Cade Cunningham, a 14-year old boy who is already a social media sensation, recently made news when he was spotted at AT&T Stadium with Jerry Jones’ grandson, Justin, along with former Dallas Cowboys stars Emmitt Smith, Tom Landry, Michael Irvin and Tony Romo. The reason for this special appearance was to attend the Dallas Cowboys’ win over the San Diego Chargers, and this was Cade’s first time at a Cowboys game.

When Cade Cunningham was a kid, he was hanging around in the Dallas locker room with Jerry Jones’ grandson, Jerry Jones III. He’s currently a freshman at SMU and he’s capable of doing some impressive things on the football field. But he’s also a friendly and polite young man, who is being hailed as the new Jerry Jones Jr.

This year, a 13-year-old from New Orleans made his mark on the NFL. Cade Cunningham has been training with the Miami Dolphins for the last six months. He impressed Dolphins coaches and players, including ex-Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith and former NFL receiver Keyshawn Johnson.. Read more about jalen green and let us know what you think.

Every year, at least one NBA prospect generates a lot of buzz, and Cade Cunningham, a former Oklahoma State standout, is the guy in the 2021 NBA draft.

Cunningham was a standout high school player who went on to have an excellent collegiate career and has wowed scouts and basketball fans in recent years. Cunningham, though, had an impression on Dallas Cowboys players even before he became a star.

Jerry Jones’ grandson is buddies with Cade Cunningham.

Cade Cunningham, who is a top prospect in the 2021 NBA draft and friends with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' grandson. Cade Cunningham of the Oklahoma State Cowboys during a second-round game in the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on March 21, 2021. | Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Cunningham was acquainted with Jerry Jones’ grandson, Paxton Anderson, who is the son of Jones’ daughter, Charlotte Jones-Anderson, according to The Athletic.

Cunningham’s ability was apparent at an early age, and Paxton’s father, Shy Anderson, saw it when the two young men played AAU basketball together.

According to The Athletic, “Cade always had a grin on his face until he stepped inside the gym.” “Even in third grade, Cade was all business. On the floor, he aspired to be the greatest basketball player he could be. However, there was something about him at that age that made him want to improve the guys around him.”

Cunningham previously demonstrated his skills in front of several NFL players during Cowboys training camp, thanks to his connection with Paxton.

In front of Dallas Cowboys players, he put on a performance.


According to The Athletic, Paxton asked Cunningham to assist him out at training camp while they were both in their freshmen year of high school.

While they were working throughout the day, they went out one evening to play basketball with other Cowboys players. 

Of course, Cunningham put up a show.

According to The Athletic, veteran Dallas defensive back Orlando Scandrick remarked of Cunningham, “He was a wonderful kid and tall.”

Paxton told The Athletic that during their games with the NFL stars, the 13-year-old Cunningham started hitting jump shots. He also showed off his crossover and step-back.

“Cade was demonstrating his abilities, and the guys were like, ‘Damn, who is this guy?’” says the player. According to The Athletic, Paxton, who is now a collegiate football player at Texas, stated. “They didn’t have high expectations for us since we were freshman. He was outperforming the rest of them. Being among those professionals and the team, I believe (the whole experience) was eye-opening for Cade. He recognized that he could and wanted to play in the NBA.”

Scandrick has followed Cunningham’s journey to basketball superstardom since that time.

According to The Athletic, Scandrick stated, “(Cade and Paxton) were polite.” “I was extremely pleased with what he went on to accomplish at Oklahoma State, and I am excited to see him play in the NBA.”

Cunningham may have NBA scouts keeping an eye on him right now, but NFL players couldn’t take their eyes off him before anybody even knew who he was.

Cade Cunningham is projected to be the first pick in the NBA draft in 2021.

The @DetroitPistons get the No. 1 overall pick in the draft lottery. Will they take Cade Cunningham? 👀

June 23, 2021 — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter)

Cunningham excelled in his lone collegiate season at Oklahoma State, averaging 20.1 points per game, 6.2 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game. He was named the Big 12 Player of the Year and was a unanimous All-American.

The Detroit Pistons now have the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NBA draft, and after general manager Troy Weaver initially said the team would look at all options, Cunningham recently visited with the Pistons and even attended a Detroit Tigers game, per USA Today’s Rookie Wire.

Cunningham is expected to be selected by the Pistons, according to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer.

Regardless of whether he joins the Pistons or not, Shy Anderson believes that any club that gets him will be very fortunate.

According to The Athletic, Shy remarked, “You’re writing about the next great player.” “Cade Cunningham has the potential to be the next Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. He may not have their skill sets, but whomever selects him will have a chance to win an NBA title because he will improve everyone.”

“I’ve spent my whole life around football players because of my connection with the Dallas Cowboys, and he’s got the heart of Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, and Deion Sanders,” he added. He doesn’t have the swagger of those men, but he does have the heart. People look at your heart when you win a championship or lead a team. “Are you someone with whom I might go to war?”

It seems that the Jones/Anderson family will have to go to Detroit in the near future, and not only for any upcoming Cowboys-Lions games.

Sports Reference provided the statistics.

Sports Reference provided the statistics.

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