Elden Ring is an action RPG where you play as a warrior with the ability to wield magic. In order to beat your foes, you must first learn how each of them fight and use their own strengths against them through clever tactics and powerful abilities.. By utilizing these tips in battle, it will make defeating Magma Wyrms & Makar easier than ever!

The “how to beat magma wyrm elden ring” is a guide that will teach you how to beat the Magma Wyrms and Makar in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Boss Guide: How to Beat Magma Wyrms & Makar

Dragon Hearts are a valuable resource in Elden Ring, and one of the most straightforward methods to get them is to hunt down and kill Magma Wyrms, such as Makar, an optional fight in northern Liurnia of the Lakes. These wyrms aren’t as powerful as other dragons, but they nonetheless drop a heart. 

This Elden Ring boss tutorial explains Attacks of the Magma Wyrm, particularly Makar’s, and offers advice on how to dodge them and win.

How to Beat Magma Wyrms & Makar in Elden Ring

These smaller dragons spew lava at practically every turn and may be found in just a few places on Elden Ring’s massive terrain. Because safe zones fluctuate often, it’s difficult to get beneath any of the monsters for melee damage. Each of their fire assaults scorches the earth, thus it’s best to stay as far away as possible and employ Magic. 

In these Magma Wyrm boss encounters, ranged sorcery and incantation builds will shine. Pyromancy, of course, is an exception. Magic damage is weak against these bosses, thus offensive spells or Glintstone Pebbles will deliver more damage. When you have Magic Grease on your weapon, it may be a lifesaver. 

The Magma Wyrm in the Gael Tunnel that drops the Moonveil Katana is a fantastic location to start with this opponent type since it is the most basic. The boss may be found at the Gael Tunnel Rear Entrance at the conclusion of this dungeon in Caelid.

Attacks of the Magma Wyrm


The Magma Wyrm has a few attacks, and it’s crucial to know how to dodge them or you’ll end yourself trapped in a pool of lava, receiving damage again and over. The secret with this boss type is that they light the arena on fire by splattering lava all over it. You must always be aware of where the boss is and if the floor you are standing on is secure. 

Attack 1 of the Magma Wyrm: Fire Breath

When the Wyrm’s mouth begins to bubble, you can tell it’s preparing to spew fire. This strike has a wide yet limited range. Make sure you face the monster straight on so you can dodge to the side and rush behind the Magma Wyrm after this assault to get some free hits in. 

Attack 2 of the Magma Wyrm: Fireball

This attack starts similarly to the first, with the exception that the Magma Wyrm will raise its head higher to signal that it is going to spew a massive projectile of fire. Fortunately, the same side-dodging strategy applies here, so it doesn’t matter if you misunderstand the assault. 

Attack 3 of the Magma Wyrm: Fire Charge

The Fire Charge is the most lethal attack in the Magma Wyrm’s repertoire. Occasionally, the beast may mess about while spraying lava over the ground. As a result, the whole region around the boss is perilous. To prevent being trapped in a lethal trap, the greatest advise we can provide is to flee the attack’s radius. The more away this strike starts, the higher chance you have of avoiding it.

Sword Slam, Magma Wyrm Attack 4

Did we mention that the Magma Wyrm wields a sword as well? Although the monster doesn’t utilize it as often as its fire breath abilities, it may bring it down over its head for a devastating AoE smash. If you go too near to the Magma Wyrm and see it gripping its blade with both hands, roll backwards to GTFO. 

Sword Swipe is the fifth attack of the Magma Wyrm.

The Magma Wyrm, like many of the Dragons and monsters in Elden Ring, possesses an attack that prohibits you from cheesing its behind. The Wyrm will make a 180-degree sweep with its blade if you strike from behind or to the side. This move is difficult to foresee, and mastering the timing is difficult. Before dodge-rolling, use ranged combat or one or two melee attacks. 

Sword Drag is the sixth attack of the Magma Wyrm.

Magma Wyrmn’s other sword strike is a smash and drag combination. The Magma Wyrm will drop its blade with one hand and pull it, which is faster than the two-handed smash. It seems to be a failsafe technique, but if you dart forward to evade the initial blow, the Magma Wyrm will drag its blade across the ground back toward itself, so be careful. To escape both halves of this devastating combination, dodge to the right of the assault.


The other Magma Wyrms in Elden Ring share the same move set as the one in Gael Tunnel, although they have somewhat different attributes and environmental impediments. 

Despite having a designated boss, Magma Wyrm Makar is perhaps the simplest of the three. Another may be found south of Fort Laiedd in Mt. Gelmir, guarding the road ahead in a lava-filled arena with limited room to move. 

In the second portion of the combat, both of these other Wyrms will sharpen their blades and stand on their two hind legs. During this phase, they are more likely to use sword attacks, and a flaming sword implies they can do more damage. In this phase, the Magma Wyrm is a little simpler to get under, but it’s also a lot more dangerous. 

That concludes our guide on defeating Magma Wyrms and Makar. More boss methods like this may be found on our Elden Ring guidelines page. Take down Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, and you’ll have a Great Rune in no time. Check out our advice on how to get rid of the annoying status effect if it’s craziness that’s driving you crazy. 

The “elden ring magma wyrm guide” is a guide to defeating the Magma Wyrms and Makar. The boss battle is a difficult one, but this guide can help you beat them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to defeat Magma Wyrm Elden Ring?

A: You can use the players shield.

Where to find Magma Wyrm?

A: Magma Wyrm can be found in the Lava Chamber.bringer of fire and destruction

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