The water tower choice was a pivotal decision in the game. Players have been debating whether or not they should help Jack and Joe, which ultimately has led to different endings for the main story line. This article will explore what players think of this choice and how it affects their experience with Dying Light 2

With the release of Dying Light 2, players have a choice to make. Should you help Jack and Joe or not?

Dying Light 2 Water Tower Choice: Should You Help Jack and Joe or Not?

Disarming charges put in the Horseshoe Water Tower are the ninth major plot mission in Dying Light 2. This objective, appropriately titled Water Tower, plays out the same way regardless of who you sided with in the previous quest, The Raid. To prevent the Facility from exploding, you must still disarm three charges placed at various heights. When you reach the top, though, you’ll have to decide whether to aid Jack and Joe or not. 

This Dying Light 2 guide will not walk you through the mission; rather, it will explain the differences between your options and let you decide whether or not to aid Jack and Joe. 

Should You Help Jack and Joe at the Water Tower in Dying Light 2 or Should You Not?


You’ll come near enough to hear Jack and Joe fighting after you remove the second charge on the Horseshoe Water Tower. Joe is second-guessing his decision to participate in the destruction, but Jack is certain. 

Before continuing your trip up, remove the third bomb and pick up the Inhibitor in the same chamber. To go inside the room with Joe and Jack, move the plywood to the next level. 

Choices for Jack and Joe: Fight or Negotiate?

When Jack and Joe know you’re in the room with them, they’ll give you the option of fighting them or negotiating. 

Of course, the first option results in a battle. Depending on your level and the weapons you’ve brought, taking on both in such a tiny location might be challenging. You don’t earn anything for beating them, so decide if it’s worth it. 

If you kill them now, you won’t be able to get their side mission later, which has considerably greater gear and XP. 

The second option, negotiate, begins a discussion between you and Jack and Joe, in which Jack tries to persuade Joe to blow up the Water Tower, but Joe refuses. Finally, they conclude that since you’re a Pilgrim, you can get them out of the city and out of the Survivors’ or Peacekeepers’ sights. 

You’ll also discover a few details concerning Lucas’ death, which may or may not be accurate. 

You’ll be given another binary option at the conclusion of this conversation: “I will assist you” or “I will not help you.” The first option allows Jack and Joe to flee and return with a side objective later. The second option results in another brawl between the three of you. 

You’ll be able to activate the Water Tower Facility and designate your first structure regardless of whatever option you choose. Make sure you get the tape to the left of the water valve goal. 

And now you know whether or not you should assist Jack and Joe in their quest for the Water Tower. It’s your option, however if I had to guess, I’d go with negotiating with them for greater valuables and earnings down the road. Visit our other Dying Light 2 tips articles for more information.

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