Bryson DeChambeau may have been one of the breakout stars of the 2018 PGA Tour season, and he’s been rewarded for his success with a spot on America’s team for The Ryder Cup. But, that doesn’t mean everyone shares his enthusiasm. On Monday, Barkley took to Twitter to mock the 22-year-old’s game, according to Bryan Kalbrosky of

Bryson DeChambeau’s apparent indifference towards his impending match against Charles Barkley in the semifinals of the World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational has earned him the nickname “Bryson DeChambeau”. His form during the tournament has been well-documented, as he was winless in his last nine holes of play against the likes of Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed without making a birdie or an eagle.

Charles Barkley’s recent classless criticisms of Bryson DeChambeau are completely unfounded and appear to have been inspired by personal animosity. On Tuesday, the TNT basketball analyst took to Twitter and implied that DeChambeau doesn’t really deserve to be in the Masters because he is bad at golf. That’s a terrible thing to say to a guy who has finished in the top five of the event for six consecutive years.. Read more about the match 3 and let us know what you think.

Charles Barkley will be in attendance for the fourth game. He works for TNT, where he is also one of the analysts on the popular Inside the NBA. But he recently made an offer to one of the professional golfers, Bryson Deschambault.

In case you missed it at the Rocket Mortgage Classic on Independence Day: Deschambault and his longtime caddie, Tim Tucker, broke up before the event in Detroit. Barkley had an idea that could help Deschambault, nicknamed the mad scientist.

Barkley is notoriously bad at golf. So what does he have to offer the 2020 U.S. Open champion?

What is a match?


Launched in 2018, the game was at least somewhat modeled after the Skins Game, a popular unofficial event that took place around Thanksgiving from 1983 to 2008. Bryson Deschambault became the third PGA Tour professional this year.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson took on each other in a matchplay format, with $9 million in prize money at stake in the first match. Both players have offered to donate a portion of their profits to charity.

Prominent athletes have been invited to the 2019 competition: Woods, along with Peyton Manning, defeated Mickelson and his partner Tom Brady. Last year, the event raised $20 million to help COVID victims. Mickelson and Charles Barkley won over some big names – Manning and NBA star Stephen Curry.

Who plays with Bryson Deschambault in Match 4, and where does Charles Barkley fit in?

Charles Barkley sees his effort hit the target (17). Play golf during the Capital One Match: Champions of change. | Christian Petersen/Getty Images for The Match

Bryson Deschambault, a rookie, is tied with Green Bay Packers quarterback (at least for now) Aaron Rodgers. Mickelson returns for the fourth straight year and will play with Brady.

Charles Barkley is part of the broadcast team, along with LPGA Tour professional Cheyenne Woods (yes, Tiger’s niece) and Arizona Cardinals catcher Larry Fitzgerald, an avid golfer. It’s a big night for Fitzgerald. In addition to hosting the game, he will also be an interested spectator at Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns. Fitzgerald is a minority manager (what the NBA now calls an owner) of the Suns.

Deschambault comes to this event after failing to make Detroit. He missed meetings with the press after the first and second rounds, after which he left town. Mickelson also had a controversy at the Detroit Golf Club. But Barkley offered to take over. Speaking about the event on Inside the NBA, Barkley made a very generous offer – as if he were helping Deschambault, Golfweek reported.

I can’t wait. I’ve never met Bryson Deschambault. I’m looking forward to meeting him. He’s a glamour boy.

I could be his caddy. Apparently he has a vacancy at the moment.

Charles Barkley

It may come as a surprise because their relationship was so cordial, but Deschambault’s breakup with Tucker prompted a response from Brooks Koepka. It was as predictable as a sunrise in the east.

How can I see game 4?


Charles Barkley will not be in Bryson Deschambault’s pocket for the tournament on the 6th. July (at least we don’t think so, but it’s live, anything is possible). But they’ll both be there. The lighting starts at 5 p.m. East and will be broadcast on three Turner networks. In addition to TNT, the event will also be broadcast on TBS and truTV.

Game 4 will be held at Moonlight Basin Field in Big Sky, Montana. At an altitude of approximately 7,500 feet, the balloon is carried. Deschambault, one of the best drivers on the PGA Tour, could hit par-5s; who knows?

The terrain itself can be up to 8,000 yards, depending on the location of the tees and pine trees. The highlight is the 17th. Hole, a par 5 of 777 yards with a significant slope from tee to green. According to Golfweek, Mickelson said that club selection will be a challenge, and that taking only two clubs is not that easy.

It’s hard to generalize, because if you hit the ball harder and higher and have more spin to keep the ball in the air, you might get 15-18% (more distance), but if you hit the ball a little lighter or shorten your backswing and the ball is lower and has less spin, the difference might only be 8%.

So it would be incorrect to say that they are two clubs or that the difference is X%, because it has more to do with the trajectory, height, spin and velocity of the club’s face.

Phil Mickelson

Thanks, Phil. This is perhaps the most cumbersome way of saying I have nothing we have heard so far.

COMPARED TO: Charles Barkley says he’s disgusted with Phil Mickelson while condemning Tom Brady’s golf game I don’t think Tom can beat me at golf

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