The Boston Celtics currently have one of the worst rosters in the NBA, and don’t appear to be improving anytime soon. That’s not to say the team is going to be knocked out of the playoffs next year, but these days—especially with Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, and Klay Thompson signing contracts with other teams—it’s tough to imagine Boston winning more than 50 games next year. When you look at the Celtics’ roster, however, there are a couple of players who might make a big difference in the near future. The first would be Los Angeles Clippers guard/forward/point guard/center/lifeguard/draft prospect Jamal Crawford. Crawford has been out of the league for a while, but he still has some

The Boston Celtics are generally playing really well at the moment, but are without a doubt in a tough position to land another star like Damian Lillard. Injuries have decimated the team, and the team’s players are developing into stars in their own right. The Celtics are in a good position to sign a star of their own, but it may cost them some of their depth.

The Boston Celtics are in a good position to land Portland Trail Blazers star point guard Damian Lillard, but is it worth it?

The Boston Celtics have been one of the most disappointing teams in the NBA this season. A year after reaching the Eastern Conference Finals, they finished the year with an embarrassing 36-36 record and finished seventh in the Eastern Conference. They eliminated the Brooklyn Nets in the very first round of the playoffs. Meanwhile, Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers also had to retire early. There are rumors that Lillard could be traded, and the Celtics would be a good option. While Lillard would be a huge asset in Boston, is he worth it for the Celtics?

The Boston Celtics have already begun arebuild.

word-image-4185 word-image-4186 Damian Lillard #0 of the Portland Trail Blazers reacts to an official during the second quarter against the Denver Nuggets during Round 1, Game 6 of the 2021 NBA Playoffs at Moda Center on 03. June 2021 in Portland, Oregon. (Photo: Steph Chambers/Getty Images) Shortly after their season ended at the hands of the Nets, the Celtics announced some big changes. Danny Ainge, the team’s president of basketball operations, has retired after 18 years with the team. During the season, Ange took responsibility for the team’s lack of success. He enrolled on the 2nd. Back in June. Danny has done everything he can for the past 18 years – our winning percentage and our winning percentage in the playoffs in that time is at the top of the league, Celtics co-owner and director Vic Groesbeck said, according to  He has always been a fierce competitor and a winner. Red Auerbach told us Danny was lucky, and he was right, but much of that luck came from his strong motivation and incredible basketball sense. With Ainge’s transfer, Brad Stevens has also taken a step forward. Stevens, the head coach for the past eight seasons, replaces Ainge, leaving the Celtics in search of a coach. Now the Celtics need to focus on making changes on the field.

Boston Celtics are in good position to get Damian Lillard if he is traded

. Lillard is a superstar who has spent his entire career in Portland. Despite his postseason heroics against the Denver Nuggets, the Blazers are gone. According to Mass Live, Lillard expressed frustration with the Blazers being eliminated in the first round of the postseason for the second consecutive year. Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix was recently a guest at WEEI’s Tanguay & Hart and said that if the Blazers want to sell their All-Star quarterback, the Celtics would make sense.  I think the Blazers and Lillard have kind of reached a tipping point, Mannix said. Immediately after the loss, he wrote an Instagram post suggesting that he was very upset with the results of this playoff series. He wants to be in Portland, he always said so. But there is definitely a feeling in the league that this team has reached a plateau.  If Portland buys him, Boston is in a good position. Bradley Beal will not transfer to Portland because he will not re-sign. Portland needs to pick up guys on long-term contracts, and Jaylen Brown is one of those young guys who is 24, and he fits the bill.

Does a Lillard trade make sense for the Celtics?

. Who wouldn’t want Lillard on their team? In today’s NBA world, success or failure depends on more than just talent on the court. Salary plays a big role in whether or not a deal is done, and the Lillard deal could be a classic example. Lillard signed a super max contract with the Blazers in the summer of 2019. The contract includes a $54 million option for the 2024-25 season, Mass Live reports. His contract doesn’t start until this summer, when his salary will increase from $31.6 million to $43.75 million. Each year through the 2-24-25 season, his salary will increase by $3.5 million. That’s a lot of money for a 30-year-old NBA player. If he is traded next season, the team that acquires him must pay back $35 million in salary. Jaylen Brown, one of the Celtics’ two star players, will likely be the one to transfer. His salary for the 2021-22 season is $26.8, so the Celtics still need to supplement it. Marcus Smart would be a good fit, but trading both for a 30-year-old player as good as Lillard is probably not a good idea for the Celtics. Having Kemba Walker on the team doesn’t make it any better. Walker and Lillard together doesn’t make much sense. Walker’s salary ($34.38 million for 2021) combined with his knee problems won’t generate much interest, so including Walker in a deal with Portland won’t benefit the Blazers. Walker’s promotion in general will be difficult for Boston. The Lillard team with Jason Tatum is great. If you dig deeper and analyze the numbers outside of the basketball court, it doesn’t make much sense for the Celtics. RELATIVE: Jalen Brown’s 10 seconds of silence paint a bleak picture for the Boston CelticsNo offense to fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Boston Celtics are the popular choice to win the NBA title this season. But, did you know that the Celtics and the Cavs have yet to reach an agreement on a trade to acquire a superstar guard (Damian Lillard) and a young prospect (Terry Rozier) ? While Boston has been focused on acquiring Jimmy Butler for a potential trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Celtics may have found a better deal than Butler for Lillard.. Read more about nba trade machine and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Damian Lillard make per minute?

We all love to make money when we place a bet and win. Even more when we make money after a win, as we see it as a reward for working hard and smart. Is it all about the money? Of course not! Lillard’s growth has been impressive and we can only hope it will continue. The funny thing is that while many claimed the Warriors were the best team last season, they were only able to win the title because the other two teams had season-ending injuries. Lillard was a key factor in the Blazers winning the Northwest Division last season, as he was the second leading scorer in the conference. The Portland Trail Blazers are sitting pretty at the top of the Northwest Division, and with a spot in the Western Conference Finals up for grabs, Damian Lillard is having himself a season. He leads all scorers in the NBA, and has been an integral part throughout the Blazers’ playoff push. One of the biggest reasons for the Blazers’ success has been Lillard’s ability to consistently put up big numbers.

What overall is Damian Lillard on 2K21?

The Portland Trail Blazers have some very important free agents coming up and need to sign a couple of key players before the July 1st deadline. There are a lot of things to consider when deciding the best way to do this, and a lot of people have different opinions about the Blazers’ best course of action. In this blog post I will break down the different ways the Blazers can/should handle their free agency and discuss the pros and cons of each approach. It’s been a long time since the Celtics and Damian Lillard were in contract negotiations. But if the reports are true, Boston is finally ready to make a run at its hometown hero. Lillard, who grew up in Oakland, California, but played college ball at Weber State in Ogden, Utah, is reportedly seeking a max contract after averaging 21.6 points, 6.4 assists, and 1.5 steals in his first season with the Portland Trail Blazers. All that said, the Celtics could still blow the opportunity, as some have suggested the team could use an upgrade at point guard.

Is Damian Lillard the highest paid NBA player?

If you’re not familiar with the name, Damian Lillard is a (super)star guard for the Portland Trail Blazers. He’s a contender for Most Valuable Player this year and, according to, his team’s highest paid player. Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard is having an All-Star season thus far, but his earnings are nowhere near those of the NBA’s highest paid player. Chris Paul has made $170 million in the last four years alone. Paul George, the top-paid player in the league, is set to make $30 million next season. In contrast, Lillard will make $18 million next season, or roughly one-fifth of Paul George’s salary.

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