Deshaun Watson has been in the news this offseason. He was a hot topic surrounding the NFL Draft, as he was rumored to be chosen by the Eagles in the second round. However, things changed after the Texans selected him with the 12th overall pick.

On the surface, the Eagles are a great destination for the Texans’ embattled quarterback. Philadelphia is a place where a quarterback can win a ring, and with Wentz’s uncertain future in question, the Eagles have a need at the position. Sure, the Eagles don’t have a second year quarterback under contract, but they do have the No. 2 pick in the draft, and may be willing to wait to select a quarterback.

After a season in which Deshaun Watson was arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, it’s still unclear whether he’ll be a Brown any longer. The former Clemson star has reportedly been in talks with the Philadelphia Eagles and is expected to do so in the near future. The Eagles have been a team in-need of a quarterback this offseason , so now it’s an issue of whether they can get Watson without having to use a draft pick. It’s not a matter of whether they want him, but rather whether they can get him. It will be interesting to see if Watson decides to move on, but based on the Eagles’ needs, it’s more likely he stays in Houston.. Read more about eagles and deshaun watson and let us know what you think.

While he’s facing 22 civil lawsuits from women alleging sexual assault and misconduct, the odds of Deshaun Watson suiting up for a professional football game again seem rather slim. The NFL has yet to suspend Watson or put him on the Commissioner’s Exempt List as the legal processes continue to play out. However, when considering how NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has handled instances of sexual assault accusations in the past, one can only assume that Watson will end up missing at least part of the 2021 season — and potentially longer.

However, such accusations are claimed to have had little effect on rival clubs in the NFL checking in on Watson’s availability. In today’s pass-heavy age, quarterback skill is scarce, and Watson is coming off a season in which he passed for a career-high 4,823 yards. It’s also worth remembering that before the sexual assault accusations surfaced, Watson sought an official trade out of Houston.

Over the course of the offseason, a number of clubs have been linked to Watson, but the Philadelphia Eagles have received the most attention. Following Carson Wentz’s unexpected departure a few months ago, Philadelphia is in quarterback limbo, and general manager Howie Roseman isn’t renowned for sitting around and doing nothing to better the position.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been connected to Deshaun Watson more than any other club in the NFL this summer.

The #Eagles and #Texans are in talks about trading Deshaun Watson, according to a source. There are still some obstacles to overcome. However, both parties are trying to reach a deal.

August 5, 2021 — Chris Trapasso (@ChrisTrapasso)

With CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso becoming the latest media member to mention the Eagles in the same sentence as Watson, a sinking reality has started to set in around Philadelphia.

Watson’s trade to the Eagles is a distinct possibility.

If it were up to what seems to be the majority of fans, they would have put a halt to any Watson trade discussions once the accusations were made public. Roseman, on the other hand, is in control, and he has a lengthy history of actively seeking to better the quarterback position year after year. In the past, he’s even referred to the Eagles as a “quarterback factory.”

Howie Roseman is one of the few NFL general managers willing to make this deal.


deshaun-watson-eagles-1-1024x682 Brett Carlsen/Getty Images/Deshaun Watson

The Eagles are also in prime position to make a blockbuster deal. They hold two first-round choices in the upcoming draft, as well as a conditional first-round pick from the Indianapolis Colts, and quarterback Jalen Hurts is under contract with the club.

Hurts is a Houston native who showed enough promise in his four starts last season to pique the Texans’ interest.

The Eagles also recently restructured two contracts to free approximately $14 million in salary space. They can now afford Watson’s basic pay of $10.5 million.

The Houston Texans should seize the opportunity to trade Deshaun Watson as soon as possible.

According to a source, trade discussions between the Eagles and the Texans for Deshaun Watson are not “heating up,” as reported.

August 5, 2021 — ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk)

Following Trapasso’s first tweet, conflicting information surfaced. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and the Eagles’ interest in Watson has been a source of smoke all summer. It’s safe to presume that Philadelphia is in frequent contact with Houston about the quarterback’s availability.

Because of the legal issues surrounding Watson, the Texans should leap at the chance to trade him. Watson isn’t sure whether he’ll ever be able to play professional football again. Getting as much value out of him as possible while he’s still available would be great for a rebuilding Houston team.

The Eagles would be taking a significant risk by upsetting a fervent fan base. In the great scheme of things, it’s probably not worth the risk, but Roseman has never been one to follow the rules.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

How to seek help: To speak with a professional staff member from a sexual assault treatment provider in your region, contact the RAINN National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 1-800-656-4673. 

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The Houston Texans are still reeling from the NFL Draft, but fans might be so deep down the rabbit hole that they don’t care. The Texans traded up in the NFL Draft, with Deshaun Watson and the 13th pick. At first, Houston led the NFC South, with a 6-2 record but have since dropped games to the Colts and the Titans. In the process, they lost some leads in the division, and the Texans are now 2-6 and falling to the bottom of the division. Watson is an exciting QB, but this trade might not be the best thing for the Texans.. Read more about deshaun watson age and let us know what you think.

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