This is a guide for the puzzle game “Deathloop” that was released in October 2017. The goal of the game is to escape alive by finding your way out of an infinite looping maze.

The deathloop pick’s room is a puzzle in the game Deathloop. This guide will tell you how to escape alive.

The Deathloop gas chamber problem is notoriously difficult to solve. The boathouse trial may seem personal, despite the fact that everything is trying to kill you as you attempt to break the loop on Blackreef. Because fixing isn’t simple, it’s easy to die. 

We finally solved the code of the Deathloop gas chamber puzzle after much deliberation and more than a few fatalities. Here are the measures you must follow in order to survive the boathouse.  

Finding the boathouse is the first step. It’s on Fristad Rock, near Frank’s Rambling Rock Club, on the seashore. It is accessible at any time of day, although it is most accessible in the afternoon when most of the water has frozen over.

The entrance to the boathouse in a snowy cliff face by icy water.

Start out in the open and work your way into the structure. After a while, you’ll come to a chair, and a guy gazing down from an adjoining room’s window will begin talking to Colt. The stranger then locks the doors and begins filling the room with lethal gas, which you must halt in order to escape.

To begin, open the control panel for the gas valve. There are some steps and a platform above and to the left (as you face the stranger). On the platform, there is a utility box that you must hack and unlock. There’s a button and some instructions inside.

The gas chamber valve switch.

Until a particular pair of switches is engaged, the button remains dormant. Peek through the glass of the door at the far end of the platform you’re on. A whiteboard in the room has two three-digit digits scribbled on it. Keep them in mind.

Looking through a window at a whiteboard with a code written on it.

A crawlspace is concealed under some board just beneath the platform you’re standing on. You’ll find many switches if you smash the lumber. A three-digit number is assigned to each switch. The two switches that correspond to the numbers printed on the whiteboard should be pressed.

Three switches in the boathouse crawlspace.

Return to the platform’s top and push the button. This turns off the gas and unlocks the door, enabling you to escape.

Get some fresh air by going outdoors. Congrats! You’ve gotten away with your life. There’s no reward other than surviving another day (and another, and another, since this is Deathloop), so you’ll have to make do with sabotaging the stranger’s intentions.

That’s all there is to know about how to complete the Deathloop boathouse gas chamber problem. Consider taking a detour to see a delivery box or several almost nude guys while you’re in Fristad. There’s a lot to do in Deathloop, so go through all of our guides. Now it’s time to stop the cycle! 

The deathloop man behind glass is a puzzle that has been present for a while. It can be solved by following this guide.

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