After an 0-16 season, the New York Jets are looking to rebuild. However, their new general manager seems to be taking a much different approach than they were hoping for. Gang Green may have just gotten themselves into more trouble as Brady Quinn reveals his worst nightmare scenario for Zach Wilson and company.

While there hasn’t been much to shout about for New York Jets supporters recently, optimism springs eternal during the NFL offseason. The team got a lot of good players in the 2022 draft. When you combine that better roster with Zach Wilson’s (theoretical) development, you have a formula for a successful season. Right?

Perhaps not.

Former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn shattered Gang Green’s hopes during a recent interview on CBS Sports HQ’s Pick Six program. Not only does he believe the 2022 campaign will be difficult, but he also believes it will force New York to rethink its strategy.

By the bye week, Brady Quinn believes the Jets’ season will be done.

While specific odds may vary, most over/under lines for the 2022 season have the New York Jets at 5.5 wins. Even if it seems like a reasonable amount, Brady Quinn isn’t optimistic about their prospects.

The former quarterback stated, “I’ve got them going under this number at five victories.” “Before they go to the bye, their season will be finished.” That is, after all, the situation. Their bye week is November 13, and they have to face Baltimore and the rest of the AFC North to begin the season. They might lose 0-4. Then there’s the game versus the Dolphins, which is winnable. They get to host them, which is fantastic. After an 0-4 start, they’re going to be desperate and beat up. Then there’s the Packers, a trip to Denver with Russell Wilson, the Patriots, and the Bills? There’s a conceivable situation where they’re down 0-8. Maybe 0-9.”

That is an unpleasant prognosis, but it is not completely implausible. Although the NFL is a league where anything can happen on any given Sunday, the Jets have had a rough start to the season.

Quinn, on the other hand, wasn’t finished yet. According to him, the Jets may have to resume their reconstruction after this season.

“I simply haven’t been a believer in Zach Wilson,” he said, “as much as the roster has gotten.” “I believe they have a really challenging schedule that eases up in the second half, but they might be devastated by then.” So, I have them winning five games and going back to square one with the quarterback situation in the 2023 draft.”

The schedule is demanding, but growth may be more essential than the Jets’ record.

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Quinn isn’t exactly uncorking a hot take when it comes to dissecting the Jets’ schedule, to be fair. Anyone, much alone a young squad, would struggle in the first half of the season. It’s very logical to believe they’ll be struggling by the halfway point of the season.

However, at this point, we must separate the procedure from the outcomes.

The Jets, as I have said, are a youthful squad led by a second-year quarterback. They recently added Garrett Wilson to their receiving corps, as well as a new running back, tight end, and offensive tackle for their quarterback. While this removes excuses – Zach Wilson will have to put up or shut up after showing some promising signals towards the end of 2021 — it does need some patience.

Let’s pretend that Gang Green goes 0-9 before the bye and then goes 4-4 down the stretch. Even if there wouldn’t be a parade through the Meadowlands parking lot, it might be a sign of hope. The same might be stated of the manner in which the team loses. In the NFL, there are no emotional triumphs, but there is a difference between fighting toe-to-toe with the Bills for three quarters and being down 28-0 at halftime.

On the quarterback front, a similar case may be made. While you don’t want to fall prey to the sunk cost fallacy, a signal-caller with the second overall choice would have to be in dire circumstances to cut the cord after two seasons. It’s ridiculous to expect Wilson to lead the Jets to ten victories this season; instead, the focus should be on how he performs and how he improves.

That’s just a roundabout way of suggesting that the New York Jets’ 2022 record isn’t all that important. While no one wants to lose every week, seeing indications of improvement is more vital than winning one or two more games.

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