Charles Barkley, former NBA player and current TNT analyst has been in the spotlight for his controversial opinions on race. In a recent game between the LA Clippers and Sacramento Kings, Chris Paul was fouled by Sacramento’s Willie Cauley-Stein while attempting to throw down an emphatic dunk. Afterward, some of the more passionate fans at STAPLES Center set off multiple fire alarms that resulted in a brief evacuation before play resumed. This led to Charles Barkley calling out people who are too overzealous with their support of athletes like CP3.,

When it comes to dealing with fan conduct at NBA games, Charles Barkley may not be the person you want to consult. The former Philadelphia 76ers player and current TV pundit has had his fair share of fan-related confrontations on and off the field.

During Game 4 of the Suns’ series with the Dallas Mavericks, video showed Phoenix Suns player Chris Paul yelling at a young fan following an incident involving Paul’s family. Barkley offered advice on how to handle unpleasant fan behavior.

After an incident involving his family and an annoying admirer, Chris Paul became enraged.

Chris Paul yells “I’LL SEE YOU LATER!” at a young fan that allegedly got physical with Paul’s wife & mother during GM4.

CP3: “Wanna fine players for saying stuff to the fans but the fans can put they hands on our families…f**k that!”

— (@Ballislife) May 9, 2022

Paul didn’t have a very good Mother’s Day. At the game on Sunday, his mother, wife, and children were engaged in an altercation with a spectator who reportedly harassed and physically touched them.

During Game 4 in Dallas, a fan reportedly shoved Paul’s wife, and video captured Paul shouting at a young Mavericks fan. Paul was overheard telling the fan, “I’ll see you later,” as he walked away.

The Mavericks claimed in a statement after the game that the offending fan was “swiftly ejected” from the game.

“The Dallas Mavericks are aware of an incident between a fan and Chris Paul’s family,” said the statement. “This conduct was reprehensible and will not be permitted.” The Mavericks and American Airlines Center quickly took the fan out of today’s game.”

Paul took to Twitter after the incident. He was not happy.

“Wanna penalize players for yelling at fans, but fans have the right to attack our families… “F*** that!” he exclaimed.

Charles Barkley describes how he would handle an annoying fan scenario.

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Although the Mavericks won 111-101 to even the series with the Suns, Paul received a lot of postgame attention. The Suns’ point guard had a difficult day, accumulating more fouls than points. He had five points after fouling out early in the fourth quarter.

The conversation swiftly moved on to Paul’s relatives. TNT’s postgame team addressed the event, and Barkley shared his thoughts on how he would handle the situation.

On Inside the NBA, Barkley remarked, “We can simply put a stop to all of this crap.” “Some of the things these people say. Let’s go down to center court and play for five minutes. That’s something I’ve always said.”

Then he became a little more specific about the procedures he’d take to avoid these events.

“Just give me five minutes with him in the middle of the court,” Barkley remarked. “You’re not going to file any charges.” Nobody is going to be sued civilly. For the next five minutes, say exactly what you just said to me. I’m going to bash you up. I’m going to beat the crap out of you. I’m going to take my time and not beat him up too much. I’m going to stab him a little, then I’m going to drop the haymakers on them.”

Shaquille O’Neal remarked, “I hear you, Foreman.” “Charles Foreman,” says the narrator.

Barkley has his fair share of fan interactions. Z7uv wlk

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According to Barkley, one of his most famous incidences with a fan helped him turn his life around. The date was March 26, 1991, when Barkley spit at a heckling supporter, which landed on a small girl.

Barkley has previously said that he was an angry basketball player earlier in his career. He said he was enraged by his father and Ms. Gomez, a Spanish instructor who had given him a failing mark in high school. He went to his hotel room the night of the spitting incident and examined himself in the mirror.

“First and foremost, I was suspended, which I should have been,” Barkley reportedly told Dr. Phil, “but I was sitting in the hotel that night, and I said, ‘Boy, you’ve got to calm down.’” It’s just a matter of time until you go over the edge if you play on the edge.

“I sat down and told my father that I forgave him.” He was not present. We were destitute as children. It was awful. However, I must play basketball for me. Second, I said that it was my responsibility that I failed Spanish. It’s not Ms. Gomez’s fault at all. I failed the test. My basketball life altered dramatically after that. I said that all I want is to be a great player and achieve personal achievement. I tried to stick it to everyone in high school and college.”

Barkley has fought with heckling supporters in bars and on the streets. He usually takes care of things himself. Chuck may not be the best person to deal with the NBA fans’ disciplinary concerns.

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