Weapon Mods are a critical aspect of survival in Dying Light 2. Learn the best ways to use them and make sure you keep your weapon upgraded, lest they become obsolete.

The “dying light weapon mods” are a new addition to the game. They allow players to customize weapons with different attributes and functions.

Dying Light 2: How to Use Weapon Mods

Players in Dying Light 2 have access to a vast array of monster-slaying tools. Weapon modifications, on the other hand, are simple to ignore. That’s a pity, since modifications may improve your lethality in a variety of ways, from adding elemental effects to weapons to increasing the impact of status effects like bleeding.

Using a Katana to slash a furious demon in half? Good. Using said Katana to set the Zombie on fire while chaining lightning to all the other undead surrounding him? It gets even better.  

Weapon modifications are both strong and entertaining, providing everything a budding zombie hunter might want. In Dying Light 2, we’ll teach you how to employ them.

Weapon Mods in Dying Light 2 Explained


Three components are required to apply weapon modifications. To begin, you’ll need a weapon that may be changed; for example, green rarity weapons cannot be modded.

Mods are stored in designated slots on your weapons. There are spaces for Tip, Shaft, and Grip, but not all weapons have each mod slot, just as not all weapons can be adjusted in this way. In general, more possible modifications will be available for better and rarer weapons.

After that, you’ll need a mod blueprint. The customizations you can make are determined by these collectable crafting recipes. The Craftmasters in different hubs, such as the Bazaar or a Peace Keeper base, are the major source for new mod designs. In return for money, they will offer you designs for weapon modifications.

Finally, you’ll need crafting materials. You may fill your pockets with components for modifications by searching containers, dead foes, and purchasing from merchants; make careful to visit Dark Hollows and Forsaken Shops for rarer crating materials.

It’s a good idea to keep hunting for and gathering crafting materials as you go through the game, and only purchase components when absolutely required.

In Dying Light 2, how do you apply weapon mods?


When you’ve gathered everything, open your menu and go to the inventory tab. When you hover your mouse over a weapon, a list of available slots will appear. On your keyboard or controller, press the button that corresponds to the modify command indicated on the information card for that weapon.  

A drop-down option will appear. Place your cursor in any of the available slots, and any mod for which you have a blueprint will appear. To view the required craft pieces for any mod, choose it from the drop-down menu. Select the mod with a long press if you have the components to quickly create and install the mod.  

Each mod slot can only carry one modification, and unlike some other games, you can’t alter it at any moment. A mod can’t be removed after it’s been installed.

It’s also worth noting that adding modifications to weapons reduces its durability, so it’s advisable to wait a bit before attaching anything to a weapon. 

That’s all there is to it when it comes to weapon modifications in Dying Light 2. Every slice and smash now has the potential to set adversaries on fire or blast them into the air. It’s the ideal method to bring a smidgeon of happiness to the end of the world. Check out all of our Dying Light 2 guides for additional ways to make the most of your apocalypse.  

The “dying light mods ps4” is a video game that has been released recently. This article will teach you how to use weapon mods in the game, so that you can have an edge over your enemies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I modify weapons in dying light?

A: Dying Light is a game that has weapons. This year, it was released on the Playstation 4. To modify your weapon in this game, you have to go into options and onto the inventory option where you can customize your weapons with attachments or paint them different colors.

How do you use weapon mods in Diablo 2?

A: You can find these items in Diablo 2 on the ground. They are actually just quest items, so you will not be able to equip them until after completing a quest or finding their respective key item.

How do you get a base weapon in dying light?

A: To get a base weapon in Dying Light, you would have to craft it. You start your game with a basic melee, then find one of the many crafting stations on offer and follow the recipe for that type before proceeding from there.

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