the top cover so that the white lever points to the left.

Defeat the enemies and cross the stone wall. You come to a circuit board puzzle that you can complete in the following moves:

  • Press the top button, then the bottom.
  • Press the middle button, then the bottom button.
  • Press the top button, then the bottom.

Keep walking through the tunnel and defeat the enemies along the way until you reach the Wrekbox. Take it for your first makeover.

Googlide Drawer Box 2/9

The second wrekbox is at Gumquack Hollow, which is a bit northeast of Subnautica Station, where you found the first one. This is best done during the Gumquacks Hollow quest, shortly after the main Goop quest. Go into Gumquack Hollow and you’ll come to the XXXXX cable puzzle. To solve this problem, proceed as follows:

  • Suppose the nine ports are numbered like a telephone dial: 1-3 at the top, 4-6 at the bottom, and 7-9 at the bottom.
  • Connect the cables to terminals 1, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9.

Go ahead and catch five gumquats in the water, then go to the Pew-Pew locker. Go from this closet to the right, down the path to the next room. When you see the stairs in front of you, look to your right and you’ll see the Wrekbox across the water.

Googlide Drawer box 3/9

The other seven slots in the Googlide Wrekbox are much less extensive than the first two. The third is located at Brokenboat, just east of Bricktown. Broken boat is, you guessed it, a broken boat. Step inside and the Wrekbox is clearly visible on the floor.

Googlide Breakout box 4/9

Southeast of Brokenbot is Bangshelter 2E. Enter the shelter and turn right and then left. Go through these doors in a straight line and into the open room to find the fourth Wrekbox in the back.

Googlide Wrekbox 5/9

Northeast of the fourth Wrekbox you will find Bridge’s Camp, Froskmosk and Bangshelter 2G. Go to the small island between Bangshelter 2G and Froskmosk to find Wreckbox. This island is incredibly small, so it’s almost impossible to miss the box when you land here.

Googlide Wrekbox 6/9

Brickbrack 3Gis a short walk northwest of Wrekbox 5/9 . Go up here, then enter the southernmost building through the corridor on the northeast wall. Immediately to the right is the sixth stretching box.

Googlide Wrekbox 7/9

The seventh Wreckbox is located in Manufaktura in Manufaktura. Enter again through the hole in the northeast fence and follow the path slightly to the right, then enter the building on the left through hole behind the pink crystals. Go through the small door in front of you and turn right to find the Wrekbox.

Googlide Puzzle Box 8/9

This googlide wrekbox requires the mewt. Unlocked in the natural progression of the story, after completing the special missionMewt. When you have unlocked it, go to the buildings west of the Rockoblock Outpost. Here you’ll find a wall that you can knock down with Mewt. The next wrekbox is in.

Googlide Puzzle Box 9/9

The ninth and final wrekbox is at Frozy Brickbrack, in the southernmost snowy area of the map. Go down the path and through the open door to enter the underground room. Right in front of you is the brand new Wrekbox. — Now that you know how and where to find all Biomutant googlide time boxes, you have all the googlide mount cosmetics. If you want to know more about the new mutant role-playing game Experiment 101, check out our other articles on Biomutant game tips and tricks.Biomutant is an open-world RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. You play as an elven outcast in a world that is being ravaged by the end of humans. You start out by starting a quest to find a new place to live, and on the way you’ll have to fight or avoid death at every turn.. Read more about biomutant googlide wrekboxes plumsidums and let us know what you think.

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