DEEEER Simulator is a fast-paced, massively multiplayer game that puts players in the shoes of an intergalactic peacekeeping force. In order to open portals into other worlds, players must work together and find a way past obstacles in each level.

The “deeeer simulator all weapons” is a game that allows users to play as an alien creature of sorts. It’s a lot of fun and the graphics are really well done. The game has a level system, so it’s worth playing through at least twice.

DEEEER Simulator: How to Open the Portal to the Future to Level 2



To advance in DEEEER Simulator, you must first figure out how to open the gateway to the future. There’s only so much to do on the first level after a certain point, but the methods to unlocking Level 2 aren’t obvious. After you defeat Doggo, there are no neon signs (or anything at all) guiding you in the direction of the future. There’s no way to meet your Future Self if you don’t know where to look or what to do. 

This fast tutorial will show you how to access the gateway to the future in DEEEER Simulator, including where to locate it and how to activate it.

In DEEEER Simulator, where can you find the Portal to the Future?

The gateway to the future is placed to the left of the arena where you face the boss Doggo, within the Red Pagoda. At spawn, immediately turn around and gaze to the right. The Red Pagoda should be visible in the distance. 

How to Unlock the Time Machine’s Portal

You must first defeat Doggo in order to get access to the doorway to the future. The easiest method to do so is to unlock Metal Deer, which has a dodge ability that may assist you avoid Doggo’s attacks.

The method for defeating the Level 1 boss stays the same whether you unlock the monster mecha or gather a massive arsenal of guns: shoot Doggo’s feet until they fall down, smash the police cars on their shoulders, and hit the red buttons that appear on their shoulders.

You now have everything you need to open the gateway to the future, thanks to Doggo’s defeat. To seize them, dash inside their body like a deer (not a Metal Deer). Continue to hold dash and make your way to the Red Pagoda. A red button with a dog emblem is located on the right side of the bridge. To push the button, run over it while holding Doggo. Now cross the bridge to the other side and stand on a red button with a deer emblem. 

A brief movie will play, depicting the future portal activating at the Pagoda’s main entrance. To advance to the next level, approach the portal and interact with it. 

If you were hit by police mobs or Doggo himself during Level 1, your heart gauges will fully heal when you enter the portal to the future for Level 2. 

That’s all you need to know about DEEEER Simulator Level 1’s doorway to the future. The task of defeating the cops only becomes harder from here, with sheep gods, mecha polar bears, and hippo-bunny snipers. You’ll also have to contend with your Future Self, a much more difficult opponent than Doggo. You now have lasers, which is fortunate. 

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DEEEER Simulator: How to Open the Portal to the Future to Level 2 is a game that is set in the future. The main character must battle against an evil entity called “The Darkness” and find his way through portals in order to save humanity. Reference: deeeer simulator free play.

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