There are no easy ways to find these hidden treasures in this game. The best way is still opening a world map and exploring for hours, but if you want to get more out of the experience than just some minutes of fun, then read on.



The Giant Mushroom is required for Core Keeper players who wish to take on all of the game’s bosses. Unlike other meals, which only provide transitory advantages when cooked, this one provides a lasting benefit regardless of how it is prepared.

Whether you consume it raw or cooked, eating a Giant Mushroom raises your maximum health by 25 percent. This is where you can locate the item. 

In Core Keeper, Where Can You Find Giant Mushrooms?

Finding these huge fungus is difficult since they spawn at random during seed formation, and a single seed may only have a few to discover.

Giant Mushrooms can only be found in the Dirt Biome or the Clay Caves, and they’re frequently surrounded by their smaller counterparts. Their size distinguishes them from conventional mushrooms: they take up four tiles. The regular ones only take up one tile.

Because of the size difference, it’s almost difficult to confuse them with normal mushrooms. The issue is locating them, and there isn’t much guidance that can be provided other than to keep looking.

You may wish to construct and bounce about worlds to discover more after you have at least an Iron Pickaxe. It’s simpler to travel about with a better Pickaxe.

This isn’t the only meal that improves your health over time. Amber Larva, on the other hand, provides 50 permanent health whether eaten raw or cooked.

Both meals provide a constant health boost when cooked, independent of the other ingredients, so you’ll always receive that 25 or 50 health boost. It also means that when cooked, their health gains stack, so you may prepare two Giant Mushrooms or one with an Amber Larva or two to get their entire health boost in one meal. Click the links or go here for additional Core Keeper advice, such as how to create livable chambers and where to get the Slime Oil you’ll need for the Slime Merchant.

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