The D.F.A is Destiny 2’s most powerful weapon, and it was originally an exclusive to hunters looking for a challenge in the game’s campaign mode – but after players discovered a trio of exploits that allowed them to get their hands on the coveted gun without breaking any rules, Bungie nerfed its power by giving it lower damage than other weapons in the game. This defeated purpose has made it one of Destiny 2s most sought-after items outside its intended scope, with fans hoping they find ways around these restrictions again so they can take advantage of this new level playing field when facing off against each other online.,

The “how to get ten paces destiny 2” is a weapon that can be obtained in the game by completing the quest “D.F.A.”.



The legendary D.F.A. Hand Cannon from Destiny 2 is returning for Season 2. It was one of the greatest Hand Cannons available at the time, yet there was no way to improve it since there were no random rolls. It was first included as a Nightfall prize in the much-maligned Curse of Osiris DLC.

Everything will change in Season 17.

In Destiny 2, how do you get the D.F.A. Hand Cannon?

The D.F.A. Legendary Hand Cannon returns as a Nightfall prize in Destiny 2 Season 17. The D.F.A. will be offered in two versions, one for those courageous enough to fight Grandmaster Nightfalls and the other for those who accomplish up to Master Difficulty activities.

Season 17 of Destiny 2 will launch on May 24, 2022, at the conclusion of the Guardian Games, so there’s no way to receive it right now if you didn’t earn it back in 2017.

Given how popular the Legendary D.F.A. Hand Cannon remains among experienced players, it’s probable that the Legendary D.F.A. Hand Cannon will be the first Nightfall award on the docket when the new season begins.

It will take some time to earn the Adept version of D.F.A. Hand Cannon, since GM Nightfalls will demand a power of 1585 to even launch. GMs also don’t always open right away when a new season starts, giving players time to level up their Artifacts, earn more Pinnacle prizes, and try out different loadouts and build configurations. 

Regardless of how you get the D.F.A. Hand Cannon, it will surely come with a much increased number of roll possibilities. 

Possible God Rolls and Best D.F.A. Rolls

The static roll of the D.F.A. Hand Cannon in Curse of Osiris was as follows:

  • Arrowhead Break, Polygonal Rifling, and Extended Barrel are the barrel options. If the D.F.A. Hand cannon were to return unmodified, Extended Barrel would be the best option, since increasing Range on Hand Cannons is the name of the game.
  • Accurized Rounds or Drop Mag are the two magazines available. Drop Mag is no longer available in the Destiny 2 sandbox, however Accurized remains one of the meta options for Hand Cannon magazines, so we’re hoping for a comeback next season.
  • Opening Shot or Rampage is a trait. Despite its slow reload and severe recoil, the D.F.A. Hand Cannon was a formidable opponent in both PvP and PvE. The Midnight Coup was its sole PvE competition, and considering how small the environment was in vanilla Destiny 2, it was an unequal contest.

The Hand Cannon pool has hundreds of extra benefits, with Bungie adding new ones each season. Here’s how we imagine the D.F.A. Hand Cannon god roll to look:

  • For best range and stability, choose either Corkscrew Rifling or Smoothbore barrels.
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds or Tactical Mag are returned as a backup for individuals who are willing to settle for less than a perfect 5/5.
  • Perpetual Motion/Rangefinder in PvP or Rapid Hit/Outlaw in PvE are the first two traits. When combating humanity’s foes, a Hand Cannon’s uptime is critical. When fighting other players, maximizing range and overall weapon effectiveness is critical. 
  • PvE: Vorpal Weapon/Swashbuckler; PvP: Kill Clip/Opening shot A D.F.A. that rolls the second characteristic column in the same way as the original version is favored since it works everywhere.

We won’t know for sure what the D.F.A. Hand Cannon will look like when it returns, since Bungie’s experience with bringing back famous weapons from very different sandboxes has been uneven. Vex Mythoclast debuted to much enthusiasm, only to disappoint when it turned into an utter monster. Gjallarhorn, on the other hand, was, is, and always will be S-Tier.

That’s how it should be.

Other weapons are covered in our Destiny 2 guides center.

The “home for the lost – destiny 2” is a quest that will give players the D.F.A. Hand Cannon, which can be used in Destiny 2.

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