Every year that the Dallas Cowboys are still playing, the discussion among Cowboys fans is whether or not they are true contenders; a dynasty. Although many consider this team to be on the downswing, they have been underdogs and, in a world that believes in parity, Dallas will continue to prove, at least, that they are not the best at everything.

Every year, at least once, a few readers of the Dallas Cowboys blog “Cowboys Fan HQ” ask me for a list of the most overrated and underrated members of the roster. I used to make a top five list, but figuring out which players are too overrated is difficult, and I have to be careful not to put just any player on it. So, this year I decided to give you a way to help you decide which players deserve to be placed on the Overrated and Undeserved players lists.

Sometimes, you can’t help but feel like the players you grew up with and love will never truly measure up to the legends you’ve read about in books and seen on TV. But then, some of the players you grew up with may just be the best ever, like Dez Bryant or Tony Romo. Well, it turns out all the stars have aligned and Dallas is soon to be home to the greatest team in NFL history.. Read more about dallas cowboys offensive line 2021 and let us know what you think.

There is no doubt that the 2020 NFL season has been disappointing for the Dallas Cowboys. Many expected the team to at least win the NFC East, but a series of injuries to key players, including quarterback Dak Prescott’s ankle injury in Week 5, and the worst defense in team history led to a 6-10 finish, tied for the third worst division in football and the second season in a row that the team will not make the NFL playoffs.

But if you ask a group of Cowboys fans who recently voted on a number of issues regarding the team, the 2021 campaign is doing much better.

More than 1,300 fans recently participated in the poll, which covered topics such as the number of wins, what it will take to succeed in the ’21 season, new defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, the team’s most overrated and underrated players, and more. We will not go into detail on all the points voted, but here are some highlights.

Nearly 71% of those surveyed think the Dallas Cowboys will win at least 10 times in 2021

Dallas Cowboys helmet during Cowboys vs Bengals game in December 2020 | Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Athletic staff recently released a 25-question poll for Cowboys fans and received nearly 1,400 responses, though not everyone answered every question. Still, some interesting questions were asked, starting with how many wins Dallas will have in 2021.

Of the 1,362 people who answered this question, 70.9% said the Cowboys will win at least 10 times next season, which could very well happen given that Dallas has the second easiest schedule in 2021 based on last season’s standings. However, it’s also worth noting that the Cowboys have won just three seasons of 10 games in the last 11 years.

But it should also be noted that Dak was the quarterback in two of those seasons – 2016 (13-3) and 2018 (10-6). Of course, with Prescott expected to be 100% ready at the start of the season, the odds of 10 wins in 2021 are much higher if that turns out to be the case.

98.9% of people say Dallas needs to make at least the playoffs in the 2021 season to be considered a success


When asked what needs to happen for the 2021 season to be a success, 13.3 percent of those surveyed said the Cowboys need to at least qualify for the postseason. 45.6 percent said Dallas needs to qualify for the divisional round, and 40 percent for the NFC Championship Game. The remaining 1.1% said the Cowboys should have at least one winning record.

As for when Dallas will return to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1995, 37.3% say it will happen in the next three years, 27.6% say it will happen in the next five years, 17.1% say it will happen in the next ten years, 10.5% say it will happen in the next twenty years, and the remaining 7.5% think it will never happen in their lifetime.

Just over 87% of those polled think Dan Quinn is at least a viable candidate to become Dallas’ new defensive coordinator


The Cowboys’ worst unit in 2020 was defense. Even when Prescott was healthy in the first month of the season, Dallas only started 1-3, and their defense was actually the worst in NFL history. It didn’t happen, but the two big men scored 473 points, a franchise record, the fifth-highest total in the NFL.

The Cowboys’ passing defense ranks a respectable 11th in the country. Place, but the defense against running is ranked 31st. and have allowed 158.8 yards per game on the ground, better than the Houston Texans, who have allowed 160.2 yards. After the season, Jerry Jones wasted no time in replacing Mike Nolan with former Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn.

And the surgery seems to have gone well, at least for Cowboys fans who asked the following question: What do you think about the Cowboys hiring Dan Quinn? was the answer.

45.7% of respondents said they would have preferred someone else, but still felt the person would have done a good job. 41.4% said there was no better candidate and that they liked the employee. 12.5% said they were not impressed and that it would not be anything, and the remaining 0.4% said they did not like the candidate at all.

Jaylon Smith was ranked as the Cowboys’ most overrated player and Michael Gallup as the most underrated


Another aspect of the poll was that Cowboys fans had to name both the most overrated player on the team and the most underrated player.

In the overrated category, 28 different players received at least one vote, and the winner was midfielder Jaylon Smith, who received 428 votes out of a possible 1,167. He is followed by Ezekiel Elliott (428), DeMarcus Lawrence (67), Dak Prescott (45) and Amari Cooper (35).

In the underrated category, 44 different players received at least one vote, with the title going to Michael Gallup, who received 225 votes out of a possible 1,115. Reserve running back Tony Pollard finished second with 156 votes, followed by Lawrence (76), Prescott (61) and La’el Collins (55).

Believe me, this is just a small selection. The rest of the categories and results can be found on The Athletic’s website.

COMPARED TO: Mike McCarthy provides encouraging information on Dake Prescott, and Michael Gallup makes a bold statement about the Dallas Cowboys’offense.This week, over on our “u-wanna-bet” blog, we asked Cowboys fans how overrated and underrated the players on this year’s roster are. If you’re a Cowboys fan, then you know all about players getting overrated, or underrated. If a player has had a great preseason or had made it onto the “All-Pro” list more than once, then they will be labelled as underrated.. Read more about dallas cowboys draft news and let us know what you think.

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