The player takes on the role of Jar-Bairn, a young boy who has been raised in isolation by the Elden Ring. When they are finally ready to go out into the world and explore their surroundings, they must find and complete five quests that will unlock major secrets about this mysterious place. But as with all things good in life, it’s not easy going from being sheltered to having an open mind.

The “elden ring jar bairn” is a quest that was introduced in the Elden Ring expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. The quest can be found and completed by going to the first area of the game, called Bleakrock Isle.

Elden Ring: How to Find Jar-Bairn and Complete Their Quest

Jar-Bairn, a lovable tiny jar native to Jarburg, one of the sweetest locales in the Lands Between, was introduced to Elden Ring’s patch 1.03. If you never find out where it is, it will remain that way. Everything turns pear-shaped quickly as soon as you arrive and begin Jar-questline, Bairn’s for the Tarnished are nothing but bad news for Elden Ring NPCs.

In Elden Ring, here’s how you track down Jar-Bairn, finish their questline, and destroy their life.

In Elden Ring, where can you find Jar-Bairn and complete their quest?

Step 1: Make your way to Jarburg.


Go to the Artist’s Shack in Liurnia of the Lakes to begin Jar-quest. Bairn’s

Near the Liurnia Tibia Mariner, southeast of Carian Study Hall, lies the road down to Jarburg, where Iron Fist Alexander was imprisoned for the second time. A lengthy line of platforms going down to a Site of Grace may be seen if you look down the cliffside. Pick up the Grace by jumping down them with or without Torrent.

Step 2: Contact Jar-Bairn.


Jar-Bairn rests on a stoop of a home in the northwest corner of the neighborhood. They’ll ask whether you want to be the next Potentate if you speak with them. Because your hands are too harsh to be Potentate of Jarburg, say yes to disappointing them the first time.

Step 3: Return to the Site of Grace and speak with Jar-Bairn.

Jar-mission Bairn’s is simple and consists of conversing with them, sitting at the Jarburg Site of Grace, and then returning to speak with them again. They’ll ask you to gather some flowers at some point.

Step 4: Select Flowers

Jarburg is densely packed with crafting material plants, so when you’re asked, rush throughout the region plucking as many flowers as you can (read: as many as there are). Rest at the Grace Site once again.

Step 5: Demonstrate your flower-picking skills to Jar-Bairn.

Return to the Site of Grace to relax and converse with Jar-Bairn after picking flowers with care. They’ll talk about how good you are at picking flowers and not much else.

Step 6: Finish Diallos’ questline before returning to Jarburg.


After harvesting flowers for Jar-Bairn, you won’t be able to move their quest until you’ve completed Diallos’ questline and reached the conclusion of his tenure at Volcano Manor.

Return to Jarburg after you’ve finished hunting the first two Volcano Manor objectives to find Diallos has taken up the lowly chore of caring after the calm jars that reside there. Return to the Jarburg Grace after speaking with him.

Step 7: Go Somewhere Else or Plan Ahead

Once Diallos has set his shop in Jarburg, leave the settlement and execute the Pass Time command at a Site of Grace multiple times.

Step 8: Examine the Implications of Your Existence

Jarburg will have been looted after a few in-game days, with Diallos dead in the midst of the hamlet. Speak with him and tell him he saved the other jars, or break a dying man’s last moments by telling him he’s a failure. To correctly advance the mission, be a decent person. Return to the Jarburg Site of Grace for some relaxation.

Step 9: Visit Diallos’ Corpse and speak with Jar-Bairn.


Jar-Bairn will be tinkering with Diallos’ corpse, claiming that they want to be like him. Return to the Grace Site.

Step 10: Approach Jar-Bairn on the stoop and hand over Alexander’s intestines.


Iron Fist Alexander’s questline must be completed, and you must have Alexander’s Innards in your inventory. When the opportunity to offer them Alexander’s Insides appears, speak with Jar-Bairn.

When you give the horrible token to the young jar, they’ll state they’re off on their own journey and won’t see you again.

Step 11: Take another rest and go to Jar-location. Bairn’s


Jar-Bairn will have gone as they said they would after one more respite at the Jarburg Site of Grace. The Companion Jar Talisman will take their place, increasing the damage and efficacy of thrown jar and pot items.

It’s unclear if we’ll see Jar-Bairn again. Perhaps in a future patch, they’ll make more progress on their mission.

After completing Jar-questline Bairn’s in Elden Ring, you may now feel sad once again. Before you proceed, go through our thorough walkthroughs for Ranni’s quest and Fia’s questline, and bookmark our Elden Ring tutorials page for further information.

The “living jar elden ring” is a quest in the game Elden Ring. It is located in the Jar-Bairn, which is found at the bottom of the map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there quests in Elden Ring?

A: Yes, you can complete quests in Elden Ring.

How to get to jarburg Elden Ring?

A: The answer to that question is rather complicated, as the map in Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim and Oblivion are not designed with a getting there option. What I can say for certain is that your best bet would be taking the wagon between two cities, namely Riften and Dragon Bridge.

How to get to the Jar village Elden Ring?

A: The quickest way to get there is using the dragon catapults in Skyhaven.

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