The World Golf Championship has been a long-time staple of the PGA Tour and is one of the most prestigious events in golf. This year, however, LIV will be hosting its own event for professionals trying to utilize their new course at TPC Scottsdale on October 26th and 27th. Many believed that this would mean an end to the WGC but it seems like anything goes when you reach out to Colin Morikawa!

One more LIV Golf defector today. On Tuesday, news of Brooks Koepka’s formal departure from the PGA Tour for the competing golf league leaked. Koepka is a four-time major winner. At the same time, speculation about Collin Morikawa, the fourth-ranked player in the world, joining him increased.

However, Morikawa quickly dispelled those allegations on Twitter with an epic thread and a divisive view on cereal, proving that they were nothing more than speculations.

On Twitter, Collin Morikawa dispels speculations about LIV Golf.

Just your #11 money winner on PIP here to say good morning to everyone! Last week at my press conference, I said the media loves creating drama. Sure enough, I woke up this morning to everyone thinking I’m next. Not to say I told you so but…I told you so.

— Collin Morikawa (@collin_morikawa) June 21, 2022

When internet rumors surfaced on Tuesday suggesting that Morikawa may be the next well-known player to leave the PGA Tour, he suddenly found himself caught up in the LIV Golf circus. The 25-year-old didn’t let those speculations persist for very long since he has already said that he doesn’t want to leave for the money.

Hello everyone and good morning from your #11 money winner on PIP! I said last week at my news conference that the media enjoys dramatizing stories. Sure enough, when I got up this morning, everyone believed I was going to be the next. Without wanting to seem condescending, Morikawa tweeted on Tuesday morning, “I told you so.

Collin Morikawa smiles during the U.S. Open. During the first round of the 122nd U.S. Open Championship at The Country Club, Collin Morikawa grins as he approaches the sixth tee.

He said, “To declare for the record, once again, you guys are completely incorrect. “Nothing has changed since I declared at Riviera in February that I’m on the @PGATOUR to stay. Please forgive me while I go put some cereal in my milk.

Morikawa is so unconcerned with LIV Golf that he would much prefer argue over how to make the ideal bowl of porridge. Breakfast enthusiasts have always added milk to their cereal before serving it in bowls. It seems that Morikawa is one of the select few who pours his milk before adding the cereal, which is a contentious topic among fans of cold breakfasts.

Is there any scientific justification for why I shouldn’t pour the milk first? I’m honestly intrigued. In another tweet, he said, “Can someone go do research on this?

He could have a point. On the PGA Tour, Morikawa would always pour his porridge, milk first, of course.

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