De’Angelo Hall and DeAndre Hopkins were in a feud during the 2014 NFL preseason, when Hall reportedly called Hopkins a “snitch” and tried to steal his girlfriend. Hall’s reputation took a hit, but over the years, he has since become a respected player in the league who has been able to shrug off the situation by focusing on football.

De’Angelo Hall, who is now with the Texans, was just 9 years old when he first met DeAndre Hopkins. Now, the two Houston Texans are former teammates, and Hall found out some interesting things about Hopkins during their time together. During training camp, Hopkins and Hall had a disagreement during practice. “He [Hopkins] stuck up for me when I was getting beat up,” Hall said. After the incident, Hall learned Hopkins was a man of his word. “I remember he stuck up for me when I was getting beat up,” Hall said. “We stuck up for each other in the locker room and we were there for each other when we needed it.”

Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was a battle between two undisputable stars of the AFC North, but the person with the most to gain was one member of the opposing team.  DeAndre Hopkins has long been considered an elite receiver in the AFC, and the only thing holding him back from superstardom is consistency.

De’Angelo Hall, a former NFL cornerback, and Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Hopkins, DeAndre were engaged in a training camp brawl in 2015. HBO’s Hard Knocks aired the notorious conversation. Hall reflected on what had happened that day and had an unexpected response.

On Hard Knocks, DeAngelo Hall and DeAndre Hopkins got into a fight.

Former Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall on the field

Former Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall on the field During a Washington football game, DeAngelo Hall stands on the field | Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

DeAngelo Hall was a member of the current Washington Football Team in 2015. In his 12th NFL season, the Pro Bowl cornerback was one of the team’s more seasoned players. The Washington Redskins and Houston Texans held a combined practice.

Joint practices are becoming increasingly common, but egos may clash when two teams join together. That’s exactly what occurred between Hall and DeAndre Hopkins of the Texans. Hopkins was entering his third season in the NFL and had already established himself as one of the league’s brightest young wide receivers.

Hopkins has been tearing up the Washington defensive backs all week. After the Clemson product dropped a pass, the opposing defense started trash-talking him. Hopkins outran his guy but was clearly frustrated because he couldn’t complete the play. As he walked away, Hall approached him and started yelling at him. When he touched D-Hop, the receiver became enraged.

We have the ability to box. I’m afraid of God, buddy.

DeAndre Hopkins

The two players began yelling at one other, and things were about to get out of hand when teammates interfered and separated them. Although no fists were thrown, the players’ fight was far from over.

Later in the session, Hopkins fractured Hall’s ankles.

Despite the fact that the argument between the two squads did not escalate into a physical fight, it seemed to be weighing heavily on both players’ minds. In the scrimmage, they naturally lined up against one another.

Houston’s No. 1 wide receiver was DeAndre Hopkins, while Washington’s No. 1 cornerback was De’Angelo Hall. The fight made for excellent television. D-Hop was on the outside, with Hall on the other side. The Texans receiver launched himself into his route at full speed. He came to a complete halt on a dime for a reversal route. The Washington cover model attempted to place his foot and turn around.

Hall injured his ankle and fell down on the play, so things didn’t go smoothly. Hopkins received the pass from the Texans quarterback, and the Central, South Carolina native took the time to let everyone know he had won the fight.

After seeing Hall on the ground, he remarked, “First day of pads, already breaking ankles on the route.” He kept on trash-talking. “I just finished it,” says the author. I don’t begin anything.”

The Washington defensive back stated on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football that he slipped and didn’t break his ankles. It’s unclear if he really thinks it, but either way, it looked awful.

De’Angelo Hall thinks he respects Hopkins more now.

On Good Morning Football, Hall went into great detail about the circumstances leading up to the fight and the subsequent play. He claims the fight started because he was defending his teammate Chris Culliver, who was paired with Hopkins.

Culliver, like Hopkins, was a younger player. Hall believed it was his responsibility to intervene and speak to the Houston wideout. He claims he saw D-Hop smacking his buddy in the head. However, the video does not show that conversation. When Hall attempted to inspect the receiver, the situation deteriorated, according to him.

Hopkins wasn’t well-known at the time, so Hall felt insulted. He also clarified a misunderstanding, stating that the iconic play did not take place immediately after the incident. Rather, it occurred later in practice.

The native of Chesapeake, Virginia, was not a fan of the hoopla around the Hard Knocks episode, which made light of his being injured. “I needed to speak about it to get some of the anger and fury out of my system,” he said. His children, he claims, must learn about the play from their peers.

Even after the event, Hall claimed he acquired respect for Hopkins. He stated, “He was one of the humblest spirits, yet he fought back.” “You don’t back down when someone comes to confront you.” Hopkins, he claims, has a “dog mentality.”

There is no longer any enmity amongst the players. DeAngelo Hall refuses to accept that DeAndre Hopkins fractured his ankles to this day.

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As teammates, DeAndre Hopkins and De’Angelo Hall had a lot of fun together during the 2015 training camp. So much so that many people wondered why they didn’t come to blows.. Read more about how old is deandre hopkins and let us know what you think.

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