Elden Ring is a fantasy role-playing game in which the player takes on the role of an adventurer who must team up with other players to fight enemies and solve puzzles.

The “how to beat radahn elden ring reddit” is a guide that will help you defeat the boss in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Boss Guide: How to Beat Starscourge Radahn

Starscourge Radahn is one of the shardbearing demigod monsters you’ll face in Elden Ring, and it’ll be a battle to remember. He was once the most powerful demigod of them, but now he’s a shadow of his former self, eaten alive from the inside by his demigod companion Malenia’s crimson rot. If you’ve arrived here, you’re probably curious about how to defeat Starscourge Radahn in Caelid.

Unlike Godrick and Margit, Starscourge Radahn’s battle is divided into three parts, each one increasing the difficulty of the previous. From attack damage to speed, size, and variation, Godrick is a piece of cake in comparison to this encounter.

In this Elden Ring boss guide, we’ve cataloged every move Starscourge Radahn takes so you’ll have an advantage before you ever foot onto the field. Keep in mind that each subsequent phase employs all of the previous phases’ assaults, thus we don’t mention every attack in every section for the purpose of brevity.

Elden Ring: How to Defeat Starscourge Radahn

The summon signs that litter the area where you spawn are the first thing you’ll notice when you enter Starscourge Radahn’s arena. Blaidd the Half-Wolf and Iron Fist Alexander are among the several NPCs that may either invade you or play a role in crucial questlines.

Because none of them will boost Starscourge Radahn’s health like a typical player cooperator, summoning any of them makes the battle a bit simpler. You have the option of fighting Starscourge Radahn without assistance, although the confrontation is considerably more cinematic and accessible with it.

Attacks in Pre-Phase One


Torrent, you’ll almost certainly need your horse for this part of the combat since there’s a lot of territory to cover. After Starscourge Radahn has stopped shooting Gravity Arrows, employ him. On horseback, they go too quickly and track too effectively.

Gravity Arrow is the first attack.

Every time, Starscourge Radahn will charge a big ball of purple gravity energy into his greatbow and shoot it at high speed in your direction as his initial strike. He never targets your summoning with this attack or the other two ranged assaults he employs in this preparatory phase. In addition, there is insufficient cover to reach Starscourge Radahn. You’ll have to evade it a fraction of a second before the bolt hits you.

Falling Arrows is the second attack.

Starscourge Radahn will aim towards the sky when you travel past Iron Fist Alexander’s summon sign, pouring down a broad line of greatarrows. These will follow you around the field for the full 15 to 20 seconds they are active. As soon as this onslaught begins to wind down, you’ll need to get on Torrent. If you don’t, there’s no way to escape being turned into Swiss cheese by a storm of tree-sized arrows.

Arrow Blast is the third attack.

Following the Falling Arrows, Starscourge Radahn unleashes this attack. It’s a shotgun barrage of greatarrows with an opening to the left or right, as seen by Starscourge Radahn’s finishing move. When you get near enough to latch onto him, do so and ride away from the explosion. You won’t have the ideal opening to evade an Arrow Blast, but you’ll have to make due.

Phase One Attacks of the Starscourge Radahn


The first phase of the Starscourge Radahn boss battle is the easiest. It’s also the ideal location to learn assault timings since they’re consistent throughout the game.

Seven Swing Slash is the first attack.

When you approach near to Starscourge Radahn, he’ll make a huge show of winding up his swords, then whirl around four times, swinging seven times in all. His initial swing is a single hit; the remainder are two-hit strings with varying timings for each set. You should roll towards him just as the first hit connects, but keep in mind that since Starscourge Radahn is in motion throughout each strike, you’ll have to react to his new location on the fly.

Minor Gravity Slam is the second attack.

Starscourge Radahn momentarily charges his swords with purple gravity energy before slamming them into the earth with this strike. During the windup and smash, Starscourge Radahn keeps pretty static, and the attack doesn’t have much tracking, but there is a large AoE to dodge.

Jumping Slam is the third attack.

Starscourge Radahn completes his regular sequence of slashes before leaping into the air and slamming both swords down right in front of him. Because this attack has some harsh tracking, rolling or strafing it takes near-perfect timing; otherwise, you’ll be struck and lose half your health or more.

Riding Slashes is the fourth attack.

Starscourge Radahn will mount his horse and make a giant circle with his arms before turning around and slashing three times as he rides around your location. The three hits are a genuine combination, meaning if you are struck by one, you’ll be hit by all three. This move provides enough damage to kill practically everything in one swing, therefore ducking toward and to the right of each subsequent swing is the best way to escape it.

Leg Sweep is the fifth attack.

