Elden Ring is an open world RPG set in a fantasy Norse-based world. Here you will find the eternal city of Nokron, flame pillars that grant immortality, and all other kinds as well.

The “elden ring ancestor spirit” is a spirit that can be found in the Elden Ring. The spirit will give you information about all of the Flame Pillars and their locations.

Elden Ring: Where to Find All Nokron, Eternal City Flame Pillars & Locations

Another series of flame pillars awaits your ignition when you approach Nokron’s Ancestral Woods location in Elden Ring. To face the location’s primary monster, Regal Ancestor Spirit, you must first locate and interact with all six flame pillar locations. The obelisks at the Hollowhorn Grounds temple will be lit as a result. 

The flame pillars in Nokron, Eternal City aren’t nearly as tough to discover or ignite as the ones in Siofra River below; the number of foes isn’t quite as high, and there aren’t any bothersome one-shot archers waiting to ambush you. Knowing where they are before approaching the region, on the other hand, may assist prevent any avoidable fatalities. 

This Elden Ring guide will show you how to rapidly locate all of the flame pillar sites in Nokron’s Ancestral Woods. 

Flame Pillars of Nokron, Eternal City’s Locations in Elden Ring


Flame Pillar 1 in Nokron, Eternal City


The first flame pillar may be found somewhat east of the road below the bridge in Nokron, Eternal City. Go right after descending the slope that leads down from the bridge. Cross the road and follow the rock route up the hill. When you reach the top of the hill, you’ll see the pillar near a cliff.

When you exit the bridge, stay on the left side of the road. Two Ancestral Followers and a herd of goats are wandering the area. 

Flame Pillar 2 in Nokron, Eternal City


The second pillar of fire is located southwest of the first (you probably saw it already when first entering the area). Turn around and return to the road from the first pillar. It’s on the left side, with two Ancestral Followers and a herd of goats wandering nearby. 

Flame Pillar 3 in Nokron, Eternal City


After a little way west on the road, you’ll observe the third flame pillar on the left side, high on a cliff. An Ancestral Shaman with a blue-green aura, as well as multiple Ancestral Followers, may be found here. To get an edge, use the rough route to the left of the road and loop behind the Shaman.

Flame Pillar 4 in Nokron, Eternal City


From the third pillar, continue west along the southwestern cliff. Approach a big, rocky spire via a little area of woodland. A Red Wolf Radagon opponent and a group of wolves may be found here. The flame pillar is located on the spire’s far western side (the backside from your vantage point).

Flame Pillar 5 in Nokron, Eternal City


From the big spire, go north and northwest, then up a little slope through the rocks. The fifth flame pillar lies ahead, guarded by two Shaman and a swarm of rats, against the western cliff. 

Flame Pillar 6 in Nokron, Eternal City


Return east toward the bridge. A tiny destroyed plaza on the left side of the walkway, with another Shaman, numerous Ancestral Followers, and a herd of deer, can be found a little ways down the trail. The flame pillar is located in the plaza’s rear corner. The road heading from the bridge bends north and ends in a three-sided rectangular building, as seen on the map. 

Once all six pillars have been ignited, go to the ruins of Hollowhorn Grounds, which are located just east of flame pillar six. Head up the stairs, keeping an eye out for the five or six Ancestral Followers, then interact with the stag corpse inside to begin the Regal Ancestor Spirit boss encounter. Defeat them to get the Regal Ancestor’s Remembrance and 24,000 Runes. 

In Nokron, Eternal City, those are the locations of all the flame pillars. More Elden Ring instructions may be found in our tips nexus, including how to finish the Black Knife Catacombs and where to get the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War, among other things.

The “elden ring ranni quest” is a quest in the Elden Ring expansion. It is given by Rann to find all Nokron, Eternal City Flame Pillars & Locations in order to save her family from the threat of the dark god.

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