The Elden Ring is the most elusive of all landmasses in the world. It sits on top of a mountain, surrounded by an impassable wall that no one has ever climbed to take their first step inside this mystical kingdom where you can find anything your heart desires.

The “elden ring how to equip spirit calling bell” is a guide that will teach you how to get the Spirit Calling Bell. This item can be found in Elden Ring and it allows players to call spirits from the other side of the world.

Elden Ring: How to Get the Spirit Calling Bell

Elden Ring is chock-full of important items. These items are normally inactive, but they may accomplish anything from provide new crafting recipes to disclose new areas of the world. One such item is the Spirit Calling Bell, which lets you to summon NPC friends to your help if you have Ashes in your inventory. 

The strange thing about Elden Ring is that you’ll almost certainly stumble across spirit ashes before you can call them, and locating the Spirit Calling Bell takes a peculiar route. It’s understandable if you’re stumped as to how to call spirits in the beginning.

Despite the fact that the game says you can call these ethereal pals, it doesn’t say there’s an item for it. And, although you may obtain the Spirit Calling Bell early on in Elden Ring (within the first 30 minutes), getting it isn’t easy.

How to Get Elden Ring’s Spirit Calling Bell


Go straight forward after you’ve entered Limgrave’s open world. At The First Step, interact with the NPC at the Grace Site. Once you’ve done so, a Divine Guidance will direct you to the Church of Elleh, which is located just to the north. Rest at the Site of Grace and then proceed east/northeast toward Agheel Lake, which is the finest starting point. 

You may learn more about the optimal beginning route for Elden Ring by clicking the link above, but the short version is this: Follow the route east of the holy place until you reach the Gatefront Ruins from the Church of Elleh. Follow the eastern road a little distance from the Ruins until you discover another Site of Grace. Take a break here.

You’ll meet Melina if you do so. When she asks about the Erdtree, speak with her and agree. She’ll offer you the Spectral Steed Whistle here, which you’ll use to summon Torrent. Finish the discussion, then utilize the Site of Grace to return to Elleh’s Church in a hurry. 

The ground of the church should be blanketed with fog when you enter, and Merchant Kale should be in a trance. On the eastern side of the church, there is a new NPC sitting on a wall drenched in spectral blue light. 

Renna, the Witch, is here. Speak with her to get the Spirit Calling Bell, which she will provide if you agree to her terms. If Renna does not appear when you fast travel back to the Church of Elleh, try changing the time to night or fast traveling to another Site of Grace. 

How to Use Elden Ring’s Spirit Calling Bell

The Spirit Calling Bell operates on its own. It isn’t necessary to equip it. It’s in the Key Items area of your inventory, with other items like map pieces, cookbooks, and the Whetstone Knife.

We go through how to call spirits in more detail here, but the bottom line is that you’ll need both Spirits Ashes and the Spirit Calling Bell to do so. Assign ashes to an equipment slot, then use FP to press the relevant consumable input to utilize them.

But that’s all you need to know about How to Get Elden Ring’s Spirit Calling Bell. For more tips and tricks, head over to our growing catalog of guides for From Soft’s latest.

Elden Ring is a game that has been released on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The “elden ring spirit calling bell not working” is a problem that can occur in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Spirit calling bell?

A: The Spirit Calling Bell is a tool used by monks to call spirits. To use the spirit calling bell, you must first learn how to summon. Once your casting skill increases, it will be able to cast higher level summoning spells with more power and control over them than before.

How do Summons work in Elden Ring?

A: In Elden Ring, the summons are used to call forth your allies that have been brought back from death. These random characters will provide you with a variety of bonuses in combat including increased power and health regeneration.

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