When you’re at Starscourge Radahn’s feet, this is one of his normal slashes. Radahn, the Starscourge, will stomp on one of his footless stumps before sweeping the earth to his side. Because it’s a pure punishment move, it’s one of his lesser strikes, but he’ll generally follow it up with a series of other normal single slashes, thus dodging deeper behind him will help you escape it.

Charing Slam is the sixth attack.

Starscourge Radahn will ride away once again, but this time he’ll turn around and rush right towards you with his swords in an X form in front of him. As soon as Starscourge Radahn reaches within five meters of you, he leaps into the air and smacks into you. Dodging this, like his previous smashes in phase one, is simple: roll straight towards him about a half-second before the blow hits.

Phase Two Attacks of the Starscourge Radahn


Starscourge Radahn will lift both of his axes in the air, charge them with gravity energy, and crash them into the sand when he is approximately â…” health. He then takes the swords from the sand, which are now magnetically bound to the blade in pieces. From the smash to the pull and the shockwave that follows, every component of this transition move causes damage. When you see Starscourge Radahn begin the animation, flee. It is going to kill you.

Large Gravity Pull is the first attack.

One of Starscourge Radahn’s quickest strikes, he wraps his arms about himself momentarily before raising them in a V to the sky. At the same moment, a massive sphere of gravitational energy bursts around Starscourge Radahn, doing mild damage while drawing you in close. Soon after the draw, he’ll usually always start a combination, so start evading right away.

Gravity Wave is the second attack.

Starscourge Radahn burys his blades in the sand once more before thrusting them in your direction. The sand, which covers a large area, generates a large wave of gravitational energy. Torrent may theoretically hop above the wave and dodge through it, but the hitbox is deceivingly big, so you must roll over it in the split-second before it strikes, or you’ll suffer the consequences.

Gravity Slam and Shockwave are the third and last attacks.

In this strike, Starscourge Radahn lifts his blades into the air and crashes them down. When the slam happens, there’s an AoE shockwave, much like in phase one, but this time it’s boosted by gravity energy, making it more noticeable and bigger. Although the dodge time is the identical, rolling backwards will only get you struck by this one.


Phase Three Attacks of the Starscourge Radahn

Meteor Strike is the first attack.

Starscourge Radahn will stop whatever he’s doing at 50% health, wrap his arms and swords around himself, and launch himself into the sky like a rocket. The boss music will cease and all you can hear is the roar of something massive coming from someplace as Starscourge Radahn soars into the sky. Turn your head in the direction of the sound to observe a meteor crashing onto the battlefield. You will die if he strikes you. Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent Torrent

Gravity Orbs are the second attack.

Starscourge Radahn conjures eight spheres of gravity energy and hurl them after you after waving his swords like wands. Being clipped by one of these will halt you in your tracks but will not do significant harm. Taking three will take care of the majority of your health issues. You’re going to die a lot more. To evade this assault, dodge immediately to the right or left, probably numerous times.

Meteorite Arc is the third attack.

Starscourge Radahn will summon four huge meteorites coated in gravitational energy in a semi-circle above his head shortly after entering Phase 3. They won’t do anything for a while, and if you act quickly, you’ll be able to kill him before he fires them at you. If Starscourge Radahn has a chance to utilize the meteorites, which he’ll do by waving one of his swords about like a wand, they’ll fly towards you and track you, with a high possibility of only one of them connecting and killing you in one strike. By leaping on Torrent and riding to the left or right, you may dodge them all.

All of the aforementioned attacks are part of Starscourge Radahn’s repertoire. Always keep in mind that despite his gigantic size, he has a lot of health, deals much more damage, and is highly mobile.

And that’s how you win Elden Ring’s Starscourge Radahn boss battle. Our Flask of Wondrous Physick tutorial will show you how to apply strong buffs that will help you win any battle, including Starscourge Radahn. Check out our Elden Ring guides page for more, including various boss guides and questline walkthroughs, like as Hyetta’s.


The “starscourge radahn elden ring cheese” is a boss in the Elden Ring. This boss has three forms, and can be difficult to defeat if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to easily beat Radahn?

A: Radahn is not a difficult boss to beat- in fact, hes probably the easiest enemy in the game. All you need to do is use an extremely fast hand speed by holding down your button and move with that same speed, without stopping at any point during his attack pattern.

Where is Radahn Elden ring?

A: While there are no Radahn Elden rings in the game, players can find a Radiant and an Eldrazi ring at their feet.

How to dodge Radahn?

A: To dodge Radahn enemies, first use the left hand to block and then press down on the right analog stick. This will cause your avatars body to lean in that direction while still blocking incoming attacks with your left arm. You can also run away from them or shoot at them when they arent attacking you

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