We’ve all heard the stories about how Brett Favre once got “a little hot” around his teammates thanks to a prank involving “a tin of dip” and “some fishing worms”. But did you know this story has an alternate, surprising twist?

I was on the receiving end of a few pranks that Brett Favre played on his teammates at the beginning of his NFL career. One involved a “tin of dip” and some “fishing worms”. Favre once got “angry” and “a little hot” around his teammates, thanks to a prank involving a “tin of dip” and some “fishing worms”.

Brett Favre was once a very big part of the Green Bay Packers organization. Now, he’s retired and he’s been living a life of luxury for the past few years. According to Favre himself, he’s made a lot of money during his career and he’s also still very good friends with many of his old teammates.

Behind every legendary athlete are great stories. That’s not the case with Brett Favre, former quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. Throughout his NFL career, Favre played like he was in the backyard with friends and always looked like he was having fun. But once a teammate made a joke at the expense of a Hall of Fame player.

Brett Favre was one of the best QBs in NFL history with the Packers

COMPARED TO: Brett Favre was just chastised by his fellow Pro Football Hall of Fame inaugurator for being stuck in his own little world. Favre will never be considered a GOAT because of his 336 interceptions, the most in NFL history. He’s also only won one Super Bowl, which is nothing compared to the other guys who can lay claim to the GOAT title. But he remains one of the greatest quarterbacks in history. Favre was called to the Pro Bowl 11 times during his career and was a three-time NFL MVP. He led the NFL in passing yards in two different seasons with the Packers and led the team in passing touchdowns four times. He totaled 71,838 yards, which is fourth all-time, and 508 touchdowns, which is also fourth all-time. The former Southern Mississippi star, who also played for the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings late in his career, led the Packers to two Super Bowls during his time in Green Bay, winning one during the 1996 season. Favre, who often looked like a kid playing his favorite game, was one of the most interesting players to watch, and his love of the game paid off in his Hall of Fame career.

Matt Hasselbeck lashed out at Brett Favre by smashing hiscan.

word-image-13365 word-image-13366 Green Bay Packers’ Brett Favre stands on the sidelines during the game against the Philadelphia Eagles. 2. October 2006. | Drew Hallowell/Getty Images COMPARED TO: Brett Favre earned more than $130 million in the NFL, but after his retirement he was drawn to a very different sport CBS Sports once documented some of the best stories ever about Favre, and there were many. One of the most important, however, came from former reserve Favre. No, it’s not Aaron Rodgers, it’s another successful former reserve player: Matt Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck, who was in Green Bay from 1998-2000, said they went out to dinner on an off day during training camp. On the way home, Hasselbeck took some fish worms and secretly hid them in Brett’s pasta pot. After he started watching the film, Favre did his usual focus work, but he got an unpleasant surprise. He does it and he comes out, Hasselbeck said, according to CBS Sports. And he didn’t know who it was, but he was sure it was probably [former NFL player] David Klingler. He was a fisherman, a southerner. I’m a kid from Boston who took the train to school every day. So he’s angry, and Andy [Reid] knew I did it, and Doug Pederson knew I did it. Reed, the current Chiefs head coach who was Green Bay’s quarterbacks coach at the time, then began taking the blame. Andy stood up because Brett got angry and said: I did it! It wasn’t him, it was me! Andy took a bullet, Hasselbeck said, according to CBS Sports. And then I said: No, Andy doesn’t. I do. I’ve never seen anyone go from anger to pride so quickly. He was ready to fight, and then he said: Yeah, it’s pretty solid. If anyone learned anything from that day, it’s that you shouldn’t mess with Favre.

Matt Hasselbeck was also a good quarterback

. COMPARED TO: A wary Brett Favre prefers not to know the reasons for somememory losses Fortunately for Hasselbeck, he survived to tell the tale – and became a pretty successful quarterback. After his time in Green Bay, Hasselbeck moved to the Seattle Seahawks in 2001, where he became a three-time Pro Bowl quarterback. As a member of the Seahawks in 2007, he had a total of 3,966 yards. He also completed 28 passes that year. The former sixth-round pick even led Seattle to the Super Bowl in the 2005 season. Hasselbeck has totaled 36,638 yards, 212 touchdowns and 153 interceptions in his career. At one point, Hasselbeck may have been known as Favre’s replacement and the guy who made worms in food, but he turned out to be much more than that. He was a pretty exceptional quarterback. Hopefully Favre has learned to pay close attention to his runs. statistics provided by Pro Football Reference

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