In honor of Bobby Bonilla, the Mets reunite with their former outfielder for pregame ceremonies on Sunday. The 37-year-old, whose name will be retired this year, will be recognized during the New York Mets Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Bonilla was the Mets’ franchise leader in home runs in 1999 and 2000, and he’s the Mets’ only Hall of Famer.

One of the best-loved athletes in Mets history is almost certainly a Hall of Famer, whose baseball exploits have made him a top-billed attraction at every game he attends. But there’s a problem: The man in charge of his statistics almost never pays him. That’s because the Mets, who own the rights to the statistics, can’t find a way to credit Bonilla for them. So, in the spirit of the big man, the Mets have decided to make Bonilla a source of revenue for the franchise, giving him a new way to get paid for his statistics.

Because he was a major leaguer, Bobby Bonilla’s legend has spread far and wide, but one aspect of his career has escaped most fans’ knowledge: His time spent playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Having played for the team from 1966 to 1973, Bonilla was the first player to appear for the Dodgers and the New York Mets. And as of today, he’s the last player ever to do so.

The New York Mets have a slight lead in the National League East at the halfway point of the MLB season. Bobby Bonilla reminded them that they are not that far off from the good old days.

Bobby Bonilla Day is held every year on the 1st. July to remind Mets fans of the terrible decisions of the previous owner. The retired outfielder will continue to receive annual checks of $1.19 million from the Mets until 2035.

The ad now shows how Bonilla has found a new way to make money.

Summary statement by Bobby Bonilla Day

Bobby Bonilla pitched two short games for the New York Mets. The team still owed him $5.9 million when they fired him in 2000. | Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Something went wrong when Bonilla, 58, who retired in 2001, earned $1,193,248 that season and young sensation Vlad Guerrero Jr. $605,000.

As a result, Bonilla will receive this salary for another 14 years:

The Mets released Bonilla on the 3rd. In January 2000, he still owed $5.9 million on his contract. Instead of a one-time payment, the Mets agreed to 25 annual payments of nearly $1.2 million in exchange for Bonilla waiting until 2011 to begin making the payments.

The Wilpon and Katz families did not mind paying more in the long run, as they were making substantial annual profits on the portfolios managed by Bernie Madoff. They calculated that if they let Madoff turn $5.9 million into a big pile of money before they had to start paying Bonilla, they would be in the black.

All went well until the authorities discovered Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme. The Mets’ owners at the time lost significant sums of money. In a cash tight environment, they ran a plow for over a decade on a budget more suited to small market plows until they sold it last winter.

Bobby Bonilla spot with deferred money

Even Steve Cohen, the Mets’ new owner who is paying for the rest of Bonilla’s contract, must be laughing at an ad that just came out for Mint Mobile, a cell phone provider advertising a special deal of $100 a year for a 25-year contract.

The ad is a great parody of former baseball player Frank Thomas’ ad for a testosterone supplement. Actor Ryan Reynolds, who has invested in Mint Mobile, admits that the one-day offer makes no financial sense. Advertising, on the other hand, must be worth millions.

The best line in a fitness center commercial is from a guy who notes that Bonilla looks like he could still get paid to play.

The next best rule regarding this promotion is in the fine print on the cell phone company’s website, which states that the terms and conditions are subject to change and, unlike Bobby’s other offerings, are subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice. Mint Mobile reserves the right to buy back the plan from Bobby Bonilla under certain conditions. But we’re mostly impressed that you’re interested, honest.

Even Mets owner Steve Cohen is involved

Cohen knew he inherited a lemon contract when he took over the Mets, but he worked with Bonilla to turn it into lemonade.

Bonilla talked about an ad for a Mets promotion with Airbnb offering a one-night stay in a suite at Citi Field, the Mets’ stadium. It includes amenities such as use of the practice facilities and the honor of throwing the first ball.

And of course, a baseball signed by Bobby Bonilla is part of the deal.

You know he’ll sign it as happily as he did his last contract with the Mets.

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COMPARED TO: These retired athletes still get a lot of money from their former teamsThe New York Mets are celebrating a new tradition on April 14 by taking the field in honor of the late Bobby Bonilla, who was a beloved fan favorite during his 20 year career with the team. The team will wear their alternate uniform in Bonilla’s honor, and Bonilla’s children (including his daughter, who was born in 2010) will sing the national anthem before the first pitch.. Read more about bobby bonilla day steve cohen and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Bobby Bonilla still getting paid?

Bobby Bonilla is still getting paid because he signed a contract with the Mets in 1999.

How much does Bobby Bonilla get paid?

Bobby Bonilla is paid $1.2 million per year.

Is Bobby Bonilla still getting paid by the Mets?

Yes, Bobby Bonilla is still getting paid by the Mets.

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